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Well that didn't take long. FireWater has already posted an image of a bootloader unlocked Verizon Pixel. So far there has been no mention of how this was achieved. It is likely that for now the process is not safe or user friendly. There has been no guarantee that the unlock method will be released. Apparently unlocking this bootloader was pretty easy. I guess HTC just left it wide open. I can image Verizon won't be very happy once the method is released.

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With Nougat rooting Android devices is harder than ever. Back in the day if a device was easily bootloader unlocked it meant rooting the same device would be as simple as flashing an existing These days it takes a bit more work. Chainfire has been steadily working on rooting the Pixel. He posted a few updates on twitter today, and it looks like he is getting closer!

Hopefully we will have a root method in the coming days.

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Samsung has some of the best wireless chargers around. I personally have about 4 laying around in various places in the house. I love being able to just set my phone down on a charge pad and not have to bend down to pick up a cord off the ground and then fumble around to get it plugged into my phone. Samsung is pretty proud of their wireless chargers and it shows as they charge a pretty penny for them. The stand goes for about $50 while the pad goes for about the same.

Right Now these charging pads are on super sale. You can actually pick up the Wireless charing stand for only $27 and the pad for only $19. Head to the link below to grab one of these while they last.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad $19

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand $27
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We just got the news from BlackBerry that we will be getting a few new Android smartphones from them soon! Their new flagship the DTEK60 has all the specs you would expect from a high end device, plus added security, and a really affordable $499 price point. BlackBerry was chomping at the bits to get a blog post up showcasing all the positivity and hype surrounding the announcement of this device. Whoever wrote up the blog made an unfortunate blunder that would just go right over most readers heads.

Back in 2013 blackberry released their BBM app to Android. It quickly soared to the top of the Play Store rankings with an instant 60,000 five star ratings. Everyone seemed to love the new BBM and the ability to use it on their beloved Android device. Ironically all the users leaving a review posted the same exact thing. "Thanks BlackBerry - thank you so much BlackBerry Team its really great user friendly and smooth." It is unclear whether or not BlackBerry paid a company to spam the reviews of this app. BlackBerry has denied having anything to do with these suspicious reviews.

Today BlackBerry posted a vlog to showcase all the DTEK60. The blog post leads with some quotes from several reputable publications including TechRadar, Crackberry, The Register, Android Guys, and Forbes. They went a step further and included user tweets about the device. They took it even a bit further and reposted user comments to articles about the device. One of the comments...
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I have no idea why Xiaomi released the "concept" images of the MIX. They already have versions of the phone produced apparently. MKBHD was able to get some hands on with the device. It is not completely bezeless, but instead is is virtually bezeless. You can barely see it. The phone will be on sale for $499 on November 4th. It includes a Snapdragon 821, 6GB of RAM, 256GB of included storage, 4400mah battery, and a hi-fi 24bit dac. This phone looks insane!!! Take my money Xiaomi!
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The Mi MIX is a concept device that looks incredibly stunning, but may not be very practical. Everyone has been screaming bezeless for years, but you kinda need something to grip otherwise you are touching the screen at all times which would get pretty annoying as you would constantly be pressing buttons and clicking links you didn't mean to click.

The MIX is labeled as a "concept" device which is strange since the device is actually in production and will go on sale soon. The device features a 6.4" edgeless FHD OLED display. The screen ratio to body ratio is a whopping 91.3%. The frame and buttons are made of ceramic which is interesting. To make the MIX's edgeless display work they had to innovate features like the earpiece is replaced with a ceramic acoustic system, an ultrasonic proximity sensor replaces the normal proximity sensor, and the front camera has been placed at the bottom right of the device. It will be interesting to see exactly what this phone turns out to be.

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It is official Samsung will not be releasing the Galaxy S8 ahead of schedule. It was an interesting thought that Samsung may once again rush production of the S8 to compensate for the loss that was the Note 7. However it wouldn't be very prudent to rush another device after the most recent disaster. According to "ETNews" a Samsung official was quoted as saying, "Currently we do not have any plans to release Galaxy S8 early." and went on to say, "Pushing release date forward all of sudden is something that is realistically impossible.".

We still don't know what caused the Note 7 explosions, and neither does Samsung. Samsung has even delayed the production of the S8 to figure out exactly what caused the issue before moving forward with the S8 potentially causing another disaster. We will likely see Samsung stay on schedule announcing the device just ahead of Mobile World Congress in February.

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Oh no here comes another gate. Over the past several days people have been posting photos taken by the Google Pixel and Pixel XL which include crazy lens flare with. The lens flare looks like an obnoxious rainbow like halo. This is triggered by any light source. Point the camera at the sun get a halo. Take a picture of a candle get a halo. The halo even shows up when the light source is not even in the frame. This seemed pretty isolated at first, but Google has responded.

Google acknowledged the halo in the Pixel User Community as a legitimate problem. They said that they will be able to develop of software fix for this issue which they are working on now. They home to have the update released in the next few weeks. The Pixel camera uses software for things like HDR+ and even stabilization. Whatever is causing the lens flare will hopefully be something they can fix.

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Samsung over the years has become the top dog when it comes to companies that produce Android devices. The one problem that many Samsung users experience with their devices is LAG. This normally is not apparent during the first month or so of owning the device but becomes apparent when multitasking and as the device gets older.

Samsung may have finally come up with a solution. They just started production of their 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM with 10nm process tech. This will provide up to 2 times the speeds of Samsung's current DDR4 DRAM for PCs. The chips would be able to process 32GB of data per second with a 64-bit (x64) wide memory bus. This would be a great addition to the upcoming Galaxy S8!

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I remember Blackberry's hay day. For some reason I was never really a fan. When blackberry phones were for the cool kids I was trying to get my hands on the RAZR. My wife went through her share of Blackberry phones. I guess when Apple revolutionized the phone industry with their version of a smartphone Blackberry thought it was just a fad. They kind of just kept to their old tried and true and became irrelevant before they had a chance to catch up.

Even after they became irrelevant they tried to release a few slab devices, but it was all too little too late. While Android and iPhone devices are becoming more and more secure all the time BlackBerry was known world wide for their locked down and secure devices. BlackBerry's used to be the only option for the workplace with all that security.

BlackBerry is looking to reenter the consciousness of American consumers with their new DTEK60 device. The hardware isn't necessarily reminiscent of BlackBerry but the software is. Features include a 5.5" QHD AMOLED display, 21mp rear-facing camera, fingerprint reader, microSD card expansion, and some special security features including a Secure Bootloader with multi-stage verification. Overall this doesn't look half bad.

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