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by smalltowngirl13 at Jun 30, 2015
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For the VZW Note Edge owners, it looks like we have access to Lollipop but only via the VZW Upgrade Assistant Tool (on your PC or Laptop) or via Kies.

You will need to plug your phone into your PC or Laptop to complete the update - there are reports of the update taking longer than projected on the VZW assistant popup (like 2+ hours more)...I am just under 20 minutes right now, and the update is still downloading.

It does not appear that the update can be pulled via OTA just yet - but doesn't hurt to keep checking. I also checked out the Verizon Update Page and it is not showing an active update there either so no PDF link to include with the "software benefits".

Once I am up and running, I will definitely report back with some more details and if any of the VZW Note Edge owners have updated,give us a shout out with what you know!
by smalltowngirl13 at Jun 30, 2015
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Here is a short video on the LG G4 Mophie case - it adds the extra battery power without having to power down your device and switching out the removable battery. The Mophie case allows your charge your device on the go with no USB cord. It does add some bulk to the phone (equivalent to an Otterbox or rugged style case) and also offers some protection for the device.

What are you doing to boost your battery life - spare batteries, USB cords everywhere :) or are you pleased with the battery life and are getting thru the day with no problems!

Feel free to post your thoughts below!
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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It looks like Sprint is making wise moves with the billion-dollar cash infusion by Japanese Softbank owner Masayoshi Son. Not only have they been improving their network, Sprint also just rolled out a new ultra-simple smartphone plan that offers tremendous value called "All-in Wireless." To show off this new plan, they spent some of that investment money to snag Wold Cup Soccer/Football Star David Beckham to help them out in a clever new commercial.

The commercial (shared above) is actually quite clever and funny, and really hits home that Sprint's plan is very competitive. Of course, Sprint can only dream they will get the influx of customers shown off in the commercial, but it's brilliant marketing regardless. The new "All-in Wireless" plan is very impressive too.

What do you guys think? Could this new tactic make a difference for the oft-maligned "Now Network"? If Sprint's network was solid and fast in your area of the country would you consider this offer?
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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The well-informed fans in the mobile world probably already know that most of the best smartphone cameras in the world are probably using a Sony sensor. The latest news suggests Sony realizes this is a market where they reign supreme, and have decided to reinforce this position by pouring billions into taking their image sensor technology to the next level.

According to a report from the WSJ, Sony wants to raise around $3.6 billion by selling new shares of stock and convertible bonds. This will be the first time that Sony has issued new shares since 1989 (and it did cause a moderate 8.25% stock price drop on announcement). Here's a quote with more of the details,

It's great to see Sony making the wise play by enhancing their strong qualities....
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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Fans of the Google Nexus series of devices could be in for a pleasant surprise this year. It's no surprise that two new Google Nexus devices are likely coming later this year. An LG made next-generation Nexus 5 has been rumored multiple times, as has been the Huawei-made Nexus 6.

The happy rumor which arrived in our in-box today is that Google may be ahead of schedule with both Android M and these two Nexus devices. Both are supposedly coming at the same time, and both could be launched earlier than expected this year. The intel suggests the devices will be launched in the third quarter of this year instead of the fourth quarter.

If this latest rumor proves correct, it could mean a happy late Summer or Fall for folks needing a new Nexus smartphone. We will keep you apprised as more details emerge.

Here's our dedicated Google Forums section for more discussions on Nexus products: Google Forums Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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Here's a fun little video for fans of Google, fans of beer, and especially fans of Canadian beer. Molson Canada created a smart fridge that has some specific requirements before it will offer up it's ice cold beer. It has been outfitted with a Google Translate mechanism, and needs the phrase “I am Canadian” spoken in six different languages before it will open. It was then dropped in the middle of a busy thoroughfare (Right across from the St.Lawrence Market) and hilarity ensues.

The fridge was designed by a team-up between Google and Thinking Box, and is a crafty idea to get folks to work together with different languages. It was commissioned to celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity, and to commemorate the country’s birthday on July 1st. The next time it will be showcased will be July 10th in Toronto, just before the Pan Am Games.
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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And the flood of Lollipop rollouts continues! The next device up for Android 5.1 is the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The Lollipop rollout for both of these devices starts today. The versions are G920PVPU2B0F7 for the S6 and G925PVPU2B0F7 for the S6 Edge, and clocks in at a hefty 563MB.

From the looks of it, this version of Lollipop for this version of these devices only comes with bug fixes and the usual Android 5.1 improvements. Here's a link to our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge section for more discussion: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge General Discussions Android Forum at

Source: Sprint
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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It's a Lollipop news bonanza today! Not only did we have a Lollipop teaser and a rollout for two different Moto devices, we also have word that Android 5.1 Lollipop will be pushing out to the Sprint version of the HTC One M9 in just a few days... July 1st to be precise.

Mo Versi, the VP of Product Management at HTC Tweeted out the above news yesterday afternoon. Sound off if you own this device (on Sprint or any other network).

Don't forget to check out our dedicated HTC One M9 section here: HTC One M9 and M9 plus Android Forum at

Source: Twitter - HTC
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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Folks who own the second generation version of the Moto X on Verizon may be tickled pink by the new update they will find on their device in the coming few days. Motorola and Verizon started rolling out Android 5.1 Lollipop to that particular device.

The latest software version for this device is 23.16.3.victara_verizon.verizon.en.USvzw. Here's a number of additional features that tagged along with the Lollipop update for this phone:
  • Volume controls more accessible from the notification shade because of a handy new bell icon
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connections managed with new drop down mechanics
  • Improved interruption and downtime controls so you can manage which notifications get through in "do not disturb" mode
  • Factory reset protection that can prevent unauthorized access to your phone even after being wiped clean
These are just a few of the improvements for the device. You can see the full list here: Verizon

Sound off when you receive the update and let us know what you think of it! For even more discussion on the 2nd gen Moto X for Verizon, here's our dedicated Moto X (2014) 2nd Gen section: Moto X 2014 Edition Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Jun 30, 2015
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*Update: Moto just confirmed that the Lollipop update for the Droid turbo is coming Tomorrow (Wednesday July 1st): Twitter

Just as we were yesterday discussing some new Droid devices coming to market, last night Motorola Tweeted out the above message teasing Lollipop coming to the Droid Turbo. We aren't sure if this confirms that the latest soak test was for Lollipop, but it points in that direction. Regardless, it's still exciting to see that Motorola is close to bringing the latest Android OS to the device.

Obviously this Tweet still leaves things a bit vague. "Coming" could mean a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks for all we know. Hopefully it will be the first or second option and not the third. :)

Here's our dedicated Motorola Droid Turbo section for further discussion: Motorola Droid Turbo Android Forum at

Source: Twitter - Motorola
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