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by dgstorm at May 28, 2015
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Considering the LG G4 isn't even fully released yet, it's probably too soon to be looking at LG G5 rumors, but when they are this intriguing we can't help but share them. Supposedly, the fifth generation LG G Series device will include some high tech security that sounds too good to be true. Instead of the "potentially soon to be retro" fingerprint scanner, LG is planning to equip the G5 with a biometric iris scanner for security.

The intel revealed indicated that LG has been working directly with a company called Irience in order to push this technology quickly to market. The source also revealed that LG has already completed the hardware module for the device, and is simply polishing the algorithms which will increase the recognition range from 12in (30cm) to a solid 20in (50cm).

This seems like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but would be incredible if true. Of course, we will have to wait and see how accurate the technology is before passing judgment. What do you folks think? Would this be useful cool tech or just PR fodder?

Source: WhoHired
by dgstorm at May 28, 2015
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Here at DF HQ, we can't help but notice the trend toward larger and larger smartphones is slowly becoming the norm for many of our users. We thought it would be a fun fact gathering mission to have a quick little poll regarding one of the main features of the most popular phablet-style phones. The feature is the S-Pen Stylus, and the phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Our question is this:

How often do you use your S-Pen Stylus for your Galaxy Note series device?
  1. Often
  2. Occasionally
  3. Rarely
  4. Never
Feel free to add any personal thoughts on the usability of the S-Pen Stylus so users who have never used one can understand your point of view.
by dgstorm at May 28, 2015
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According to the latest rumors from China, Xiaomi is planning to reveal their latest flagship device, the Mi5, in November of this year. The intel revealed that the device will include some of the highest end specs yet seen on a smartphone.

Here's a breakdown:
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
  • 5.5-inch Quad-HD resolution display
  • 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • 16 or 20MP main camera
  • A fingerprint reader with Qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprint identification system
  • USB-C
  • Just 5.1mm thick
Additionally, the source of this info indicated that the device will have no need of a capacitive sensor or a button present anywhere on the device in order to function. Here's a quote with a few additional details,

Here at HQ, we are crossing out fingers that this...
by dgstorm at May 28, 2015
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It looks like Lenovo wasn't done coming up with innovative ideas for mobile devices. Another concept device they are working on is the "Magic View" smartwatch. The main claim to fame for this device is a second display on the watch band of the device.

Lenovo calls the second display a “Virtual Interactive Display” and claims it is designed to let users view images up to 20 times size of the regular watch face. The VID can also display private information that users would rather not show on the main watch face.

Lenovo couldn't share a timeframe for making this device an actual retail product, but they did reiterate that their Yoga tablet line was just a concept not too long ago before it became one of their hottest selling products.

It looks like Lenovo is hitting it out of the park with new ideas lately. It will be exciting to see what their team-up with Motorola eventually brings to the table.
by dgstorm at May 28, 2015
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It looks like innovation in the mobile world isn't completely catatonic after-all. Lenovo showed off one of the coolest smartphone concepts today. It's called the "Smart Cast" and it doubles as a laser projector! Not only can you set the phone up to do board room presentations with its projector, you can also watch movies with it.

That's not all the laser projector is "projected" to do when the device eventually becomes a reality. As you can see in the video above, the Smart Cast is also meant to be able to project a keyboard onto nearly any surface for you to type. Furthermore, Lenovo even demonstrates a piano keyboard projected from the device.

Lenovo is billing their Smart Cast as the world’s first laser projector in a smartphone, and the world’s smallest pico projector. While not everyone would have the need to use the projector for presentations or movies, the laser keyboard functionality could be useful for virtually anyone. What do you guys think of Lenovo's concept?
by Jeffrey at May 27, 2015
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Lenovo will launch its own media sharing device in August. But the Lenovo Cast differs from Google's device, and not just because it looks like a puck instead of a stick. Plug it into the HDMI port of your TV or monitor ( supports HDMI 1.3) and sync up with your WiFi network, like similar products. It now taps into your DNLA or Miracast-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop, to output up to 1080P video to your big screen. That's unlike the Chromecast, which uses its proprietary Chrome browser environment.

The Lenovocast will retail at $49. That's $14. more than Chromecast but offers a more robust experience.

Read more HERE
by dgstorm at May 27, 2015
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Check this out Verizon customers! You will be able to pre-order the LG G4 starting on May 28th! Not only that, but if you are in the market for a new Android tablet, the LG G Pad X8.3 will be available for purchase that day as well!

Sound off if you are looking forward to snagging the LG G4 on Big Red!

Here's our dedicated LG G4 section: LG G4 Forum Android Forum at

Source: Twitter - VZW

Thanks for the tip!
by dgstorm at May 27, 2015
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Just this morning we shared some slick news regarding what could be the new Motorola Droid device. A Moto device with the XT1585 model number and internal codename 'Kinzie' was rumored. We now have some breaking intel regarding that device.

According to anonymous insider sources from the supply chain, the Motorola Kinzie will have a unique 5.43" QHD YOUM display. Supposedly, it will be the first phone to utilize the full version of the plastic/glasstic lens, and will be marketed as the first unbreakable screen. Considering that Motorola was the first OEM to market a Kevlar case design, we can see them making a move like this.

If true, this poses some interesting questions regarding Samsung. Obviously the first instance of the YOUM display was in the Galaxy Note Edge and the new Galaxy S6 Edge. Does this mean that the version used in the Motorola device is a more advanced design? Will it be truly flexible? Is it just a marketing ploy by Motorola?

Even though this "rumint" brings up more questions than it answers, we can't wait to see of it is accurate. Stay tune for more intel in the coming weeks.
by dgstorm at May 27, 2015
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Big Red giveth, and Big Red taketh away. We have reports from insider sources that Verizon is planning on changing the early upgrade options of their Edge program. Starting on May 31st, you will no longer be able to pay off your Edge program at the 75% amount, but will instead be required to pay the full amount. This basically kills off the Early Upgrade, because it's no different than simply buying a new phone and upgrading whenever you want.

Just as a reminder, the old Edge program would allow folks to get a new device early by paying off only 75% of the total price of your current device. This usually occurred at about 18 months, instead of the usual 24 months, which is how you gained extra value with the Edge program. Verizon claims they are wanting to simplify the program, but this almost useless.

The only advantage now is that you don't have to trade in the phone, because you have completely paid it off and it's yours. Also, with Edge you still get the lower line access fees, and no activation fee. Still, it basically seems like the Verizon Wireless execs are trying to slowly kill off the program. We will keep an eye out for an official announcement and share in this thread if/when that happens.

What are your thoughts on this policy shift from Verizon?

Thanks for the tip, anonymous!

*Update: Here's the official link from Verizon:...
by dgstorm at May 27, 2015
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If this latest "rumint" is to be believed, it looks like Motorola isn't too scared of the overheating reputation of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. We have rumors of the latest Motorola smartphones coming later this year, and one of them includes the disfavored chipset. The device holds the model number XT1585, and is supposedly headed to Verizon. It has the internal codename Kinzie, and is said to have a QHD resolution display with 640 DPI.

The rumor suggests there will also be a second (and third) Motorola device which uses the smaller Snapdragon 808 chipset. Both are effectively the same device, but the third has a different model name, and is headed to Verizon. They are the XT1578 and XT1097 respectively, and are both codenamed “Clark.” These devices will also have a QHD resolution (but with a slightly lower DPI of 560, suggesting a smaller display size).

That's about all that could be gleaned from this latest Moto leak. If true, it looks like we have a couple of new Droids coming to Big Red this year!

Source: Reddit
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