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by dgstorm at Jul 31, 2015
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Sony has been having a rough time of things in the mobile market for quite a few years now. Despite that, they remain determined and are pressing valiantly forward. They are already planning to announce a new Xperia smartphone later this year (probably in September). They have been teasing little tidbits about the device, and the specs have also already leaked.


The latest hints they have dropped seem to confirm that the device will come in a gold colored option. Will adding a bit of bling to their devices really help the Xperia line stand out? Their devices have always been top-notch in quality, performance and features, but were a bit bland. Perhaps a bit of "dressing" will make it more appealing.

The device is rumored to be the Xperia C5 Ultra, and here are the supposedly leaked specs:
  • 64-bit octa-core chipset (probably a MediaTek chip)
  • 5.5-inch 1080p display
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 13MP rear camera
  • Front-facing camera with its own flash
  • Water-resistant
Do you think adding a gold color option will help sell some Sony phones?

Source: Twitter - Sony
by dgstorm at Jul 31, 2015
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It looks like Samsung has decided to do something about their slightly disappointing sales of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. They plan to reduce the price of the devices very soon. Here's a brief snippet of Samsung's new strategy to improve S6 series sales:

What do you think was the reason the S6 and S6 Edge to sell as well as Sammy hoped? Price? Lack of certain features? All of the above?

Here's our dedicated section for the Samsung Galaxy S6 series of phones: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge General Discussions Android Forum at

Source: Samsung Electronics Announces Second Quarter Results Samsung Electronics Official Blog Samsung Tomorrow Samsung Electronics Official Blog
by dgstorm at Jul 31, 2015
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NVIDIA just issued a massive recall on their Shield Android Tablets due to a possible overheating fire-hazard in their batteries. The recall effects SHIELD™ 8-inch tablets that were sold between July 2014 and July 2015. NVIDIA will replace affect tablets at no charge to owners.

You can manually check to see if your tablet is covered under the recall. Just head to the Settings menu, click "About tablet," then "Status," and check out the "Battery" section. If your battery section reads "B01," then you are NOT affected by the recall and have nothing to worry about. If you see "Y01," then your tablet falls into the risk category and you should arrange for a replacement.

To take advantage of the recall program (and/or find out more info) you should visit

Source: Notice for NVIDIA Tablet Customers
by DroidModderX at Jul 31, 2015
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It would appear that Verizon is trying to do away with us grandfathered unlimited data users once and for all. For the past 3 years I have been buying my phones at full retail price to save my old school Altell plan. This plan gives me 500 minutes to share between myself and my wife, 10 family and friends numbers which are free to call, free calling after 7 and on weekends, unlimited text messages and unlimited data. Many people really wouldn't be able to justify an unlimited data plan, but for my family it is a must. I regularly use 40GB per month while my wife uses nearly 20GB per month. We do nothing abnormal just all the social media, netflix, youtube, and pandora we care to use all without having to worry about a stinking wifi hotspot.

Today I walked into my local Verizon corporate store pretty stoked to be purchasing an LG G4. I literally had my debit card pulled out of my wallet as i walked up to the register. (A little bit of context here I have been buying phones at full retail price now for years. I don't know if the sales reps get a commission off of selling a plan or upgrading a...
by DroidModderX at Jul 30, 2015
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Gearbest was nice enough to send us a Lenovo Ke Note. In the video above I unbox the device and give you a quick rundown of the device. Here I will give you my initial first impressions of the device. For starters lets talk specs the phone works on GSM/HPNA/and LTE networks, it has dual sim, 5.5" 1080p IPS capacitive touch panel, MediaTek MT6752 Ocat-core processor clocked at 1.7Ghz, micro SD storage expansion up to 32GB, 16GB of storage, 2GB of ram, 13mp rear camera, 5mp front camera, and it runs Android 5.0 with Lenovo's Vibe skin overlay.

First lets talk design. While this phone feels nice in the hand and is pretty solid this is still a budget device the back plate is flimsy plastic and you have those button covers instead of physical buttons, which are pretty easy to break. The phone itself is pretty heavy, it is a bigger phone at 5.5" so that is to be expected the heft almost gives it a less cheapy feel though. The screen does not include Gorilla glass protection so DO NOT drop it. This is pretty thin at 8mm compared to 7.1mm on the iphone 6 plus. The phone that Gear best sent me is Laser Yellow which would be perfect if your are into yellow. It isn't plain yellow but has a metallic type of finish to it if that makes any sense.

Next lets talk performance. The device seemed to fly with the included Mediatek octa-core processor and 2GB of ram, mind you I have not really loaded up a bunch of apps or really stress...
by dgstorm at Jul 30, 2015
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Check this out. We found a video of the new Moto G 2015 version being dunked in a bowl of water to test its IPx7 water resistance. To clarify, what IPx7 means is that the phone is not dust-resistant (indicated by the "x"), and that it is certified to be submersible in up to 3.28 feet of water for as long as 30 minutes (indicated by the "7").

The video shows the phone... you didn't think we would spoil it for you, did you? Let's just say that you shouldn't go diving with your Moto G 2015, but it can easily survive an accidental dunk in the toilet or fish tank.
by dgstorm at Jul 30, 2015
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Fans of the Angry Birds series might be pleased to know that the true sequel, Angry Birds 2 is now available on the Google Play Store. Sadly, in may not be all good news, even if you are a fan. Apparently, the new version of Angry Birds is laced within even more in-app purchases than the previous versions (or at least that's the current perception).

Here's a brief description of how it works now: With Angry Birds 2, you now only have a maximum of three lives. If you run out of cards, you have to either spend gems (won in game) to continue or you will lose a life. Lives do regenerate in 30 minutes, but you can recharge for 60 gems. To put it in perspective, you get 80 gems for $1. Obviously you can buy even larger bundles of gems for quite a bit more money.

The main complaint is that this is makes it annoying to simply restart a level when you believe you've made a big mistake and still won't be able to beat it. If these complaints don't bother you, and you love the same gameplay formula as the original, then you will probably enjoy Angry Birds 2. Here's the link: Angry Birds 2 - Android Apps on Google Play
by dgstorm at Jul 30, 2015
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We have some images of third party case designs which are supposedly for the next generation LG-Made Google Nexus 5 for 2015. What's intriguing about these cases is that they would suggest the design of the Nexus 5 will change substantially.

Based upon the placement of the holes, the rear camera will move to the center of the device. We also have a larger spot for the rear flash which is likely the rectangular hole. One of the circular openings is probably for the camera assembly, while the other is possibly a fingerprint sensor.

We can also see the phone's physical button’s positioning (in some of the images in the thread below). This includes the headphone jack as well as the speaker and charging port. This is so dramatically different than the previous generation of the Nexus 5, we wonder if this is for a different device. Such is the nature of unconfirmed leaks...

Source: & @OnLeaks
by dgstorm at Jul 30, 2015
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Well, this seems unfair (and a bit ironic). Apparently, Samsung was sued by a Chinese consumer rights committee, and now they will be forced to allow customers to uninstall pre-loaded apps from Samsung devices. Samsung was sued after the committee found 24 of the 44 pre-installed applications on a Galaxy Note 3 were required to use the smartphone.

On the Samsung China website, it was made clear that Samsung will allow customers to remove preloaded unwanted applications on all of its smartphones from now on. It's ironic that this happened in China first. The US is easily the most litigious country in the world, yet we weren't the ones who thought to sue Samsung for all of their bloatware. Of course, that also has to do with the difference in laws between the US and China.

Still, it seems like this is something consumers could do here in the States as well. Maybe if enough people banded together to sue Samsung and the other OEMs (and carriers) for their crazy amounts of bloatware we could get the same deal they have in China...

Source: AndroidAuthority
by dgstorm at Jul 30, 2015
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The included pics are definitely the clearest images yet of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This time we have what artist renders that are look remarkably like official press renders of the device. These were created using the leaked CAD data we reported previously.

They definitely take design queues from the Galaxy S6 series. Despite that, these renders still have that Galaxy Note quality in their aesthetic. It appears that Samsung did a good job of marrying the Galaxy S6 design characteristics with the overall style of the Note series. What do you guys think?

You can see the rest of the images in the thread below, and don't forget to drop by our dedicated Galaxy Note 5 section for further discussion: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android Forum at

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