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It's that time of year where we crown the best of the best. We will open the poll and announce the winner at the end of the month (of December).
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In studying the design and layout of the Note 7 internals some engineers are saying Samsung sacrificed safety to make the Note 7 thinner. The group of engineers from Instrumental noticed that the margin for the battery bay of the Note 7 was dangerously thin. The device actually needs a bit of space to expand and contract over the life cycle of the battery. Without the bit of extra space the battery had no room to swell which may have caused positive and negative electrodes to touch as the battery was squeezed. If the chemicals touched it would cause the battery to catch fire. This is one theory which actually seems to make since. Hopefully Samsung has a firm grasp of the cause of the exploding batteries before the S8 is released.

via Instrumental
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Here is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone on your Christmas shopping list. If you are considering purchasing an LG G5 or LG V20 Best Buy is currently offering a free 32" LG TV to go along with your purchase. Best Buy has not given a time line on this deal so you should jump on it while you can.

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The Galaxy S8 should arrive in about 6 months, and as you can imagine rumors and "leaks" are flowing. We have heard such outlandish things as the Galaxy S8 featuring a 4K display and bezel less display. Today we also found out that the Galaxy S8 might be following in Apple's footsteps by removing the headphone jack which seems silly as this was the most criticized omission possibly any phone ever has seen.

Other reports give us insight to some other interesting things we may see from the upcoming Galaxy S8. According to sources the S8 will keep the 2K display, but will be made of a new material which hopefully means we can expect enhanced durability (hopefully scratch resistance is considered as much as shatter resistance.) The new Super Amoled will feature a standard RGB arrangement with 11,059,200 pixels. That is up from the 7,372,800 pixels included in the Galaxy S7. This should provided a much improved Virtual Reality experience. Other rumors suggest the home button will be gone and we will see a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display's glass. We are still a long way away from the release of this device,but this is shaping up to be a pretty good looking phone.

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As we all know "Video killed the radio star", Blockbuster killed the Box Office, Red Box killed Blockbuster, and Google Play kills them all! I can't remember the last time I rented a physical copy of a movie. Yes I still buy Blurays, but that is mostly so we can easily entertain the kids on long road trips. Now days if I want to rent a movie I simply launch the Google Play app on my TV and order whichever movie I am interested in. I have often thought how now that I have 4K TVs in the house it would be nice to be able to rent some 4K content since the only real consistent provider of 4K content has been Netflix.

Google has just launched 4K video options on the Play Store. UHD rentals will run you $7.99 which may be worth it depending on the video. Obviously a "Star Wars : Rogue One" rental would probably merit the enhanced video quality over a rental of "Madea's Christmas". UHD rentals and purchases are avaialable in the US and UK only for now. Also only 125 titles are currently available, but you can expect that number to quickly expand!

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One of the main issues that arrived early on with the Pixel and Pixel XL was an issue with Band 4 LTE which meant mediocre to terrible 4G reception for some users. Bugs like these are normal early on and are the sacrifices early adopters are generally willing to make in order to use the latest handsets. Many users who were encountering the reception issues are reporting that the issues are gone after they updated their device to Android 7.1.1. If you have found your device to have spotty issues in places that the 1700MHz spectrum is used you should go grab the update and check your connection afterwards.

via Google Product Forum
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If you ask your 10 of your closest friends chances are they have never heard of Huawei. In fact I only know of one person in my entire city that knows of Huawei. That doesn't change the fact that they are the third largest cell phone manufacturer in the world. They are beginning to make headway in the US market with their Honor brand. They enjoyed a huge media blitz with the release of the Honor 8 earlier in the year. Tomorrow the Honor brand will be unveiling a new Honor concept smartphone.

Some rumors are already circulating about what we might expect with this concept device. According to GizmoChina the device won't come standard with components like a camera, or speaker. These are said to be sold as modular accessories very similar to what we have seen with the Moto Z lineup. We may see them decide to release a dual curved edge display device which has been made popular by Samsung. The phone will likely include Huawei's new quick charge technology which can charge your phone to 50% in only 5 minutes. Hopefully the device whatever it will be will be available in the US although it seems this may only be available in Huawei's home market of China. We will know more details after the unveiling tomorrow!

via GizmoChina
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We continue with our top stories of 2016 by discussing the stories that got us out of the cold into the Spring.

We started the month of April expecting to see a mid-ranged android device by Nokia (Nokia A1 Android Mid-Range Device Image and Some Details Leaked [Rumor])

We also got a look at the Zenfone 3 thanks to some leaks (Asus ZenFone 3 and ZenFone 3 Deluxe Images Leaked)

April Fool's day was also the day people could finally get their hands on a G5 (LG G5 is Now Available Across the US) and people was waiting for a way to get back the app drawer that LG felt people did not need (LG'S New Home 4.0 Launcher Adds Back The App Drawer On The LG G5).

The nexus 6p gave Huawei the confidence it needed to launch more US flagship devices (Huawei Officially Unveils P9 & P9 Plus; Plans to Sell Flagship Devices in US this Year (not the P9)).

BYOD meant more money for the...
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Technically Motorola was first but the company that got the most publicity for leaving out the headphone jack was Apple. The iPhone 7/7+ went without a headphone jack and the world lost their minds at first but quickly got over it. Plus it opened the door for companies to innovate ways around it.

As much as Samsung made the headphone jack a staple of their commercial, it is ironic that they themselves are looking to follow suit. But this is not the first time we have seen this with android as the Droiddoes commercial made fun of Apple for a lot of lacking features only to the adopt those same features (or lack thereof) in future iterations.

So was Apple right, are 3.5mm headphone jacks no longer needed?

Source: Exclusive: Galaxy S8 is not going to feature a 3.5mm headphone jack
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I'm pretty happy about this one, even though I don't have a Turbo anymore. I have stuck up for Motorola in the past anytime a Turbo owner asked if the Turbo was getting M. "Yes, but probably not for awhile yet" I would always respond. I hate to say: I told you so! Actually, No, I don't. I told you so.
Verizon started rolling out Marshmallow (6.0.1) to the Droid Turbo this weekend. Yes, that's right, Verizon is rolling out Motorola's 6.0.1 to a phone that is now over 2 years old. Apparently, there was a soak test last month and that went well enough for Motorola to approve a final version. It's nice to see Motorola continue to support the flagships, even if really late. Hopefully I won't have to wait so long for Nougat on my T2.
Are there any Turbo owners left here? Did you get your update yet?

Source: AndroidPolice
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