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by dgstorm at Oct 8, 2015
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Here's a story so hot you might get burned, and in fact, after you hear about it, you might feel burned. According to a report over on The Verge, Verizon plans to raise the price of their Grandfathered Unlimited plans by $20 USD per line. This new rate will apply starting in November. The specifics of the increase are that the monthly "grandfathered unlimited data plan" will go up by $20 per line to $49.99, and this is on top of what you pay for voice and text.

Furthermore, this new change will only impact customers who are out of contract, and once you go "month to month" the rate will then change to the new amount. Also, government and corporate accounts won't be included in the price increase. There is one tiny "upside" to this new change. Verizon will now let customers buy new smartphones through a monthly payment plan; whereas before, if you wanted to keep the grandfathered unlimited plan, you had to purchase the phone outright.

According to Big Red, just 1% of their customers are still on a a grandfathered unlimited plan, which is how they are justifying the move. Either way, it looks like they are doing their level best to kill it off, one way or the other. We knew that something like this would eventually come... it's actually only surprising that it took this long. Share your pain here.

Thanks for the tip, @dezymond!
by pc747 at Oct 10, 2015
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HTC has one more card to play before the year ends and they are feeling confident in their device, which they are saying will be one of the first to drop with Marshmallow. People has all but given up on HTC but we will still drop the news once HTC unveil their device on the 20th of this month. But given the current landscape we will know everything we need to know about that device before then.

Any hopes that HTC will actually be able to release a "brilliant" device?
by DroidModderX at Oct 10, 2015
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The stock images for Marshmallow were released only a few days ago. Developers are already starting to release custom roms based on the official MRA58K stock image! These roms are prerooted so you don't have to worry about flashing a modified boot image. Roasted Marshmallow 1.0 is one of the first custom 6.0 roms to be released for the Nexus 6.

This is essentially a stock rooted build with a few custom options. Customizations include battery percentage mod, center clock with weekday and am/pm, no forced encryption, no boot nag message, native layers (themeing) support, many system apps removed (can be redownloaded from playstore), unlocked multi-window, tethering mod enabled, busybos for marshmallow, and the rom is odexed.

Many modders love roms because they are the quickest and easiest way to upadate your phone. To install the official stock image you need a PC with the SDK installed. To flash a rom just download it and install it in custom recovery. Head to the link below for the download.

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by DroidModderX at Oct 10, 2015
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The official Marshmallow update is available from Google for many Nexus devices. One device that has been left out is the Nexus 4. This is really no surprise. You can expect Google to update your Nexus device for about two years. Who knows maybe an official update to 6.0 will come for the Nexus 4 eventually. Until then you can grab the marshmallow rom.

This is not a custom rom. It is an actual port of the official stock image made to work with Nexus 4 and is in rom form. You will need to be bootloader unlocked with a custom recovery to install this. You will also want to be sure to grab the latest version of Gapps so you will have access to Google services including the Play Store. Head to the link below for the rom download.

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by DroidModderX at Oct 10, 2015
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The OnHub router by Google is a bit of a mystery. Google has not really gone into depth about the technology that makes this thing tick. We know that it is a Cylinder with inactive radios and firmware that can be easily update. Some developers decided the OnHub needed rooting. Apparently they subscribe to the theory of "ROOT ALL THE THINGS!".

What they found when they dug through this router was pretty surprising. It turns out the OnHub is actually a Chromebook in router's clothing! Some developers from "" figured this out by dumping the SPI flash and eMMC from the board. The device runs a modified ChromiumOS to make it function as a router! They were able to gain root by accessing the hidden switch screw on the bottom of the router which enables developer mode. Rooting this device is as easy as booting into a modified developer mode! Now that we know this is essentially a Chromebook and we have root we may see some custom firmware for this device.

by DroidModderX at Oct 9, 2015
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Just like that Cyanogen begins work on CM13. With every new version of Android comes a new version of Cyanogenmod. We are only one week past the official release on Marshmallow, and this time around Cyanogen has jumped on development quickly. The move to Lollipop was slower going as the CM team focused heavily on finishing up Kit Kat development in favor of LP development.

It should be noted that the work has only just begun. There are no test builds as of yet. Those test builds should be pushed out in the coming weeks. Remember early builds won't be the most stable and may have some bugs. It is nice to see the quick turnaround here though!

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by DroidModderX at Oct 9, 2015
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Development is moving pretty quickly for the Moto X Pure. There is a team that is working on an official build of CyanogenMod for the Moto X Pure. Using the source you can build your own rom. The rom actually boots, but pretty much everything does not work. For now working elements include Audio, Camera, Video Playback, Phone, 4GLTE, and sensors. A few builds can be found in the source thread if you search through. It is only suggested to install this rom if you are tyring to help with development. You can incur some unexpected results when flashing a rom at this early of a state like wiped recovery partition, and overheating cpu. Below is a list of issues the rom currently has.

Currently broken:
Selinux (enforcing isn't 100% ready, namely sensors isn't active)
WiFi driver (connection unstable + Mac address)
CPU thermal layout
Battery drain
Verizon (iirc it's not working smoothly)
Bluetooth be wonky.
RIL is fairly buggy
Speakerphone volume needs work

Still this is progress. If you can contribute at all head to the link below.

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by pc747 at Oct 9, 2015
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Almost a week has gone by since Google uploaded Marshmallow 6.0 to their servers. Developers are digging through the source, devices are getting OTAs, and manufacturers are developing their own updates. But there are many of us who have been running 6.0 for a few days now and I want to get the your full review. Tell us your likes, dislikes, bugs you have experience, and things you would like to see Google incorporate in a future software (ie theme manager <-------really Google, HTC been including it since cupcake on the HTC Hero, it is about time users are able to at least choose between light and dark theme. Just saying).
by pc747 at Oct 9, 2015
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There is this tug of war going on with Google and many android manufacturers that has been going on for years and that is between making a secure device or keeping the device free and open. For years the die hard android enthusiasts have fought manufacturers, carriers, and Google to keep android open for custom software and administrative privileges to fully customize their device. Let's face it, the Droid exploded on the backs of the same backyard development that manufacturers are now shutting out.

When we first started seeing locked bootloaders with the Droid X, manufacturers and carriers were trying to protect their software and prevent (unpaid) tethering. But after a few scares Google has chosen to protect their empire from being burned down by spyware, especially an empire they are trying to build to include enterprises.

More importantly are the users, some who have evolved over the years to wanting a device that works, and others who are tired of a manufacturer or carrier shoving software on their devices. And the one device we turned to for that freedom is now evolving as a result of looking to enact stronger security. For myself I love having a device to root and play with but a device with my bank info, especially after the recent Experian hack, I want secured more than I want a few less apps, tweaks, and customizable features. But even though that is my choice that is not the choice that others will choose which leaves the question of...
by DroidModderX at Oct 9, 2015
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The Moto X is incredibly easy to root for the mod and hack enthusiast. Simply unlock the bootloader, flash a custom recovery and root. For the uninitiated the aforementioned "easy" approach might actually seem pretty daunting. Newbs need root too! For those of you who would be more comfortable with a one click solution a method is now available. KingRoot has added support for the Moto X Pure.

The only downside to KingRoot is that it is a closed source app that comes from China. The reason it is closed source is the fact that it houses proprietary exploits that would be quickly patched by OEMs if the app were open sourced. That also makes this app suspicious. It installs KingUser their version of SuperSU. If you would rather use SuperSU, which is what I would recommend, just use SuperSUme to uninstall Kinguser and replace it with SuperSU. If you are not worried about a closed source chinese app rooting your phone head to the link below to grab KingRoot.

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