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  • Can Andy Rubin add another dynamic to the smartphone industry?
  • HTC U are photoshopping....., am I being too harsh on HTC?
  • Samsung S8, yup I am applauding Samsung yet again do you blame me?
by DroidModderX at Jan 15, 2017
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Last week the Galaxy S7 finally received its official update to Nougat. You may be wondering exactly what all is new in the latest build. Here is a list of what has changed.

-More color in the phone app
-Battery usage in settings has been cleaned up
-App folders are transparent
-New blue light filter to help you wind down
-Screen resolution adjustments
-device maintenance optimized
-samsung apps being pushed
-toggles have been cleaned up and have new positions
-New video enhancer
-new interface for the calendar app
-put apps to sleep to save battery
-you can now add 3rd party app functions as toggles
-samsung pass stores passwords
-samsung cloud pricing
-device maintenance had an Edge panel

As you can see alot has changed!

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by DroidModderX at Jan 15, 2017
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Water resistance has been a huge feature in Samsung flagship devices as far back as the Galaxy S5. Samsung got the message loud and clear from angry fans after water resistance was removed from the Galaxy S6. There were early reports that Samsung would skip water resistance on the Galaxy S8 in favor of a higher quality speaker audio system on the device. Fortunately it looks like the S8 will indeed come with the highest level of water and dust protection with an IP76 water resistance rating. This report comes from The Investor.

via TheInvestor
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While both the Moto Z and Moto Z Force have already received their updates to Nougat the Moto Z Play is still waiting on the sidelines to joing the fun. Motorola has not given any confirmation as to when they plan on releasing the update however Koodo Mobile has just dropped a hint honing in on the release date for this update. They are reporting that the device will receive the update on March 4th. We will see a security patch update on January 21st ahead of the Nougat update.

via Phandroid
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We have had official SuperSU for Nougat for a while now, but upon rooting with current builds of SuperSU some users have been experiencing bootloops. This actually happened to me when I rooted Nougat on the Nexus 6P. My phone started to bootloop when the battery hit 20%. That exact bug had been fixed in a later build, but there were still some devices encountering the bootloop. A new update for SuperSU has just been released bringing the version number to 2.79 SR3. The main change here is a bug fix which should prevent even more devices from bootlooping after root. There will be a stable release of SuperSU as soon as it is determined this bug has been squashed for good.

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This is the closest thing we have seen to an official leak of the device known as the Samsung Galaxy S8! The phone featured in the Samsun Display video looks exactly what we are expecting the Galaxy S8 to look like when it is released later this year. Is Samsung trolling us with these videos? Is this really what the S8 will look like?
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A whole new set of Galaxy S8 renders have leaked out via GSMArena. The 3D renders were acquired from a case maker who claims to have the accurate schematics of the phone. We see the same basic design we have seen in leaks and renders for the past few weeks. By now I feel it is pretty safe to say we will see a dual curved edge display with slim bezels on top and bottom. This new series of renders also shows a missing home button. The back of the phone also features curved edges and a single camera.

A few things that bring more questions than answers with these new renders are the fact that they appear to show a "micro usb" port instead of USB Type-C. Certainly Samsung won't forgo USB-C on the Galaxy S8. We also see a 3.5mm headphone jack which has been rumored to not be included in the device. There are speaker grills on both the top and bottom of the device which would indicate stereo speakers. Once again these renders are showing the power toggle on the left side of the phone along with the volume rocker which I personally think is a big mistake. Then again maybe Samsung is finally showing all you lefties out there some love.

What do you think is this the Galaxy S8? Are we still to far out to know what the device will look like?

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Phone season is nearly upon us. We are about to be bombarded with all sorts of new handset releases. As phone manufactures get ready to release their new phones case manufacturers are looking to offload inventory to make room for new case models. That just means you get to reap the rewards! Right now Ringke is offering big deals on their TPU cases for the Galaxy S7, LG G5, and Pixel devices.

Galaxy S7 Slim and Light Royal Gold Use promo code 5PAGV3DK
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LG G5 Slim and Light Black Use promo code F2AWLBU7
LG G5 TPU Bumper Clear back Clear Case Use promo code IZSDCIGC
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Last week a few images of the front of the Galaxy S8 leaked onto the web. Many said that those images could have just been a photo shopped Galaxy S7 Edge made to appear as if the bezels were thinner and the home button was gone. Now we have some new renders that have leaked out courtesy of case maker Ghostek. These show the same smaller bezels, the removal of a home button, a power button on the left side of the device, and a single lens camera with no flash. Being that this is a render of a "waterproof" case all of the ports are hidden so we can't see the USB-C port or whether or not the phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

While some case makers do get design details early for the purpose of manufacturing cases ahead of release we can't be certain that these renders are super accurate. Surely we will see more renders and even leaked images as we get closer to the announcement. Are you interested in a phone that looks like the phone in these Ghostek renders?

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The day has finally arrived! Samsung is now rolling out the Official Stable builds of Nougat to S7 and S7 Edge devices. I am currently running the beta build and have not seen the update on my device, but I have seen many others who are reporting that the update is coming through on their device. For now it seems the build is rolling out to beta users outside of the US first. The update is 214MB and brings your device up to Android 7.0. This is still not 7.1.1 however it does feature the January 1st security patch. Head to settings, system updates to see if you can grab the update.

via SamMobile
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