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by dgstorm at Dec 1, 2015
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LG is offering up a pretty juicy value proposition to push the LG V10. If customers purchase a new LG V10 64GB handset from a carrier store, authorized retailer, authorized national retailer or an authorized online dealer, they can get three freebies along with it (as long as they jump through a few hoops).
  1. Free 64GB SanDisk microSD card
  2. A spare battery for the phone
  3. A charging cradle to store it in
Supposedly, the value of these items totals $129.97. Here is a listing of those "hoops" you need to jump through to get this deal:

"Method #1: Online Submission: Visit and enter the information requested including: your name, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, email address, carrier where the purchase was made, and upload a legible copy of your receipt of purchase, and picture of V10 box with IMEI number. Online Submissions must be received by Thursday, December 31, 2015.

Method #2: Mail-in Submission: To make a submission by mail, go or www.lgv10decemberpromo.comand download the PDF of the redemption form and print, complete all requested information,...
by dgstorm at Dec 1, 2015
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The big news back in October was that Verizon was planning to increase the price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans by $20 per month (which they did as of November 15th). Although many of our members are on Verizon, we still have quite a few who are on AT&T. Sadly yet unsurprisingly, it looks like AT&T is following Verizon's lead.

AT&T just announced last night they plan to raise the rates of users on their Grandfathered Unlimited Plans by $5, (from $30 to $35 per month). This price increase will take effect starting in February of 2016. Folks on a Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan for AT&T will still have their data throttled if they exceed 22GB per month (which was raised from a 5GB per month throttle not to long ago).

For more of the details, here is AT&T's full press release: AT&T
by dgstorm at Nov 30, 2015
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For folks thinking about grabbing the Nexus 5X, the Google Play store has it on sale for today only. It could be your last chance for a while to get it this cheap. Both versions of the Nexus 5X are $80 off on the Play Store. That makes the 16GB version only $299.99 and the 32GB version is only $349.99.

Here's the link: Nexus 5X - Fingerprint Scanner - LG - Nexus - Android Phones - Google Store
by dgstorm at Nov 30, 2015
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The days of Minority Report and Iron Man style interactive holograms may not be that far off. Japanese engineers have recently developed a working prototype for "touchable" holograms. Their tech fires high-frequency laser pulses which last 1 millionth of 1 billionth of a second in order to create the illusion of physical contact with the holographic projection.

While the scientists are specifically developing the tech with a forward focus on architecture and medicine, it's obvious that a number of other amazing applications are possible... video games!

Seriously though... this is some amazing stuff, and we are lucky to be able to follow this kind of news as it develops!

You can check out a video demonstration of the tech in the thread below.
by dgstorm at Nov 30, 2015
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If you are the satisfied owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on T-Mobile, then you might be pleasantly surprised within the next few days. T-Mo is sending out an update to the device which will include Advanced Messaging and Video Calling.

This update also applies to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on T-Mobile. Here are the update versions:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 = N910TUVU2DOK2 (677MB) or N910T3UVU1DOK2 (223MB)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge = N915TUVU2COK2 (150MB)
For more info, you can hit up T-Mobile's landing pages below:

Source: T-Mobile [2]

For further discussion on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, here are our dedicated sections:
by dgstorm at Nov 30, 2015
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Prepare to cringe at the world's worst tablet. It's not at all surprising that the company which manufactured this horrible piece of trash went bankrupt. What is surprising is that it ever got this far into production at all.

You can watch a video in the thread below that is a teardown of this craptacular turd called the Esinomed Infoview Medical Tablet Computer. (It's extra scary that it was meant for medical use.) The tablet was based on off the shelf PC parts and its OS of choice was Windows XP. Feel free to digest that for a moment...

Not only does this pile of poo use double-sided adhesive tape to hold the motherboard to the bottom, it also uses a pack of rechargeable AA batteries as power. The batteries don't even have sockets between, but instead are soldered to each other with loose wires.

If this thing were some retro-fitted virtual device found in the post-apocalyptic Fallout 4 game, it might be kinda cool. Considering this was a real life device, it makes you wonder what its creators were smoking when they attempted to market this monstrosity. It's also a wonder they ever got it functioning in the first place.
by dgstorm at Nov 30, 2015
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Even though we started this Cyber Monday deals thread (Cyber Monday Deals Here) last week, today's the big day. We thought it would be useful to share another front page news article that compiles all of the hottest Cyber Monday deals we can find. There are a ton of great offers out there. If your editorial staff misses something please don't hesitate to include some links in the thread below.

We have a superior swath of sensational sales from several sellers, including Walmart, eBay, Amazon & many more. Whether you are shopping for yourself, or gifts for the holidays, you are sure to find great value at the info provided in this thread!
by dgstorm at Nov 30, 2015
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Here's a hot deal on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Amazon has it for just $399.99 for today only. While this is technically a Cyber Monday deal, we thought it worth singling out. This is a 32GB Samsung U.S. Certified Factory Unlocked Galaxy S6 with full U.S. Warranty. It is model number SM-G920TZKAXAR, meaning it is International 4G LTE Capable. You just need to pop in the right SIM card for your network.

Here's the link to the Amazon offer. As of the time of this post it will run out in about 16 hours: Amazon

Here's our dedicated Galaxy S6 section for further discussion: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus | Android Forum at
by pc747 at Nov 29, 2015
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Google tops the list of best places to work in 2015, according to Glassdoor, and Apple trails behind at 22 (which is not bad considering). I am a believer that if you love where you work you will get a better effort and therefore your company benefits in the long run. I know companies are trying to compete with other companies who are able to to the jobs cheaper but I applaud companies that continue to strive to take care of their employees.

Is your company on the list?

What do you think of this list?

Would you recommend your place of employment for being on this list?
by pc747 at Nov 29, 2015
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13 Comments!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/split-blackfriday-1127.jpg

This past weekend they estimated that Black Friday sales were down a billion dollars. While online sales went up we saw traditional Black Friday shopping at brick and mortar stores plummeted. Yeah we still had those who wanted to go out and fight over a tv, but shoppers seem to have wised up. Why wake up early after a day of stuffing your face to fight over a sale when you can do it from the same device you are using to surf through fb and twitter.

Unless you have to have it right now, which Amazon is looking to change that with their drones, then you end up saving time, hassle, headache, and money. Unfortunately this could hurt those who pick up those extra hours over the holidays at your local brick and mortar, but it means not having to get up early on your day off.

Source: Black Friday Sales Down More Than $1 Billion
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