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A new video by Samsung conducts a battery test on flagship smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge go up against the Huawei P9, Apple iPhone 6s, HTC 10, Sony Xperia X and the LG G5. All devices are said to have been tested on equal terms, the same video is being played over and over again on all handsets. Which phone do you think won the test?

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The Moto 360 is one of the best looking Android wear devices around. The round bezel really steals the show. The 2nd Gen version is normally $299 or more depending on which version you go with. The daily deal site "DailySteals" has the device for only $149. They have both the 42mm and 46mm version with either the black leather band or black metal band. The only color available is black. If you don't have an Android Wear device yet this is a great deal.

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We are all sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the Official Note 7 release which happens Tuesday August 2nd. Yesterday 9to5Google reported that they Note 7 will see an official release for T-Mobile on August 19th. Sources say that the device will see official in store release on August 19th for everyone. It looks like you will be able to pre-order the device as early as August 3rd. If you are willing to stay up late you may be one of the first to order the device as they may go on pre-order early that morning. It is worth noting that pre-orders normally ship first so keep that in mind. T-mobile shipped the S7 pre-orders about a week early last year.
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At this point we know pretty much everything there is to know about the Note 7. We expect just about zero surprises on Note 7 launch day. The one thing we have not seen much about is the new Samsung Gear VR. All we know is that their will be a new version to be compatible with the new USB Type-C. @Onleaks has leaked out some detailed info regarding the new Gear VR. While this is not ground breaking there are some subtle changes.

The head strap no longer has a connector to attach the over the head strap in the render provided. There is however a slit that may be where the over the head strap connects. The visor has been slimmed down a bit. The headset pictured is black instead of white. We don't have conformation as to how USB Type-C will be integrated yet. Rumors have it that the device will be backwards compatible with micro usb devices as well.

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Back in the day when phones first started having touch screens it was very uncommon for a phone to feature a premium build. Most phones were made of plastic and that was ok. Even the screens were made of plastic (not glass) for the most part. Back then no one worried about protecting their phones. If you dropped your device it was no big deal. The worst that would happen is your phones back would fly across the room and your battery would fall out of turning off your phone. All you had to do was go grab your phone's back and put your phone back together. No big deal.

These days every flagship and even budget phones feature a metal and glass build. Just about every smart phone comes with a glass display. Dropping your phone often means you will be visiting a repair shop or buying a new phone altogether. Now everyone I know uses a case. If you aren't into cases you can wrap your device with a skin to atleast protect the glass or metal from smudges and scratches.

SlickWraps has become my go to wrap maker over the past few years. I just love their designs especially the Helmetica series. They dropped some huge news today. We have known that they were working with Spigen on something special. Today they announced what that collab project was. They have introduced the Helmetica series cases! Cases also feature designs from the Hero series, Galactic series, and Villain series. Head to the link below for the full list of...
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Yesterday I had the chance to try the Google Play Family Library and I have to wonder why this took so long?

I know there are checks that had to be put in place before studios, record labels, publishing companies, and app developers would agree to be on board, but it should be second nature to be able to share your content (especially with family). If I buy a movie and a family member want to view it, why should they have to purchase it or have access to my account to view the content.

This is something long over due and I am happy Google came on board and made this right.

Do you see iTunes or Amazon joining on board?

What issues have you had with Google Play Family Library thus far?

Source: Official Google Blog: Google Play Family Library: Share what you love with the ones you love
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We have a slew of new leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 images to share with you guys. The pics in the thread below are leaked press renders of the device. The shot above looks like the first "in the wild" shot of the phone, although it is probably just a supply chain leak. Either way, let us know what you think of the shots in the thread, and be sure to check out our dedicated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 section for further discussion: Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Source: Yahoo & @onleaks
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In the video above we see the Xiaomi device of owner "Ajay Raj Negi" explode while being used. The explosion is pretty nasty. The phone literately sparks like crazy then bursts into flames. This happened on July 16th 2016. The Xiaomi phone that exploded was the Mi4i. Xiaomi has already launched an investigation into the incident. This may or may not be the fault of Xiaomi. Devices have exploded like this in the past and in other instances the problem was with a faulty charger and not the device itself.

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Apparently Pokemon are more important than life itself. We have seen people stop in the middle of traffic, step off the side of a cliff, and now waltz through a RADIATION ZONE just to snag a couple of Pokemon. This game is becoming as life altering as Flappy Bird. The Fukushima Radiation Zone is a place where a nuclear meltdown occurred which spilled radio active waste all around the surrounding areas. It seems that enough dummies crossed the fence there that TEPCO had to issue an official warning to Pokemon trainers attempting to hit up pokestops inside the area.

TEPCO has even requested that this radiation zone be removed from the game which is actually not a bad idea. Some of you have argued here that Pokemon Go could be a good tool for removing idiots from the population. I wouldn't go that far. Is it our responsibility to remain safe while playing a game or should Niantic scour the globe for "unsafe" places and remove them from their global map?

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Qualcomm just quietly released the Snapdragon 821 several weeks ago which features a 10% increase in performance from the Snapdragon 820. While we will more than likely see this chip in upcoming devices like the Note 7 and Nexus phones Qualcomm is already looking forward to their next chip release.

Apparently the CEO of Qualcomm has announced that the next chip, the Snapdragon 830, will release early next year. It is said to use a 10nm process. This has not been confirmed so we will chalk this one up as a rumor for now. The change from 14nm to 10nm means that Qualcomm can pack even more power into each chip which is very intriguing.

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