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by pc747 at Mar 1, 2015
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We have reached the mountain top, Google and Motorola teamed up to give us arguably the best nexus phone to date. Is it the best android device, no, but it is the best nexus and for nexus fans that is enough for now especially with the specs and performance being up to par with the top smart phone devices in the market. One of the reasons we wanted a Motorola Nexus was because of Motorola's long track record of building a solid device with the best radios on the market. And what better way to be able to really enjoy your nexus than actually being able to use it, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Nexus whose radio were horrendous. And though the LG Nexus 5 was a step up I still had issues where I would lose a signal in areas. But my Motorola Nexus have performed greatly as of now and the radio performance allow me to get signals where my past three phones (Nexus 5, Note 2, Galaxy Nexus) have failed. But one other company known for solid radio performance is HTC and as of late they are also doing good in the build quality. I am leaving the jury out as far as battery performance but my nexus 6 battery is not as good as I had hoped, though it still is performing well. Lately with phones like the note providing 32 hours of performance our expectations for battery life have raised even though there was a time where manufacturers struggled to get 8 hours out of a LTE smartphone (*cough* Thunderbolt). But with HTC clawing back trying to regain their top spot in the...
by pc747 at Mar 1, 2015
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A couple of years ago Google took on the task of creating their own social network and catered their software around supporting it. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Google plus has not gotten the traction it projected despite all the efforts Google has made. So the question now is with David Besbris vacating his role as head of social and identity, will Google plus continue, or will Google just keep Hangouts and photos and abandon the rest of the project?

Do you use Google Plus?

Why, in your estimation, has Google failed in their endeavor of creating a viable social network?

Source: Amid turbulence Google Plus loses its latest leader 9to5Google
by pc747 at Mar 1, 2015
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SanDisk announced a 200Gb Sd card that will run $400. Unfortunately in an age where more smartphone manufacturers are abandoning external storage I have to wonder if this is a little too late especially when you can buy a 1TB external hard drive for about $65 bucks at Best Buy and attach via otg cable. So I have to ask if we need a 200 GB sd card and is it long time for manufacturers to make 64gb internal storage the base option for high end smart phones?

Source: SanDisk was able to stuff 200GB of storage space inside their latest microSD card
by pc747 at Mar 1, 2015
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The past few months our news team have been bringing you every tidbit of information about the Galaxy S6 and I applaud @dgstorm for staying on top of it and I know he will continue to provide more coverage and reviews of MWC this week. But we now have the S6 here and it is basically what we thought so post your likes and dislikes as well as if you plan on buying it in the S6 thread posted below.

Nexus Huawei rumors: When I think about Huawei I think about Cricket as that is the brand you see with low cost carriers, so rumors that they may make a nexus have me split. On hand it makes sense since Google is trying to launch their wireless service which is geared after the people not wanting to pay high dollar for coverage. Most people who look to low cost carriers are also looking for a low cost device and Huawei have been doing that for awhile. Also it gives another company a chance to get some spotlight as well as allow Google to further reach into the Chinese market. Where I am concerned is that the Nexus will take a large step back from high end to being affordable.

Huawei Watch: This thing is a beauty and is giving both the Moto 360 and the G Watch R a run for its money. (Moved video to 2nd post) Making me second guess my concerns about Huawei making a nexus but maybe I should wait for more real world reviews. We started discussions about the watch yesterday but now that videos are being posted...
by dgstorm at Mar 1, 2015
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Samsung focused on universal acceptance with their new mobile payment service called Samsung Pay. It uses a mixture of NFC and Samsung's new technology to make their mobile payment system available at more retailers than any other smartphone. It can already be used in over 10 million locations worldwide because the LoopPay technology built into the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge use the existing magnetic stripe swipe technology that is already available at retailers.

Samsung just put Apple and Google on notice by trumping both of them in the mobile payment arena.
by dgstorm at Mar 1, 2015
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The second of our big Android smartphone announcements just kicked off this fine Sunday morning. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were officially unveiled, and Samsung put on quite an impressive show. Sammy's flagship is officially outed now, and Samsung fans have something new to be excited about.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge be a hit? Here at HQ we are actually quite impressed with the Galaxy S6 Edge, but aren't sure what to think about the regular Galaxy S6. Its aesthetic design isn't much different from the past (except for the back), and it has given up many of the features that fans of the Galaxy series appreciated (like a removable battery and a microSD slot).

Still, to reiterate, the Galaxy S6 Edge does push the envelope on both a technological and an aesthetic level. It's a truly beautiful smartphone and could really surprise this year. Also, Samsung's Exynos 7420 (industry first and only 14nm chip) brings some impressive specs to the table, and really evolves the internal hardware to a new level. The phone also has the fastest quick charging battery in the industry and has built-in wireless charging. The camera includes the world's first real-time HDR lighting in a smartphone for fantastic pics and video.

The phone will initially come in white, black, gold, green and blue and will be available on April 10th.

What do you guys think?

You can see the full specs of both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in the thread below....
by dgstorm at Mar 1, 2015
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HTC teams up with Valve software to bring us something we weren't expecting from the company... a VR headset called the HTC Vive. They have apparently been developing it in secret for sometime because they claim they will deliver a consumer version before the end of the year.

The only real details that were revealed besides the typical marketing hyperbole was the following:

We are intrigued here at HQ and will keep you guys informed as more is revealed.

[Editor's Note: Updated with a few more details.]
by dgstorm at Mar 1, 2015
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Although HTC wasn't able to keep the HTC One M9 under wraps before the big reveal, we were surprised by the release of the new HTC Grip. It's a fitness band with several features and a very sporty look.

They didn't share much of the details for the device, but it was developed in partnership with Under Armour, and should be available this spring for $199.
by dgstorm at Mar 1, 2015
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It turns out all of the leaks were dead on with the gorgeous design of the HTC One M9. Despite already knowing what the device looked like, it is still a beautiful and breathtaking design. HTC hasn't strayed too far from their original design, but that's not a bad thing. In fact, it looks like they have simply tweaked and refined what is easily one of the most iconic looking smartphones ever created.

Here are the full specs as revealed during the event:
  • 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset
  • 5-inch Super LCD3 1080p display
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with microSD
  • 20 megapixel rear camera
  • 4 megapixel (UltraPixel) front camera
  • GPS, WiFi AC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, 4G LTE
  • 5.68 x 2.73 x 0.38 inches, 4.96 ounces
  • Dolby Audio with Dual Front Stereo Speakers
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense
HTC claims it makes a statement, "You demand the very best!" They may just have that again..

What do you think? Here's our dedicated HTC One M9 section for further discussion: HTC One M9 Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Mar 1, 2015
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The HTC LiveStream won't play directly from within the post, so just click on the YouTube link below to watch the event.

HTC Utopia in Progress - YouTube

We will be covering the HTC One M9 Livestream launch in real-time in just 20 minutes. You can watch it right here above, or at HTC's own website here: HTC Launch HTC United States

Stay tuned for all the juicy details on HTC's next generation iconic smartphone!
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