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by pc747 at May 29, 2015
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If $300 was too much money for the G watch R then now is the time to head over to At&t and get one for $99. With Android Wear on 5.1.1 now is a good time to jump on the wear band wagon and what better way then to grab one of the best android wear smart watches on the market for under a 'hundy'.

Get it while the offer lasts:

LG G Watch R -- AT T
by pc747 at May 29, 2015
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When I first read the name my first reaction was "NOOOO!!!". For one Google was first to the mobile payment scene, and by changing the name to Android Pay they sound like they are trying to play catch up versus leading the pack.
With that said, the reality is Google Wallet will still be around but will be used to purchase items on the web or for person to person pay. Android Pay will be use for tap-to-pay purchases at the registers. Like both Samsung and Apple's Pay software, Android Pay will work with fingerprint scanners, which will be one of the features in Android M.
Despite the name change I like the additions Google is making to their pay software. Look for the Google Pay app to hit the play store soon.

Source: Google introduces Android Pay a replacement for its wallet app on mobile The Verge
by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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The folks at PhoneArena posted a couple of videos online showing closeups of Google's new Jump platform. In case you missed it, Google Jump is their team-up with GoPro to create a specialized camera system to facilitate better VR experiences with Google Cardboard and YouTube.

We shared a tidbit about this yesterday in our Google I/O partial roundup. Here's a quote from the folks at PhoneArena with more of the details on this interesting product from Google and GoPro,

by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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Could the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8 have a foldable YOUM display? If the latest rumors are true, then it is entirely possible. Even if the new device ends up being something outside of the Galaxy S series of products, Samsung is rumored to be working on a new device called Project Valley (or Project V for short).

Project V is supposedly a dual-screen (and probably foldable) display device. Here's a quote with a few more details,

Ultimately, this should probably not come as much of a shock. Since Samsung first teased bendable flex-display tech many years ago, you have to assume they have been working hard to make it mass market viable. Obviously it has taken them longer...
by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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In case you haven't heard the term, "The Internet of Things" is the big buzzword terminology used to describe the next generation of the Internet. It basically is an envisioned future in which just about everything in our environment is interconnected through the Internet.

This allows our various devices (from household appliances to automobiles) to operate at a whole new level of functionality and interactivity. The goal of the concept is to basically help streamline everything we do, and allow all of our devices to be smart enough to give us instantaneous access to extra information, capabilities and more.

Of course, Google is at the forefront of the push toward "The Internet of Things," and at Google I/O 2015 yesterday, they revealed their newest methods for evolving towards it. The first is called Google Brillo, and it is basically Google's new OS which is designed specifically to run the various "smart devices" in our life. The second facet of their plan is called Google Weave. It's basically the communications layer between various Brillo-powered devices.

Interestingly, Brillo is actually a streamlined and flexible, minimized version of Android. It's meant to power the simplest of devices which don't really need high-tech processing (like a WiFi equipped smart toaser, or a smart light-switch). Weave is an API framework, and Google is also making it cross-platform so it will be able to communicate with non-Brillo devices as well. The developer...
by pc747 at May 29, 2015
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Yesterday the talk was about Android M and thanks to Google's preview of the software many of us are running it on our devices. All over the community we are hearing about what others think but the main story is what our members think as this is about you. So for the brave souls who sacrificed their devices to beta test, what are your thoughts about Android M (likes/dislikes)?

I'll list my 3:
  1. For those who miss the old style volume control, it is back. Google heard you and they delivered. But for those of us who liked the "do not disturb" you can find that in your pull down menu.
  2. Data restore is a big plus though it has been hit or miss with certain apps but it could be an isolated issue.
  3. Dark/light theme.

I could go on but I still have some more digging plus I want to allow room for others to comment. I will post some screen shots below.

In case you missed the features that will be in Android M check out the news article here.
by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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One of the coolest things revealed at Google I/O 2015 went a bit "under the radar." Higher profile technologies took the limelight, but Google's new "Smart Lock" Password Manager could end up being one of the most used concepts of the event.

Smart Lock is basically a new password manager that is meant to help facilitate automatic logins. Here's a quote directly from Google with some of the details,

It looks like several companies have already announced support for Smart Lock including Netflix, The New York Times, Orbitz, Instacart, and Eventbrite.

Although it seems incredibly convenient, it seems like this service could become a potentially contentious security issue. Google hasn't shared more details yet on how they address this concern. What do you folks think?

Source: Google Identity Platform Google Developers
by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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If you were hoping to watch Google's I/O 2015 Keynote livestream, but were not able to yesterday, the above YouTube video has you covered. The video clocks in at almost three hours, so you will definitely need to set aside a decent block of time to catch all of the details.

The event was a big success and set the entire tech industry ablaze with a number of new innovations. Of course, Google unveiled Android M, but on top of that they also shared:
  • Project Brillo
  • New Google Cardboard
  • Jump for VR
  • Google Photos App
  • Android Pay
  • Google Maps Offline Functionality
  • HBO Now Coming This Summer
  • and More
This next year is going to be a very busy one for Google as they bring these new ideas to market. Check out the video and let us know what you think is the most exciting thing to come out of Google I/O 2015!
by DroidModderX at May 28, 2015
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Check out this quick tip for the LG G4. You may not have known that you can actually double press your volume down button to not only launch your camera, but take a picture! Results may vary on the quality of the picture, but I have found that if your subject is more than a foot away the picture should turn out nicely.
by DroidModderX at May 28, 2015
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Many of you Android hacking Veterans will probably remember a developer that goes by the name of "ThaPlash". He is a DJ slash developer and has been around the Android community since rooting has been a thing. You will probably remember him from his trademark mascot head of a guy with sunglasses and spikey hair. I have not seen much development from him as of late, but yesterday I ran across some really awesome Android Wear Watch faces that he had put together. The "Now" watch face features a modern style, with an analog watch face, and mechanics of numbers and spinning discs. There is even a color picker! Grab this for only $2!

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