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by dgstorm at Feb 27, 2015
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NVIDIA just rolled out a quick hotfix update for their Shield Tablet. Apparently there was a color reproduction issue with the display that was introduced by last week's 2.2 update. This hotfix is 2.2.1.

Here's the official changelog from NVIDIA:
  • Display color-space correction
  • Improvements to Netflix experience
Hmmm... color reproduction issue? Is that anything like that silly gold & white/blue & black dress optical illusion which is running rampant across the web?

Source: NVIDIA
by dgstorm at Feb 27, 2015
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Another image has leaked for the HTC One M9. We also have some leaked specs for the rumored HTC One M9 Plus. The leaked image is above and here are the specs below:

"HTC One M9 Plus(Hima_Ultra)

Hima_Ultra has 2 variants, one is powered by Snapdragon 810, another is powered by MTK chipset. Here is Snapdragon variant’s info.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 MSM8994 2.0GHz*4 + 1.5GHz*4
  • 5.2″ WQHD Display
  • 3GB DDR4 RAM
  • 32GB ROM
  • Touch based finger print sensor(located on front)
  • Support VoLTE and LTE Category 6(up to 300Mbps for Download, 50Mbps for Upload)
  • Android 5.0.2 with Sense 7.0(TBD for Android version)
  • 20.7MP + 2.1MP Main Camera
  • 4MP or 13MP Front Camera
  • BoomSound on front, supports Hi-Fi audio
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 2840mAh Battery
MTK version will powered by MT6795 64Bit Octa-core chipset, other spec are same as Snapdragon version’s.

MTK version will going to Asia include China(CMCC), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.

Snapdragon version will going to US at least.


  • Front/Back Dark Gunmetal
  • Front Gold/Back Silver
  • Front/Back Gold"
Source: @Upleaks - (1) & (2)
by dgstorm at Feb 27, 2015
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This could be some exciting news. Supposedly, Motorola is bringing the Moto 360 to Moto Maker in March. Admittedly, the idea of a customizable smartwatch seems just as good as a customizable smartphone. We are surprised Motorola didn't think of this/roll it out sooner.

Sadly, the initial customization options won't be too far removed from the usual stuff you can do already. At first it will be limited to the phone's silver, black, or gold for the watch face, and whichever watch-bands Motorola makes available. You will also get to choose from 11 watch faces which will be pre-setup to boot up when you first get your device. This will simply be the default though, and you will be able to customize that to your hearts content later.

Of course, it's possible that Motorola plans to offer more customization options in the future, and we are especially excited to check out the next-generation Moto 360.

Source: Wired
by dgstorm at Feb 27, 2015
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It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks are flowing like a 3 year old's nose on a cold day. The above image was supposedly leaked by a Sprint employee, and it shows off the most official looking render of Samsung's device yet. We have to admit here at HQ, the black version looks a great deal better than the white version, and we are a bit more impressed by the Edge version.

In fact, we wonder if maybe the side-curved edge might become a trend that all smartphones might eventually follow. What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of the subtle curves wrapping around the device to eliminate bezels altogether?

For further discussions on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge go here: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge General Discussions Android Forum at

Source: Reddit
by dgstorm at Feb 27, 2015
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It looks like Verizon pushed back the launch of their version of the Motorola/Google Nexus 6 to March 12th. The reason for the pushed date was probably to make sure it has both Android 5.1 and "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode" which is basically Advanced Calling/VoLTE. Knowing that, it makes more sense now why Big Red has taken their sweet time with the device.

There's even a video teaser for it (above), although Verizon currently has it listed as private so we can't view it just yet. We will give you guys a heads up as soon as Verizon releases the video and the full details on this launch.
by dgstorm at Feb 26, 2015
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We knew it would be coming soon. The FCC had their final meeting regarding the Net Neutrality debate. As the FCC Director Tom Wheeler shared in his proposal, the FCC will now classify the Internet under the Title II classification. This basically categorizes the Internet like a utility and allows the FCC to keep ISPs from blocking or slowing down traffic on wired and wireless networks. It also bans ISPs from charging content providers differently for any type of paid priority "fast lanes," even in the case of network congestion.

This classification will be applied to both wired and wireless broadband networks to prevent ISPs from favoring bits of data over each other. Here's a quote with a few more details regarding the resulting furor over the official announcement,

by dgstorm at Feb 26, 2015
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HTC shared plans to live stream their HTC One M9 press event before Mobile World Congress on their own at 7AM PT on March 1st. HTC will stream the event from their own website as they unveil the HTC One M9 and some other "surprises."

In fact, HTC's Jeff Gordon claimed the “best parts of HTC’s March 1st launch event are the parts you have NO IDEA are coming.” Of course, this was a smart PR move considering that practically everything about the HTC One M9 has been already leaked.

Be sure to check out our dedicated HTC One M9 section here: HTC One M9 Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Feb 26, 2015
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It's hard to fathom what Google's next plan is with the Nexus smartphone line. The next Nexus smartphone can't be called the Nexus 7 because they used that before for their first Android tablet. Of course, they seem to have carved out a fairly strait-forward naming convention, by simply matching up the size of the display with the number of the device (mostly).

With this numeric scheme, that basically relegates any Nexus numbered devices at 6 or below to smartphones, while anything larger would obviously be a tablet. Of course, it's also possible Google might ditch the numeric naming altogether and head in a different direction. Since we are speculating about Nexus devices, we might as well share the latest rumor regarding Google's Nexus series. Supposedly, the next Nexus smartphone from Google will be made from a Chinese manufacturer instead of the usual bunch: (LG, HTC, Samsung, etc.)

If true, this would push the next Nexus toward either Xiaomi, Huawei, or Lenovo. Of course, if it is Lenovo, then it might just be another Motorola device since they own them now. What do you guys think of this if true, and who would you like to see run with the Nexus ball next?

Source: PhoneArena
by dgstorm at Feb 26, 2015
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Late yesterday Android 5.0.2 Lollipop started rolling out to the AT&T version of the Moto X 2nd Gen. Here's the changelog:


Android™ 5.0.2 Lollipop is one of the most significant in recent Android history. It improves your experience in many areas including visual style and how you interact with your device.

After installing the software update you may notice changes that include:

Material Design You will quickly notice a whole new colorful look and feel to your device - from fluid animations to new application and system themes, colors and widgets.
Notifications UI & Priorities
In order to alert you to the most timely and relevant information, the format and behavior of notifications have evolved:

  • notifications will appear on the lock screen and are intelligently ranked by type and who sent them.
  • you double-tap to open one, swipe left or right to clear one, or clear all notifications from the bottom of the list.
  • you can set the priority and privacy of notifications for each application.
  • very high priority notifications will pop up briefly over other applications so that you can take action.
  • when you dismiss a notification on one device it will be dismissed on your other Android devices, if they are connected to the Internet.
  • you can further tailor how notifications behave with the new Downtime and Ambient Display settings (see below).
New Interruptions & Downtime Settings You can tailor how...
by dgstorm at Feb 26, 2015
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The clearest shots yet of the final design for the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge have been leaked. What makes these even better than previous leaks and renderings is that these look like final devices in the wild, and they are compared side-by-side.


They aren't exactly ultra-sharp, but they aren't Mr Blurrycam shots either. From the back, both phones look virtually identical. From the front, you can clearly make out the curved edges of the S6 Edge version. For the most part, both devices seem like a mashup of old Samsung Galaxy devices and the previous generation iPhones.

The home button is even more prominent now than before, and from staring at these phones, it appears that Samsung "going back to the drawing board" was far more literal than we would have thought. It looks like they simply recycled some older designs. What do you guys think?

Here's our dedicated Galaxy S6 section for more discussions: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge General Discussions Android Forum at

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