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by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2015
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Now in my world 1GB of data is about as useful as a single lays potato chip. It really doesn't do me a lot of good. Heck I could probably sneeze and use 1GB of data. I have become a data hog. I use more than 50GB per month on my grand fathered data plan. Those of you who have had to convert to tiered data plans over the years have probably learned how to nurse your data throughout the month. You may be the lucky recipient of a free 1GB of data.

Verizon will let you gift 1GB of data to a friend. You can purchase this through the website or the verizon messages app. This is billed to your account. To grab this open up the Verizon Messages app, go to the eGift catalogue, and purchase it. Your friend will receive the text message. This is also just a really great way to be thoughtful and give gifts to people you don't expect to see during the holiday season!
by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2015
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Grace from GearBest reached out to me earlier today to let me know about some of the deals they are running for Black Friday. GearBest specializes in more affordable budget smartphones and tablets. They will be discounting prices even further for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some deals for Black Friday include:

Teclast X98 Air Phablet : Normally $179 discounted to $116
Xiaomi Red Mi Note 2 32GB: Normally $175 discounted to $79
Q3 Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter: Normally $289 discounted to $269
Oukitel A29 Smart Watch: Normally $65 discounted to $45

Deals For Cyber Monday Include:

BluBoo XTouch Smartphone: Normally $179 discounted to $69
Cube iworks8 Tablet-PC: Normally $84 discounted to $49
Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch: Norally $64 discounted to $32

Head to the presale page to grab your coupon.

Once you have a coupon head to the main page.

Sale goes live in 1 hour! Also be sure to check out the Lucky Draw contest for your chance to win some cool prizes.
by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2015
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I can remember a time when all I wanted for Christmas was a Fossil watch! They were all the rage in school and all the cool kids had one. Now you can get one for $20 at the local outlet mall. However Fossil watches still hold a place in my heart. If I actually wore a watch on a regular basis it would probably be a Fossil watch.

They have just released a their Android Smartwatch, the Q Founder. It actually looks really slick! The design really screams classic and sends me right back to middle school! The watch is also surprisingly thin from the provided images. Of course this watch brings the standard Android Wear push notifications and activity tracking to your wrist. The watch features an Intel chipset, 4GB of storage, 400mah battery, and a flat tire sensor on the bottom of the screen. The device is bluetooth 4.1, and is IP67 certified. The watch is available for only $295. Grab it from the link below.

via Fossil
by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2015
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Right on the heels of the release of the all new NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 comes TWRP support for the year and half old NVIDIA Shield Tablet. There have been unofficial builds of TWRP around the web, but you run the risk of a backup not working out when you try to recover it or something not flashing correctly. TWRP is always pretty trustworthy when it comes to their officially supported Recoveries.

The timing of this release may well be intentional. There is a chance that this version of TWRP may work with the new K1 tablet. This has not been tested. Either way it will be nice to be able to safely install a custom rom on the older NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Head to the link below to grab the files needed.

via TWRP
by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2015
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There has been plenty of hoopla raised over the fact that every major US carrier has released an update to fix the Touchscreen issues which plagued the LG G4 except for good ole Big Red. Verizon actually started rolling out this fix way back in the beginning of October, but had to put an abrupt end to the update thanks to bugs that prohibited the device from receiving push notifications over wifi.

It seems those issues have finally been resolved. The new update brings the firmware version to 12A and includes the coveted touchscreen fixes. There are some other goodies included in this update such as a new slow mo camera option, and there are now separate options for volume levels on the ringer, notifications, and system. This update should be available for all. If you have not received a notification head into settings, about phone, system updates.
by dgstorm at Nov 25, 2015
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If you have been waiting to get a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, then you will have an extra choice to make. The three biggest carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon) all have a new Gold Platinum colored version of the device available on their network. The internals, hardware and software, are all identical. The only thing that has changed is the bling.

For those who appreciate the gold coloring, you can feel satisfied that you waited a bit longer to get one. Here are some links below to get one on your network.

For further discussion on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 here's our dedicated section: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | Android Forum at

Source: T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon
by dgstorm at Nov 25, 2015
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Despite the fact that Samsung has improved upon and cleaned up TouchWiz over its many iterations, it still leaves much to be desired. The biggest complaint is the hit in performance caused by TouchWiz. This is primarily due to weak memory management. According to the latest intel from various sources, that might change in the near future.

Supposedly, Google might actually team-up directly with Samsung in order to optimize TouchWiz. Here's a quote with a few more details,
What do you folks think of this if true? Is this a bit of favoritism on the part of Google, or simply good Android community building?

Source: Rumor says Google might help Samsung in optimizing TouchWiz
by dgstorm at Nov 25, 2015
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It's the holiday season and the super sales are in full swing. Whether you just want to take advantage of these sales for yourself or are buying gifts for others, gamers on a NVIDIA Shield device should take notice at these deals.

Google is offering 50% off on NVIDIA Shield games on the Google Play Store. Here are a few links to some of the juiciest games:
by dgstorm at Nov 25, 2015
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It looks like T-Mobile may have been a bit "intimidated" by Sprint's latest pricing shift. Sprint recently shared a new plan promo that lets you basically take 50% off of your current bill if you switch from any of the other major carriers, T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T. It will also pay you up to $650 in credits to cover any balance you owe or any early termination fees.

Because of this aggressive move, T-Mobile is now specifically targeting Sprint customers with a $200 per line credit if you switch from Sprint to T-Mo. For those considering this offer, you will have to choose a T-Mobile Simple Choice postpaid plan starting Thursday, November 26. No device trade-in is required for the bill credit.

To be clear, the deal also targets Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile postpaid and prepaid customers, but its big focus is obviously the Now Network. When the carriers actually start duking it out, the consumer ends up the big winner with big savings. Let's just cross our fingers that Verizon and AT&T are forced to jump into the fray.

For more details on T-Mo's offer, here's their press release: T-Mobile Brightens the Holidays for Sprint Customers with an Extra $200 per Person | T-Mobile Newsroom
by DroidModderX at Nov 24, 2015
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The next installment of Star Wars is only a few weeks away. It is time to get hyped! I am one of the guys that wants to hear nothing or see nothing about Star Wars until I see the movie in the theater! I don't want anything spoiling this experience for me. I want to see everything from the remastered Millennium Falcon to the 1,000 J.J. Abram lens flares for the first time when I go watch the movie.

That being said Disney is making sure that your mind is on Star Wars. Disney is releasing a series of Star Wars VR experiences leading up to the movie's release starting on December 2nd. These are designed to work with the Google Cardboard. The experience apparently is in direct correlation with the opening of The Force Awakens. These videos will be available through the official Star Wars app.

via Star Wars
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