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by dgstorm at Feb 9, 2016
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Other than the leaked image from Saturday, it's been a while since we heard an HTC One M10 rumor. Today breaks that drought again. According to today's intel, the display on the next generation HTC One flagship will have a 5.2-inch diagonal.

This goes contrary to earlier reports of a 5.1-inch display. Obviously, this is literally a tiny difference, but it is still worth sharing for those who are skeptical of larger displays. Will that extra .1 inches make that much of a difference? We will leave that judgment to you. The display is still rumored to be WQHD resolution, so that's nothing new.

What do you folks think? Will the HTC One M10 better HTC's battered business, or does it belie a backsliding blueprint for breakdown?

Here's our dedicated HTC One M10 section for further discussion: HTC One M10

Source: LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFeR) | Twitter
by dgstorm at Feb 9, 2016
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For folks looking to jump from another carrier to Sprint and were looking at the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Note 5, now is your best chance if you can trade-in an old phone. Sprint will fork over $200 USD for folks who trade in their old (working) smartphone and choose either of Sammy's flagship models from last year.

The Sprint offer ends on 3/3/16, and requires a new line activation or eligible upgrade. The trade-in device must be your current working smartphone, and some restrictions apply. For more info, you will actually need to go into a Sprint store. Here's a link where you can find a Sprint store near you, as well as a number of additional Sprint deals going on right now: Best deals now available at Sprint

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by dgstorm at Feb 9, 2016
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HTC is having a phenomenal sale on their Google Nexus 9 tablet. You can grab the tab for a whopping 40% off the normal price. This brings the price of the 32GB WiFi versions down to a very affordable $287.40.

We would list the 16GB version at a price of just $239.40, but that one has already sold out! That means the supplies are running out fast, so you might want to hurry to get hold of this offer. You can even get the 32GB LTE model for only $359.40 (only in black).

Here is a direct link below. To grab the various versions of the Nexus 9 that are still available at the time of this post, just click the corresponding model tab once you get to the link.

HTC Nexus 9 Sale
by dgstorm at Feb 9, 2016
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We have a couple of newish rumors to share regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7. We say "newish" because one of the two we have isn't new, but simply includes new details. The other is definitely new. Let's work backwards for you today.

According to the latest intel, the Galaxy S7 could have an "always on" display. Usually, this type of feature can only be found in the eBook/eReader industry. Also, occasionally you find this concept in fitness watches like the Pebble. This begs the question... why would a smartphone have or need such tech? Lest we forget, some Motorola smartphones actually have a similar feature. Even LG and Nokia have versions of the "always on" screen in a few of their devices.

The feature basically allows persistent display notifications, and/or the ability to respond to knocks and gestures without turning on the device with the power button. In fact, in some ways, this tech makes sense for Sammy's phones. Their OLED displays work a bit differently than LCD screens. Here's a brief quote with a few of the details,

"In contrast to LCD screens, OLED displays emit their own light. To show the color black, it simply needs to turn that light off, without actually turning off the display. On LCD's, black still requires the backlight to be on, draining power in the process. This is the very same technology that has made Samsung's own Ultra Power Saving Mode possible." ~...
by dgstorm at Feb 8, 2016
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One of the funniest of the movie related Super Bowl ads for this year was easily Coca-Cola and Marvel's Ant-Man vs the Hulk commercial. This inspired us to share a post with as man of this year's movie related or movie inspired Super Bowl videos/trailers as we could find. The trailers showcase everything from Superman vs. Batman, Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Independance Day 2, Jason Bourne and many more.

Here they are (including the Ant-Man vs. Hulk) in the thread below. Enjoy!
by dgstorm at Feb 8, 2016
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Here's a novel idea for a smartwatch. Samsung has a new patent which has the potential to replace fingerprint scanners as the security authentication of choice on smartwatches. The new tech idea is a contactless, vein-pattern recognition technology called a vascular scanner.

The tech basically has a sensor/scanner that memorizes the vein pattern on the back of your hand. While you wear the device, it projects a light source scanning area outward over your hand (as shown in the images above and below). A side-mounted camera then analyzes the pattern automatically unlocking the device for you.


Believe it or not, this technology is actually not that new. The FBI, CIA and some hospitals across the country already use vascular scanners for verification. Some security experts believe it is more secure than fingerprint scanners. The reason for this is because it actually offers more data points for verification than finger scanners. Also, because it is a contactless biometric system, skin conditions won't affect the reading.

Will we see this tech come about anytime soon? The verdict is out on that one. More than likely it is simply something Sammy is adding to their treasure horde of patents, and won't actually be developed for quite some time.

by dgstorm at Feb 8, 2016
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Folks who are ready for a new smartphone and were considering the Unlocked OnePlus 2 64GB version now have an extra incentive to buy one. OnePlus lowered its price by $40 bucks, and it is now down to $349. They are even doing a solid thing for folks who already purchased the phone within the last 15 days. They will be issuing partial refunds of the $40 difference.

Here's a link with more of the details: This just in: the OnePlus 2 has a brand new price. - OnePlus Forums

Here's our dedicated section for further discussion: OnePlus Smartphones
by dgstorm at Feb 8, 2016
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While Amazon actually has great deals on various tech related gadgets every day, somedays the deals just stand out better than others. Today is one of those days. We like the sales going on at Amazon today so we felt compelled to share them with you. Even though some are not mobile related, we thought you might still find them useful.

Here's what we found:
by dgstorm at Feb 8, 2016
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The above image is very likely the first real image taken of the Samsung Galaxy S7. The picture was supposedly snapped by someone in the supply chain. The curved aesthetics immediately confirm the previously leaked "marketing renders" of the Galaxy S7. Of course, it's possible that both are fakes, but this seems highly unlikely at this point. The image also shows off the placement of the camera flash and volume rockers. It even has a sticker indicating this is a 32GB storage device.

As an extra addendum to this intel, a list of planned Samsung accessories was also leaked. You can see the screen-cap of the list in the thread below.

For more discussion on the Samsung Galaxy S7, please check out our dedicated section here: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Plus, S7 Edge & S7 Edge Plus

by DroidModderX at Feb 6, 2016
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The HTC One M10 is expected to be launched only weeks after the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 which will both be announced in a few weeks at MWC. This doesn't mean that we won't be seeing plenty of leaks about this device leading up to the event. The king of leaks Evan Blass has posted an image of what he says is the HTC One M10.

In the image we can see a few things. First we see no HTC logo on the front which is what we have come to expect from the M series devices. The shape of the phone is very reminiscent of the HTC one A9 which was thought to look very much like an iPhone clone. We see a notification light under the single speaker (gone are the dual front facing speakers, possibly in favor of the rear speakers of the A9). You can see great placement of the power button and volume rockers on the right side of the phone. The power button on the M9 was midway down the phone which was a bit awkward. Lastly you can see a fingerprint/home button below the screen. Evan also leaked the specs of the device. He says it will feature a 5.1" QHD AMOLED display, snapdragon 820 processor, and 4GB of ram.

via @evleaks
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