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    i kinda wished the iphone4 was gonna have all new stuff android didnt have, then the next droid would be even more uber.

    but honestly when i saw the hardware specs i was like huh??

    for a company that only puts out 1 phone a year it was kind of shocking.

    i mean nothing they had really blew me away. the 1gig proc was to be expected but i mean i read a thread stating motorola was pumping out a 2gig toward the end of the year.

    the front facing camera and ability to do video conferencing is kinda nice but nothing spectacular, and the resolution def looks good but like i said for a once a year phone??? def not making the grade if u ask me.

    doesnt apple charge for money for some of their OS upgrades too??

    i have a ipod touch( rarely use it anymore ) and i remember paying money for an upgrade.

    could u imagine if froyo was a pay for upgrade??

    i think google + verizon makes droids uber considering with apple its very closed source, you have to pay for alot of stuff ( limited free ), and att as a carrier.

    i mean its 180 degrees between the 2 ( iphone vs droid ), just depends on what you want i guess.

    apple does do good in the marketing department though, i will give them that.

    i took a pc repair class last semester where the teacher was going over some stuff and was showing the class the ubuntu OS.

    he kept bashing windows for their closedness attitude towards their kernel and how linux based OS's were so awesome.

    after class was over and we were all leaving i then overheard him talking to another student about the iphone and ipad and how awesome it was.
    i just LOL to myself, i mean seriously what a spell apple has on some ppl.

    in closing i would say honestly that apple didnt make a big leap on this one, but maybe they will put out another one toward the end of the year.

    in reality though they will probably put out a new OS near xmas time that unlocks all this uber stuff on the phone then charge their customers 10 bucks a pop for it.
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