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Sometimes its just better/easier to communicate via walkie talkie. Any place that doesn't have a good cell phone reception like hiking or on a cruise ship can make communicating with others in your party difficult. Walkie Talkies use a radio signal and don't require cell service. The Linc Moto Mod adds a traditional walkie talkie to your Moto phone! The mod supports 22 channels and has a range of 5 miles. It can also handle sms messages and GPS tracking which is pretty amazing. The Linc can also be used with any phone since it is essentially a bluetooth device. The Linc is currently on Iniegogo. You can order yours through the campaign for just $99.

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Some international versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been updated to official Nougat for a while now, and US carriers are finally beginning to jump on board. The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge received their updates yesterday, and now today AT&T is rolling out the update to Nougat. This is still Nougat 7.0 and not 7.1. It does include the February 1st security patch. Some features include quick settings, new multi-window implementation, and some UI enhancements. Head to Settings, and check for updates to force the update.
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The Nvidia Shield TV is still my favorite Android TV set top box! I love the fact that I can do all my streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Google Play as well as stream basically anything and everything with KODI. This box is not just about the content streaming though it is a serious gaming device as well. NVIDIA GeForce allows you to play full PC Quality games right on your TV which is pretty awesome! The NVIDIA Shield TV experience just got better with the Experience Upgrade 5.1.

The new upgrade brings support for rumble when playing certain GeForce Now titles. Rumble support is currently available for games like Lego Star Wars : The Force Awakens, Tomb Raider, ABZU, Darksiders II, Lego Movie: The Game, The Witcher 3, Sonic and Sega All Star Racing, Mini Ninjas, Just Cause 2, Metro 2033 Redux, Dirt 3 Complete Edition and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. A few other features include improved surround sound and remote control responsiveness for Amazon Video. There is also support for encrypted VP9 subsampling. You can grab the update for your 2015 or 2017 model today!
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The HTC U Ultra is a great phone. It checks all the boxes when it comes to specs and features. The phablet includes a premium metal and glass build with a shiny symmetrical back. It also features a dual display, 5.7" Super LCD display, Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM, 12MP rear camera, 16MP front camera, and a 3,000mah battery. While the phone is a fine phone it hit the market a bit stale. The specs are not ground breaking, and there is nothing on this phone that we have not already seen. It feels like HTC has decided to play it safe with the HTC U Ultra. That being said this is a great option for anyone in the market for a smartphone that can't wait a few weeks for the Galaxy S8 or LG G6.

If you have chosen the U Ultra you will be happy to know that the device now has its own build of TWRP. With the custom recovery you will be able to fully backup and restore your phone. This will also allow you to run a custom version of Android. Head to the link below to grab TWRP for your device.

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Last year Asus was the clear king in the Chromebook department with the flip, this year they are looking to retain the crown with an updated device with updated specs that puts it ahead of the competition. But we have a challenger in the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro this year. Looking to redeem themselves for last fall Samsung looks to be coming out of the gate swinging this year and they brought their award winning display tech with them as well as their S-pen. This is clearly going to come down to performance vs display and as I am currently having this discussion with myself now, being in the market for a Chromebook this year, I am excited that manufacturers are stepping their game up and making the decision even tougher this year.

Source: Chrome Unboxed.
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HTC has what is arguably the best virtual reality headset on the market with the HTC Vive. In fact it is pretty obvious that they have sunk most of their eggs in the VR headset basket over the past several years. All this work may actually pay off for HTC. They are possibly about to go mobile with their VR division this year. HTC CFO "Chia-Lang Chang" confirmed that HTC is working on a Mobile VR headset that isn't just a phone in a headset like what we have seen with the Gear VR from Samsung.

The HTC Vive is a high end product that requires a powerful PC, and it is more than most of the market is willing to buy. HTC is looking to provide a similar high quality VR experience in a more mobile friendly way. Hopefully the device will have a dedicated display and PC unit built into the headset so you don't have to worry about lugging around a PC in a backpack.

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Spring is coming of course, but as it stands we still have another 6 weeks of winter. While it is still quite nippy outside you may want to sit around the fireplace and play some video games. NVIDIA Shield is making the best of the rest of winter with their Winter Game Sale. Starting tomorrow February 16th - February 19th you can save up to 70% on some of the most popular games on NVIDIA Shield.

GeForce NOW Sale Games

- Homefront: The Revolution 70% off

- ABZU 70% off

- Shadow Warrior 2 25% off

Android Sale Games

- Space Hulk 30% off

- Alto's Adventure 50% off

- Evoland 50% off

- Borderlands 2 50% off

- Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! 50% off

Get them while they are hot, and enjoy the rest of your winter!
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We only have a few more weeks left of winter. As soon as it warms up you will surely need an activity to maximize your afternoon strolls. Niantic has just what you need. They have just updated PokeMon Go and this update is a pretty big one. The update will roll out later this week. The update brings more than 80 new Pokemon to the game as well as new evolutions, and updated encounters. All these new features will surely give you a reason to reignite your Pokemon addiction!

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While the Galaxy S8 has been one of the most leaked devices in recent history Samsung has done a decent job of keeping the official announcement date under wraps. We are pretty sure the announcement won't come at Mobile World Congress. We are expecting an announcement to take place in New York several weeks after MWC. According to a report from Hankyung Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S8 release date during Mobile World Congress. We might also see a teaser for the device at the event! We are expected to see the announcement in late March and a release by mid-April.

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Home Phones are dead right? These days it seems like almost everyone uses cell phones primarily. The only reason I still have a home phone is because I get it for free as I work for the phone company. I certainly would not pay for a land line. There are certain issues where I have found my land line phone to be useful for instance if my wife's cell phone is charging upstairs and my call goes directly to voicemail I can just dial up the house phone to get an answer.

Google and Amazon are currently looking into options for integrating home phone services into their smart speakers according to a Wall Street Journal report. This would allow you to continue to the flow if say you searched for restaurants in the area and found one you could tell the speaker to call. This is an interesting idea. Wouldn't it be just as easy to link your cell phone to the speaker and have the smart speaker make the call through your cell phone? There may be other issues to consider. Privacy is maybe the biggest as these speakers actually record input to learn and make the ai smarter over time. How would you end a call? If it would be by using a Hot word that could make for some very frustrating situations if someone said the word in the middle of a conversation. This idea is still incubating so I am sure these major companies will have all the details ironed out before moving forward. Can you see your self using a Google or Amazon home phone service through your smart speaker?...
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