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by DroidModderX at Sep 3, 2015
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This is how I wish all OEMs would sell their phones, direct and without carrier interaction. I have no idea why all OEMs will not adopt this policy of inserting every radio for every carrier and then just selling their phones carrier unlocked. When you buy an unlocked device from an OEM it comes with an unlockable bootloader. This makes your device super developer friendly. Generally these developer friendly devices end up getting lots of Roms and mods.

The new Moto X Pure from Motorola will be fully bootloader unlockable. According to reports unlocking the bootloader won't even void the warranty. If this is true good on Motorola! Unlocking your bootloader is pretty simple, but you will need to be familiar with adb and fastboot commands.

-Grab the Motorola drivers (alternatively you can turn on usb debugging and plug your phone into PC the drivers will install automagically.)
-Grab ADB (alternatively you could install the full SDK)
- With usb debugging on connect phone to PC, in command...
by dgstorm at Sep 3, 2015
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A strangely unknown device was spotted on the AnTuTu benchmark database called theGreen Orange X1 Pro. It was supposedly running the new Snapdragon 820 and the chipset's benchmarks were practically off the charts. It looks like Qualcomm's new chip is likely to be an absolute behemoth! Its aggregate AnTuTu score of 83,774 is stupid fast!

Now, the question remains... will it be cool and efficient, and will it revive Qualcomm's slightly tarnished image? Since it uses a new smaller manufacturing process, the answer to the first part is likely: yes, it will be cool and efficient. As far as the last part, we will just have to wait and see.

Source: Antutu Score : Green Orange X1 Pro with Snapdragon 820
by dgstorm at Sep 3, 2015
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You have to give T-Mobile's CEO John Legere credit, he certainly knows how and when to pounce on his opponents with counter-marketing campaigns. Yesterday, not too long after Verizon officially announced their new logo change, Legere lit up Twitter with the zinger you see above, mocking Verizon's new "checkmark."

As you can see, Legere cheekily used Verizon's checkmark to list some of the ways that Verizon (in his estimation) gives poor customer value. What do you folks think? Do his assertions hold up to scrutiny?

Source: John Legere on Twitter
by dgstorm at Sep 3, 2015
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It's entirely possible that the coolest Star Wars toys will be out before the movie. We found these two amazing Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and just had to share them with you guys as an Off Topic news piece.


The first toy is a functioning/flying Millennium Falcon Drone! It's made of "high density foam" to make sure it can take a beating, and it has a multi-axis remote control along with four tiny propellors built into the body to make it fly! We aren't sure when, where and how much this awesome toy will be available, but feel free to post in this thread if you see it before we do.

The second amazing Star Wars toy is basically a fully refined version of a concept someone built previously. This one is a fully functional, remote controlled version of the BB-8 Droid. This one was developed by Sphero, and even if it is not the "coolest" Star Wars toy, it is definitely the "cutest." This one is a bit more advanced as it can actually be controlled by a downloadable app on your smartphone!

The BB-8 will be available to order for a (pricey) $150 early tomorrow morning. Here's a link to the available retail partners: Sphero | Connected Entertainment Robots

Check out the videos for both of these devices in the thread below!
by dgstorm at Sep 3, 2015
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This next video bight just intrigue fans of the Moto 360. It's the first video commercial of the next generation version of the device. The commercial shows off a number of handy features of the smartwatch, including compatible apps like Spotify and Facebook. It even demos the Moto 360’s voice controls and its familiar health tracking functions.

Here are a few links to retailers where you can already pre-order Motorola's next smartwatch:
Here's our dedicated Android Watch section for further discussion: Android Watches | Android Forum at

The video is in the thread below.
by dgstorm at Sep 3, 2015
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For a while now we have been following rumors and news stories related to an unnamed LG smartphone device that the company will be launching this fall. The previous intel indicates it will be a phablet-style smartphone, and will be designed for LG to compete with the Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung.

The latest intel takes that a step further. As we have reportedly previously, LG was buying up "Note" named domain names, suggesting the South Korean OEM plans to compete directly with Samsung using a similar name. Today's report claims that it won't be similar, it will be exactly the same. According to info found in the TENAA database, LG's device will be called the LG G4 Note.

Additionally, we also have a rumored unveiling press event for the device, which will supposedly be October 10th. To be clear, we aren't sure what to make of this latest intel. It seems very legitimate after close inspection. What do you folks think? Could LG be planning to "hijack" the Note moniker from Samsung? Could this be the beginning of an all new Patent War, only this time it will be waged by LG and Sammy? Stranger things have happened...

Here's our dedicated section for further discussion on the LG G4 Note: LG G4 Note | Android Forum at

Source: PhoneArena
by dgstorm at Sep 3, 2015
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According to an exclusive rumor from our friends at AndroidAuthority, the next generation LG-made Google Nexus 5 will have a new name and is coming to the Google Play Store on September 29th. Supposedly, Google has been taking their time toying around with the name, but they may have settled on the Nexus 5X. This will allow them to keep the Nexus 5 name, but makes it easier for consumers to distinguish between the newer and older models.

The rumor also indicated that the Huawei Nexus 6 device will be available on the same date, which is unsurprising. That's not all that was revealed though. Some additional details regarding the Nexus 5X were shared as well. These details basically confirm the previous rumors of a circular rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and a raised camera that includes a dual LED flash on the side.

The new intel also confirmed that the device feature a plastic back and a USB Type-C port, and it will come in either white, black, or light blue color options. Finally, there was one other detail which might be a bit disappointing. The new Nexus 5X will be a bit more expensive than its predecessor. The phone will supposedly retail at $399 for the 16GB model and $449 for the 32GB model. This is a $50 bump from the previous generation.

Considering all of the new tech they are packing into this new Nexus 5, that seems like a fair price jump. What do you...
by DroidModderX at Sep 3, 2015
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The Xposed Framework is by far the easiest most convinient way to customize your phone with only root. Xposed has been in Beta for Lolllipop for nearly a year. When Anrdoid 5.0 came along there was plenty to love, but it also brought some pretty large changes in the inner workings.

After months of developing and testing Xposed for Lollipop, the projects developer has released official stable builds. To install the xposed framework you will need a custom recovery which means my $700 Verizon Note 5 won't be compatible which is a crying shame. Be careful when installing as samsung's changes in ART could casuse the phone to go into a bootloop. This is not yet available for all devices, but is available for many. Head to the link below for the download.

by DroidModderX at Sep 3, 2015
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The OnePlus One remains a viable option for a smartphone even though the OnePlus 2 has taken over as the flagship device. OnePlus is making a commitment to keep the OnePlus One up to date and is now rolling out Cyanogen OS 12.1 to the device via OTA update. There are some changes in the latest version of Cyanogen OS including:

-A new LiveDisplay feature
-The Cyanogen Browser has been added (world's greatest cup of coffee)
-Security and other bugs fixed.

Grab the update from the link below.

via Cyanogen
by DroidModderX at Sep 3, 2015
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CyanogenMod must be getting ready to move on to Android Marshmallow. They just released a Stable build of CyanogenMod 12.1 bringing the stable Android version to 5.1.1. When CM says stable it means that an actual person checked the build. CyanogenMod is known for their self compiling robots that release updates nightly. Most of these updates are incredibly minute and sometimes amount to nothing. Other times the nightlies fix one thing to break another.

Everything that CyangeMod puts out you can assume is in Beta unless it is labeled as Stable. This means that there may be some bugs present. The great thing about running a Stable version of CyanogenMod is you really don't have to worry about the bugs. Head to the link below to see if your cell phone is compatible.

via cyanogen
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