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by dgstorm at Nov 12, 2014
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One of the hottest new phones of the year is undoubtedly the Motorola-made Google Nexus 6. Its high-end specs and Android 5.0 preinstalled appeal to a great many folks, and we are thrilled to see our Nexus 6 section in the forums taking off so fast.

We plan to get a Nexus 6 in the office for a full hands-on preview and Q&A session on the new super-phablet. We want to find out what you folks would like to know the most regarding the next Nexus. We thought it would be cool and useful to get some direct feedback from you. That way, once we work up a full breakdown of the device, you can get a feel for it before you shell out your hard earned dollars, just in case you have a backup device in mind.

To that end, please post any and all questions you have about the Nexus 6 in this thread. Once we get our hands on one, we will fill out the Nexus 6 Q&A thread with all of the answers we can come up with. Your questions could be about anything: the general feel of the phone, any technical glitches, performance, battery life, or anything you can come up with.

We want to fill our hands-on Nexus 6 content with the highest volume of useful info for our members!
by danDroid at Oct 27, 2009
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by dgstorm at Nov 21, 2014
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This may be disappointing news for owners of the Google Play Edition of the HTC One M8. A couple days ago, we reported that the GPE HTC One M8 (and M7) would probably be getting a rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop on Friday (today). This was reported in a Tweet from HTC themselves.

Sadly, it has been delayed due to a need for "New SW" (new software). This news was also reported by HTC in a Tweet. As you can see from the screen-capped image of the Tweet above, there's no timeline given now, so it could take days or weeks. We will keep you apprised when we find out more.
by dgstorm at Nov 21, 2014
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It appears that the Android One could end up as a commercial failure in India despite its potential for good value. Sales for the $100 USD device are poor right now. The first three Android One devices were the Spice Android One Dream, Karbonn Sparkle V, and Micromax Canvas A1(Spice, Karbonn and Micromax are carriers in India).

The problem in sales stems from the fact that these carriers only sold the phone initially online. Unfortunately, only about 12% of mobile sales happen online in India, where they apparently have a different mid-set about purchasing a product that other parts of the world.

The nasty turn of events is that the carriers decided they would try shipping the devices out to physical retailers to boost sales, but unfortunately, because they started with online exclusivity, the physical retailers are refusing to take them. Retailers like Croma, Future Group, Planet MRetail and Next Retail, BigC,Lot Mobiles, Reliance Retail and Sangeetha Mobiles (which is about 1800 stores across India) are now boycotting sales of the device. There are a couple of reasons for this behavior. Here's a quote with more of the details,

by dgstorm at Nov 21, 2014
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Here's a slick off topic tech video to entertain you guys with today. A crafty YouTube VLOG called put together a video of his James Bond style creation. He calls it the LaserWatch and that's exactly what it is. It's a digital watch with a 1,500 milli-watt laser attached to it!

He proceeds to use the LaserWatch to light matches, pop balloons and burn through CD cases in a brilliant display. Some of the video is a bit dry as he shows off the various parts of his concoction, but the laser burning parts are enjoyable.

It just goes to show what a bit of ingenuity, time and money can do!
by dgstorm at Nov 21, 2014
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The next Need for Speed mobile game is coming to mobile devices soon. It's called Need for Speed: No Limits, and the video above which features famed racer Ken Block is a quick teaser. The game is developed by Firemonkeys, which is the studio behind Real Racing 3.

The press release doesn't specify exactly when the game will come to the Google Play Store, but it hints at "coming weeks and months," so we have a small while to wait. The game definitely looks like it harkens back to the classic days of the Need for Speed series as you try to avoid/escape the cops.

Sound off and let us know if this is a game that you would like to try on your smartphone or tablet.

Source: Hit the Road with Ken Block and Need for Speed No Limits - EA News
by Preach2k at Nov 20, 2014
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I do not know if you guys read this Article about Some Nexus 6's having performance issues.

by dgstorm at Nov 20, 2014
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How's this for a surprise?!? Our generous family member we mentioned earlier received her Amazon Echo at lunch today! We couldn't wait to play with it, so we threw together a quick hands on unboxing preview video for your edification this afternoon.

We obviously want to spend more time messing around with the Echo before we give our full review, but our initial impressions are good. For the most part our early idea is that the Echo is a great music player that can also answer questions, handle appointments and reminders and handle a few interesting tasks. It feels like a device with enormous potential, that we will explore and share later. In the mean-time, please enjoy our video above!

Here's our dedicated Amazon Echo section: Amazon Echo Android Forum at

Also, please check out our Amazon Echo Q&A thread to share which questions you would like us to ask Alexa for our full review: What would you like to see hear the Amazon Echo do Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Nov 20, 2014
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Apparently Sprint was a bit too proud of the on contract price of their Nexus 6. They originally were selling it at $299.99, which was the highest on contract price for the Nexus 6 from any carrier. Even AT&T was selling the device at just $249.99 on contract.

According to leaked docs, Sprint decided to lower the price to match AT&T. Sprint will even take things a step further in the name of customer satisfaction. They will be retroactively giving early adopters a $50 refund to compensate for the difference.

On top of this, Sprint is even lowering the overall "buyout" cost of the phone to $648, which ends up being one dollar cheaper than the Google Play Store price.

Source: AndroidPolice
by wicked at Nov 20, 2014
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SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android device is one of the bestselling products in Google Play, topping as bestseller in 2012 and 2013.

SwiftKey’s newest update, launching today, promises to ramp up the app’s performance. The developers targeted making the keyboard more responsive when typing, to the tune of a claimed 10 to 18 % performance increase; it also pops up and disappears from the screen faster than before, and refreshes quicker when switching between different forms. Additionally, SwiftKey has expanded its number of supported languages to 81 by adding Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Sinhala.

Swiftkey Blog
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