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by cereal killer at Dec 18, 2014
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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah DroidForums.NET members and guests!! We are kicking off the final stretch until Christmas with a fantastic Giveaway sponsored by the fine folks over at KENU! This giveaway features the chance for two (2) randomly drawn winners to win their choice of the Stance or AIRFRAME+. After reviewing these two products I decided to pick them both up because they are that good. With excellent build quality, perfect craftsmanship and just an all-around great pair of accessories, these are a must have for any Android smartphone owner. Here are a few details of the Stance and AIRFRAME+....

Stance is an amazingly versatile, compact tripod that mounts directly into your phone's charging port. Watching your favorite videos, making video calls, and positioning your phone's camera to capture amazing photos and videos has never been easier.

Airframe+ supports the full range of smartphones and phablets ranging from the iPhone 5/5s (4" screen) to the Lumia 1520 (6" screen). It even accommodates most oversized cases, like the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6 and mophie® juice pack plus for iPhone 5/5s. Sporting a new sleek design while still weighing under an ounce, Airframe+ offers all of the amazing functionality and portability of the original Airframe car mount.

Please check out the video for a quick look at both of these products "in...
by dgstorm at Dec 22, 2014
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The hottest new Droid to make a Landing in years is undoubtedly the Motorola Droid Turbo. With cutting edge specs and phenomenal battery life, the Droid Turbo is really an incredible evolution of the whole Droid lineup. While many of you already have one, there may be a few of you who are out of contract and looking to grab yourself a new Droid Turbo. Now might be the "best" time.

Best Buy is having a phenomenal sale on the Droid Turbo. When you sign up for a new Verizon contract, the Motorola Droid Turbo is only one measly dollar ($1 USD). The deal could be even sweeter than that though. If you are a new customer to Verizon, Best Buy will also include a $150 gift card with your Droid Turbo purchase and contract signing.

Alternatively, if you are upgrading your existing Verizon Wireless service to Verizon Edge, you can get a $100 Gift card to go with the phone instead.

This is a ridiculously good offer on one of 2014's best smartphones. Here's the Best Buy link to take advantage of this offer: droid-turbo-131960 - Best Buy

Here's a link to our Droid Turbo section to see what everyone is saying about their hot Droid Turbo: Motorola Droid Turbo Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Dec 22, 2014
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Here's a fun Off Topic story for comic book movie fans.

The folks who made the above fake movie trailer have some seriously impressive editing skills. Somehow they were able to merge a number of different battle clips from actual movies and trailers to showcase a DC vs Marvel movie. A movie like this will probably never exist, but it's pretty incredible to see the creative vision that went into creating this fan-made fiction. Enjoy!
by dgstorm at Dec 22, 2014
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What's this? Apparently, Google sneakily rocked out a new and previously unknown Android 5.0.2 update for the original Nexus 7 2012 WiFi tablet. This is obviously meant to address some of the bugs which Android 5.0 brought to the party for the venerable tablet.

This version is LRX22G and specifically addresses "issues with MountService which should now start before performBootDexOpt [and] changes related to NAND have also been pushed. Fstrim, introduced in Android 4.3, caused some serious issues on Lollipop… devices with slow NAND should now have a noticeable performance boost.” ~ XDA Developers

Here's a link to grab it for a manual update: Google
by dgstorm at Dec 22, 2014
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All of the attention has been focused on the recent Sony hack which has severely damaged the company's reputation and cost them untold millions of dollars. However, Sony is just one in a string of major hack attacks over the past several years, which included other notable companies like Target and Home Depot. We can now add Staples to that list of targets from the black hats of the world.

Staples just confirmed on Friday that their internal database was hacked and 1.16 million credit cards and debit cards were stolen. Here's a quote with more of the details,

by dgstorm at Dec 22, 2014
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We have three cool video leaks we found to share with you guys. It seems that Samsung has been working overtime to crank out Android 5.0.1 for their most recent flagship devices. The above video, and the two additional videos in the thread below demo the newest version of Lollipop running on the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge.

Of course, Sammy added their won twist with TouchWiz. Some people love it, and some people hate it, but it's there for you to check out either way. Let us know what you think!

Source: SamMobile
by dgstorm at Dec 22, 2014
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It looks like Sprint and AT&T aren't the only carriers who are getting fined by the FCC for "cramming." T-Mobile is the latest US carrier to be required to give refunds to customers they supposedly over-charged for services that were not requested. T-Mobile tried to fight it, claiming that the charges were “unfounded and without merit.” Ultimately they capitulated, and the fine will be a hefty $90 Million, which will include refunds to some customers.

For those who don't know, "cramming" is the practice of billing customers for $9.99 subscriptions to ringtones and premium text message services that they didn't sign up for. Sound off if you have been the victim of "cramming" on any carrier.

Source: FCC
by dgstorm at Dec 22, 2014
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We have a few leaked images that HTC device owners might be intrigued by. The images (one above and the others in the thread below) are of HTC's Sense running with Android 5.0 Lollipop. For the most part, there aren't too many big changes, other than what Lollipop brings, although it looks like HTC is working on something called Easy Mode.

This mode basically simplifies the UI of the smartphone even more for folks who find it too complicated. These easy settings are a bit reminiscent of the way Windows Phone handles things, which is a bit odd. Regardless, have a peek at this images and let us know what you think.

Source: Phandroid
by pc747 at Dec 21, 2014
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Today kicks off the Winter Solstice as well as the Holiday Week. Many of us will be spending the next couple of days to a week with family, friends and loved ones. So from the Droid Forum's family to yours Happy Holidays.

In honor of the holiday spirit we welcome the following:
  • What are your traditions and plans for the holidays
  • Share pics of your holiday decorations
  • Share a few of your favorite holiday recipe ideas
  • Screenshots of your device (phone, tablet, android watch) with holiday wallpapers and app icons
by DroidModderX at Dec 20, 2014
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Google is beginning to roll out 5.0.1 to Android Wear devices. Last week Motorola tweeted that 5.0.1 would be rolled out to every Moto360 device. Now that you have 5.0.1 on your Android Wear device you will want to go ahead and get it rooted! The process is pretty simple you just need a few files including Android Wear SuperSU and the TWRP file for your device. You will then flash TWRP to your watch. Boot into TWRP and flash the Wear SuperSU file. Then reboot and go to SuperSU to update binaries. Head to the link below for the full instructions and the files needed.

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