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Since the Feb security update some have been having an issues with BT randomly disconnecting. Just to get a grasp of who all on here is currently having the same issue, please voice whether or not you are experiencing this.

Source: Many users are experiencing random Bluetooth disconnects on the Pixel and Pixel XL
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The video above demonstrates Disney's latest advancements in fully wireless charging solutions. Their "Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer" can power up devices with no wires anywhere in a room. The room contains "purpose built structures" made of aluminum. There is also a copper pipe in the center of the room which has capacitors attached to it. This can create about 1900 watts of free flowing non human harming power. The technology is obviously in the very early stages, but research suggest that many of the limitations on the current system are temporary. Disney is no doubt hoping for a future where park guest can enter a line que and their phone will start charging. These types of wireless solutions could also mean that animatronics may soon be able to freely roam the park interacting with guests without the need for power cords. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney is able to license the finished product to other theme parks, malls, and places of business. The future is here folks!
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So there you have it. Verizon is officially the last of the four major carriers to update the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. They gained this distinction today as Sprint began the official roll out of Nougat to their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users. Beta users will be the first to receive the official update from Sprint. If on beta the update will only weigh in at 167mb while the full update for those of you still on Marshmallow will weigh in at 1.2GB. Grab the update by heading to Settings>Software Update>Software Manual Download.

via AndroidCentral
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Today we got a handful of photos of the Galaxy S8. These photos show the device powered on and we get a full look at the front of the device. We can clearly see the nearly bezeless display with no home button. We can also see the back navigation on screen button in the bottom right hand corner. Another image shows off the always on display. Another image shows the thickness of the device, and it looks surprisingly beefy. A final image shows the camera and iris scanner placement. The device is like an improved Note 7. I am personally enjoying the design language of this device. What are your thoughts?

via Technobuffalo
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The days of CyanogenMod are officially behind us as Lineage OS continues to chug along. While it is not the same it does provide us with what we needed from CyanogenMod which is a pure Google Android experience on devices that otherwise include an OEM skin. One of the main features of CyanogenMod has been the inclusion of the Theme Engine. Theme Engine themes are able to theme every aspect of the rom including the framework. Over time Substratum, based on Sony's Overlay Management System, has really begun to gain ground and many CMTE theme developers had moved their talents over to it.

CyanogenMod Theme Engine may be dead according to sources. During a chat between "sykopompos" the lead developer of Substratum and Lineage it was stated that "Clark" has moved on from CMTE. The fact that Lineage is having talks with Substratum's lead developer is not good for CMTE. It could still be merged into Lineage, but it looks like this is the end for the popular theme manager.

via XDA
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Samsung won't be announcing their Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress even though they may be announcing their S8 announcement (ie Hypbeasting the S8 event). They are expected however to announce the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3! The S3 is expected to arrive with an Exynos 7420 cpu and 4GB of RAM and should run Android 7.0 Nougat at release. While the S8 is ditching the home button and capacitive keys the Tab S3 will feature both. An image leaked today shows the entire front side of the tablet including a keyboard docking station. The image comes to us by way of well known leakster @Evleaks. Over the years Evan Blass has been pretty accurate with leaks so the image above is most likely the device we will see at Mobile World Congress.

via @Evleaks
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Way back in the beginning of Android there was a very strong Root community. In those days root was necessary to do the essentials like overclocking your PC to rid your device of lag, unlocking free wifi tethering, or even just applying a simple theme. In many cases today there is no longer a need for root in many of these cases. Today's phones are powerful enough to not need overclocking, tethering is included in most data packages, and OEMs like Samsung and HTC have begun to include their very own theme engines. There are still valid reasons to root your Android device, but these days those reasons are more for the tinkerers. If you want to customize your skin you need a root enabled app like Xposed framework. If you wan't a full backup including app data a root app like Titanium backup is useful.

While root may be useful it can also cause some annoyances. If you are rooted you won't be able to utilize some device features. One thing stopping me from rooting my Galaxy S7 Edge is so that I can continue to use Samsung Pay. When rooted you are not able to install official OTA updates. You often have to flash back to stock prior to receiving the update.

Still some chose to root their handsets just to stick it to the man. They are of the mindset that they should have full superuser access to a device they have paid for. You can run whatever software you want on your PC so why not on your Android? Then there are those that would like to root, but...
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2017 and we are continuing to chase the Jetson's with flying vehicles. One vehicle that is getting some looks is the hover bike, which is basically what it sounds like a person mounting a large drone. So who among you are brave enough to want to test or own one of these vehicles.
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According to ZDNet Korea Samsung will market newly refurbished Galaxy Note 7"s .

According to the report, Samsung has some 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s left over after using 20,000 or so up in testing to determine the cause of the problem. The refurbished devices will have new cases, and batteries with a capacity between 3,000 and 3,200mAh (the phones initially contained a 3,500mAh battery). Reuters reported last month that the sale of refurbs is a possibility, and ZDNet Korea says it will also help the company avoid trouble with the government over junking all of the unused and returned phones.

It doesn't sound like the devices will be returning to US or European markets due to recall regulations, but they could be sold in India or Vietnam instead.
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Double Tap to wake is one of those must have features for phones with fingerprint readers on the back or phones with oddly placed power toggles. You wouldn't think it would be a necessary feature, but when your phone is laying flat on the desk it can be a pain to reach over and pick it up just to utilize the fingerprint scanner. Being able to double tap to wake means that you can unlock your phone quickly with the use of your PIN without having to actually pick up the device relieving an otherwise frustrating situation.

To get this working on your Huawei or Honor device you will need to be rooted and you will need to be running a custom kernel that supports it such as ElementalX. You will then make a few changes to the devices build.prop file using your favorite root browser. You could also simply flash a zip file provided at the link below in custom recovery. So far this is known to work with the Mate 8, P9, and many more.

via XDA
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