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by DroidModderX at Nov 24, 2015
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The next installment of Star Wars is only a few weeks away. It is time to get hyped! I am one of the guys that wants to hear nothing or see nothing about Star Wars until I see the movie in the theater! I don't want anything spoiling this experience for me. I want to see everything from the remastered Millennium Falcon to the 1,000 J.J. Abram lens flares for the first time when I go watch the movie.

That being said Disney is making sure that your mind is on Star Wars. Disney is releasing a series of Star Wars VR experiences leading up to the movie's release starting on December 2nd. These are designed to work with the Google Cardboard. The experience apparently is in direct correlation with the opening of The Force Awakens. These videos will be available through the official Star Wars app.

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by DroidModderX at Nov 24, 2015
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We have all been there. You spend hours writing the perfect business email. Maybe you work on it some take a break and come back to it to work some more. Some emails are just so important that they have to be right the first time. No one wants to make a bad impression by sending a bad email. I have accidentally pressed tab and enter sending a half complete email. When that happens it is pretty embarrassing.

I have never understood why services like Gmail don't have an option to take back emails, especially if they have not been opened. Once you hit that send button the transaction is final. The receiver will see the message regardless of what it is and whether or not you meant to send it. The same goes for text messages, and most all other forms of communication.

Viber has just updated their app. It includes a new feature which allows you to delete a message from both sides of the conversation. The update also includes the ability to attach files, and an option to share viber with friends. The only requirement for Viber to work is that both parties have the app installed on their device. Head to the link below to grab this app.

by DroidModderX at Nov 24, 2015
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I can never stress enough how important the development community is for older devices. Once a device hits a certain age it gets end of lifed by OEMs never to be updated again. This means that even if security patches come out those devices will remain unsecured. The rom development community often updates devices years after OEMs have stopped. This makes using older devices safer, but also adds to the user experience.

CyanogenMod 13 has already been making the rounds to older devices in the form of rom ports. The rom has been unofficially ported over to the HTC One M7! With this being an unofficial build some things may not be working. In this particular build calls, messages, bluetooth, and mic are not working. Essentially this early build is not usable as a daily driver, but may be worth installing if you are interested in Marshmallow. Head to the link below for the download.

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by DroidModderX at Nov 24, 2015
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The easiest way to root and bootloader unlock your Nexus device has now been updated. The Wugfresh Nexus Root Toolkit has been updated to version 2.1.0. It now fully supports the both the Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P. It also fully supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With the toolkit you can do pretty much anything you like. The toolkit allows you to unbrick your device by flashing a stock image, bootloader unlock and relock your device, root your phone, install custom recovery, sideload apps, backup and restore your entire device and more! Head to the link below for the download.

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by DroidModderX at Nov 24, 2015
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The wait is over! Official CyanogenMod 13 nightly builds are finally here. The only bummer about this is that the initial roll out is starting out small. There are only 7 supported devices as of this post. Those devices include the OnePlus One, Nexus 7, LG G4, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, LG GPad 7.0, LG G3 Verizon, and Moto X 2014. These are nightly builds, and Cyanogen even suggest that you stick with the CM12.1 snapshots for now as the fist nightly builds can be a bit buggy.

New features for CM13 include a new UI including new app drawer, Doze battery enhancements, double tap power to quick launch camera, Google Now On Tap, multiwindow, battery saver mode, and a few other customizations. Head to the link below for the full release notes.

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by DroidModderX at Nov 24, 2015
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Let the cat and mouse games begin... I think? Now I am pretty confused about what is going on. Verizon had seemingly blocked FoxFi from working on their network. I tested it on several devices last night to find that, just as reported, it was no longer working on the Verizon network. Now I'm left wondering if there was just some sort of issue on FoxFi's side keeping the app from functioning. Verizon nor FoxFi ever made any sort of statement on the matter. Verizon never sent out an update blocking it, and I never received an update from FoxFi to make the app work again.

One can only speculate at this point. A few years back the FCC ruled that Verizon couldn't block these types of apps from being downloaded. This was in response to Verizon blocking tethering apps from the Play Store. If Verizon blocked the app from working maybe they unblocked it to keep from being fined. Blocking it totally would mean that both unlimited and tiered data users could not use it.

Maybe FoxFi had a fix waiting on the moment that Verizon finally blocked current methods and simply deployed the fix on their side. The most likely scenario is that FoxFi...
by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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NVIDIA is hoping to entice folks into doing a little Black Friday (in person) or Cyber Monday (online) shopping with them. They are having two separate sales on the same device: the Shield Android TV console.

On Black Friday, if you go (in person) to Best Buy, Canada Computers, Fry’s, GameStop, Memory Express or Micro Center, you will be able to purchase the Shield Android TV for $50 off the normal price and get a free ($50 value) Shield Remote.

On Cyber Monday, you can jump online at,, and, and get the exact same deal. To be clear on pricing, that makes the 16GB Shield TV only $149.99 with a free Shield Remote, and the 500GB Shield Pro Android TV will be $249.99 with a free Shield Remote. Both consoles already come with one free Shield Controller.

For more info, here are a couple more links:
by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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It looks like Amazon could be the latest in a string of security snafus which have been popping up across the globe the last few years. This one isn't nearly as bad as other breaches. In this instance, Amazon has sent out emails to affected customers that their Amazon account passwords might have been stored or transmitted insecurely, which could have let hackers intercept the data.

Basically, it sounds like Amazon discovered their own security hole and are pre-warning customers. Amazon shared that they were not aware if any third parties obtained users' passwords, but they are forcing them to reset their passwords anyway, just to be safe.

Amazon confirmed they have already corrected the issue, and it's entirely possible that hackers were not able to detect and exploit the problem before they caught it. We expect to hear a press statement at some point from the company. It may be a good idea to change your Amazon password, even if you don't receive an email from the company.

Source: Amazon force-resets some account passwords, citing password leak | ZDNet
by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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Between all of the different mobile payment platforms available, it can be a tough call choosing which one to focus on. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are indifferent to the logistical differences between them, perhaps a different incentive might entice you to choose one. Google has teamed up with, and will donate $1 (up to a total of $1 million) to special needs education projects.

This program will start today (November 24th, 2015) and will last through December 31st. On top of that, Google plans to double the amount of donations for each Android Pay purchase on Black Friday specifically. Now you can do some holiday shopping and help out the 6.4 million children in the US education system with special needs issues.

Source: Official Android Blog: Tap. Pay. Give.
by dgstorm at Nov 24, 2015
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We have to admit, here at HQ we were quite disappointed to hear that LG had pulled the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE smartwatch from store shelves. We were pretty excited that the first Android Wear smartwatch with LTE and cellular connectivity would be ushering in Dick Tracy style communication devices.

The watch was available at AT&T for about a week before LG suddenly (and without a complete explanation) yanked it from store shelves and effectively canceled it (for now at least). They shared that the recall was due to a "hardware issue" but didn't elaborate beyond that. Today they shared the details of the problem.

It turns out there was a display component problem that would eventually cause the screen's image quality to degrade over time. Here's LG's statement on the issue:

It basically boils down to a quality assurance issue that slipped through the initial...
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