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by 94lt1 at Mar 6, 2015
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Deep tissue massage... [​IMG]

Have you ever had a nagging pain? Maybe from... Oh.. I don't know.. Benching with poor form and too much weight when you started your fitness journey?? Or maybe you've added a lot of lean mass. Or maybe you've sprained something playing football years ago, or even last week..

You've started with the tried and true, ice and NSAIDS.. Work some icy hot in and a hot pack... You still don't feel now you go to the doctor.. The doctor says keep doing what you're doing... Stretch it... Ice it..

That's all my doc would tell me.. So 400$ to get some pics taken and be told nothing... Awesome investment..

Well.. For me.. My pain went away. Only to come back under my old friend.. The bench. I know I have good form now, but the saying is... An injury leads to a re injury down the road. So it's apparently a cycle.. I got tired of chasing my tail, and with the advice of a friend.. I saw a specialist.

The specialist heard my tale of weight loss and inches lost and muscle gained.. He checked me over and explained something to me..
"an area of injured muscle or overworked muscle will heal. And once it heals, it's like a series of cables and those cables now don't function normally. They're all welded together."

He said you need deep tissue work.. I never thought of deep tissue work as being important to a weight lifter, or an athlete at...
by wicked at Mar 6, 2015
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Ever wanted to be your own personal DJ at your party? Now you can, on your Android device! The popular iOS app is now available for free for us Android users.

djay transforms your Android device into a full–featured DJ system. Seamlessly integrated with Spotify and all the music on your device, djay gives you direct access to mix your favorite songs and playlists instantly. You can perform live, create loops and apply stunning FX in real-time. Whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner who just loves to play with music, djay offers you the most intuitive yet powerful DJ experience on an Android device.

• Spotify integration: mix millions of songs instantly
• Music library integration (all files on your device, no access to Google Play Music)
• Match: intelligent song recommendation engine powered by The Echo Nest
• Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher
• Mixer, Tempo, Pitch-Bend, Filter and EQ controls
• Looping & Cue Points
• Single Deck portrait mode
• Advanced time-stretching (requires quad-core Nexus device)
• Automatic beat & tempo detection
• Auto-Gain
• Support for all major audio formats
• Support for Bluetooth devices
• Support for DJ MIDI Controllers and audio interfaces (Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3, Reloop Beatpad)
by dgstorm at Mar 6, 2015
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Sony wanted to show off how thin and light the new Xperia Z4 Android tablet is compared to the previous generation. They decided it would be fun to send their new tablet floating through the air with some helium filled balloons. They reiterate that their device is 6.1 millimeters thin, which is .3 millimeters thinner than the 6.4 millimeters of the previous generation. They also tout the tablets new svelte weight of only 389 grams, which is 50 grams lighter than the Z2 Tablet.

I'm not sure they thought this whole thing through all the way, because they could have also been inadvertently showing off how well this device handles being smashed to the ground from higher than anyone would likely drop it. Luckily everything turned out okay. :)
by dgstorm at Mar 6, 2015
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It looks like HTC is taking queues and learning from the example of Samsung's teaser videos. HTC just launched two of their own for their new HTC One M9 flagship. The first one above shows off the gorgeous design characteristics of the phone as it floats ominously through space.

The second video (in the thread below) tugs at the heart-strings by showing us our connections. It's narrated by Robert Downey Jr., which shows they still had him under contract despite those awful videos they produced previously. This second one is actually quite brilliant! Enjoy!
by dgstorm at Mar 6, 2015
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Ever the masters of self-promotion, Samsung is back with a new video teaser. This one purports to show off some of the best camera features for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The main features shared in the demo highlight the following:
  • Faster speed of the camera
  • Full "Pro" manual mode
  • Improved quality low-light lens
  • Tracking autofocus
  • Simpler UI
  • Outstanding OIS
Based upon initial feedback garnered from the press during Mobile World Congress, these aren't wild boasts from Samsung, and it appears that the South Korean tech master has really taken the smartphone camera to a whole new level.

How important to you is a quality camera experience on your smartphone?
by dgstorm at Mar 6, 2015
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Even though the rumored HTC One M9 Plus never materialized at HTC's Mobile World Congress event this year, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist after all. According to the latest intel, HTC is still developing the device and will be launching it later this year. We even have some leaked pics to share! You can see those in the thread below, but first here's a quote with more of the details,

What do you guys think? Are there any HTC fans out there who would like to see a bigger device?
by dgstorm at Mar 6, 2015
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According to the latest intel from the Wall Street Journal, Google's initial rollout of their MVNO wireless carrier service might come with a drawback for a great deal of users. Supposedly, the first and ONLY device (at least initially) that will work on Google's carrier service will be the Nexus 6. Here's a quote from the WSJ with the details,

Hmmm... this seems like a pretty big limitation to start a carrier service. Of course, if you are already an owner of a Nexus 6, or you are a fan of the larger "phablet-style" smartphones, then this may not be a concern for you. It sounds like the technology will need to evolve to make future smartphones compatible with the service. What do you guys think?
by DroidModderX at Mar 5, 2015
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If you are rooted with custom recovery on the Verizon HTC One M8 the very easiest way to update to the latest OTA update is to flash a custom rom. Developer "Roland_K" has released his build of the 5.0.1 OTA update. This is in flashable Rom form which will make the update process super easy. Features of the rom include Rooted, zipaligned, init.d, busybox, hidden FOTA apps, FOTA UI disabled, WP removed, Blocked OTA's, Bucky's kernel, Sweep2Sleep, 100% stock look, tether unlocked, cloud print removed, extra languages removed, battery tweaks, low signal tweaks, speed tweaks, smooth scrolling tweaks, Verizon Voice Mail Hidden by default, settings hidden by default, removed htc hints popups, removed persistent wifi notification, fully debloated the entire system, and too many features to list. You will need to be sure to update to the Lollipop firmware and radios prior to flashing the rom. Head to the link below to grab this rom now!

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Mar 5, 2015
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If you are looking for a different look for your device and you are currently running CyanogenMod 12 you should probably check out the PS theme by theme developer "XDAgee". This theme is inspired by the PhotoShop logo and has material design infused. This will give your device a blue and white color scheme. Themed elements include audiofx, browser, calculator, contacts, deskclock, dialer, documentsui, framework-res, filemanager, gallery3D, keyboard, media, mms, settings, soundrecorder, systemui, themechooser, trebuchet, lockclock, and updater.

Other themed elements include Gapps such as messenger, plus, translate, search, keyboard, keep, music, talk, and youtube. You also get an alarm tone, notification tone, ring tone, customized fonts (myriad pro), custom wallpaper, and custom lockscreen. This theme is free at the link below.

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Mar 5, 2015
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Here is the thing about Nokia they are still an awesome phone manufacturer, however they really missed the boat on Android focusing instead on their own operating system, and then Windows phone. They are only now starting to put together some Android handsets. They are so far removed from the mind of consumers thanks to the popularity of Android and IOS. Their phones are tanks and have to be some of the most well built durable devices. Just a few years prior to Android they were actually the KING of OEMs. They outsold pretty much every other phone manufacturer even after Android and IOS mainly because they were the largest producer of cheap handsets. They rode that for a while, and now they have lost that market thanks to other OEMs producing super cheap Android devices.

Cyanogen Mod CEO "Kirt McMaster" seems to think top tier OEMs like Samsung will be tomorrow's next Nokia. He states in a Business Insider interview that Samsung's path is similar to Nokias, and that they will be slaughtered in the next five years. Most of his arguments stem on the fact that Samsung has been beat out by smaller companies like Micromax in emerging...
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