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by DroidModderX at Oct 13, 2015
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Are you sick of OEMs needlessly slimming down devices just to appease the masses, throwing away your power user needs in the process? With every millimeter shaved off you lose a couple hundred mah of battery. OUKITEL has just announced a phone with its focus on battery life. For now the only way to increase a phone's battery life is by increasing the size of the battery.

The new K6000 OUKITEL phone features a 6,000 mah battery, that is about double the size of the battery in the Note 5. OUKITEL claims this battery will last up to 10 days on power saving mode, and will last up to 40 days on standby mode. According to OUKITEL the phone will give you 46 hours of continuous music playback before needing a charge. Once it does finally need a charge you will be able to charge the phone up pretty quickly with the included flash charging. This device charges at 9v/2a and will get you 2 hours of 2g talk time with a 5 minute charge. There is also a rumored K10000 which presumably includes a 10,000mah battery. More info can be found at the link below.

by DroidModderX at Oct 13, 2015
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The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were just launched in India today. Several news outlets received units and immediately began to upload video tests for us to examine. The camera was a huge selling point in Google's announcement. Google was mainly touting low light performance. The new Sony 1.55 micron sensor was supposed to make the 12.3mp camera on these devices one of the best every, a game changer!

Upon reviewing the video samples I have to say there are some good points and also some disappointing parts in these video samples. I don't see any grain even in the lower light environment of the show room in the 1080 sample. The outdoor sample shows plenty of detail and vibrant colors. What is really disappointing is the snail paced auto focus. Image stabilization is off too. Google said the reason for no optical image stabilization is because the micron is so large its not needed. We can see clearly in the videos these cameras lack ois. I can't wait to get the 6P in hand I think I can do some more thorough testing on the camera. Check out the samples below.
by DroidModderX at Oct 13, 2015
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Google decided to hand out a few Nexus 5X units to a few lucky attendees at today's India launch event. One of these units was unboxed today and the video was uploaded to youtube. In the box we find the normal quick start guide, and warranty information. In this unboxing we also see the included charger which is a USB Type-C charge brick with a Type-C to Type-C cable. This lines up with Google's listing in the Play Store which states that this device would not ship with a Type-C to Type- A cable. Many were hoping that the listing was incorrect. You can still grab a C to A cable from Google for only $12.99. If you are looking forward to unlocking your bootloader and rooting the Nexus 5X you will need that C to A cable.

Type-C to Type-A cable
by dgstorm at Oct 13, 2015
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Is this a "big fish follows little fish" kind of thing? The latest rumors from Korea suggest that LG is working on their own mobile payment system to rival Samsung Pay and Apple Pay (and Android Pay, etc). It will apprarently be called, LG G Pay, and it could use similar technology to what Samsung uses in Samsung Pay.

This suggests that G Pay will be designed to be used with existing magnetic strip readers just as Samsung Pay is. This setup obviously offers perks over the Apple Pay system which requires retailers to sign agreements and work out deals with Apple. Despite that, it still seems like the typical "me too" that is characteristic of LG following in Samsung's footsteps.

Maybe LG can figure out a way to make it even easier than Samsung Pay, but we wouldn't hold our breath expecting that...

Source: AndroidAuthority
by dgstorm at Oct 13, 2015
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While the "new hotness" in the Nexus world is the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, that doesn't mean the "old hotness" has lost that much "heat." The Motorola made Nexus 6 is still a top-notch smartphone, especially for folks who prefer the larger screen devices. That makes deal alerts like this especially tempting.

A seller on eBay is offering Refurbished versions of the Unlocked GSM 32GB Nexus 6 for just $269.99. That's a phenomenal value if you are unconcerned about it being refurbished. For those undaunted, here is the link to check out this offer on eBay: Factory Unlocked Motorola Nexus 6 XT1103 Smartphone 32GB 64GB White Blue

Don't forget to drop by our dedicated Nexus 6 section for further discussion: Motorola Nexus 6 | Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Oct 13, 2015
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For those who are still hoping that OnePlus can grow to become a solid Android competitor, this latest leaked intel should prove interesting. It looks like the OnePlus Mini is deep into development, and we already have leaked pics and specs.

You can check out all three leaked pics in the thread below (and one above), and the specs revealed are as follows:
  • 5″ 1080p display
  • MediaTek processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 13MP rear-facing camera
  • NFC
What do you folks think? If OnePlus can get their supply chain and customer ordering process issues ironed out, can they get back in the game?

Source: Weibo
by dgstorm at Oct 13, 2015
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Google's vice president of Android engineering, David Burke, has high praise for LG. In a recent press conference he had this to say about Google working with LG on the Nexus devices, ""LG Electronics is the best partner for us in engineering the Nexus smartphones. We share the same approach to the mobile device market with LG Electronics. Our engineers really like to work with the people at LG Electronics. Together they have become an excellent team."

This should probably come as no surprise considering LG has made 3 Nexus phones in a row. So now that LG has managed a three-peat, do you think next year (or a subsequent year) will see a fourth LG-made Nexus device?

Here's our dedicated section for both Nexus 5 variants:

Source: GforGames
by dgstorm at Oct 13, 2015
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Although it's not as good as several third party file manager apps you can find on the Google Play Store, it turns out Google surprised us with a "hidden" file manager app built-in to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. You have to wonder why they haven't included anything like this until now (and why they tucked it away without any fanfare), but it's better late than never.

To unlock this "secret" feature, you only need to go into Settings, then go to Storage and USB, and then tap on Explore after scrolling to the bottom. It offers a "list view," a "grid view," and some basic sorting, searching and filtering. There's not much else, but it gets the job done at a basic level.
by DroidModderX at Oct 12, 2015
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We started hearing murmurings of a Droid Turbo 2 device from Motorola way back in the early months of the summer, but now we have proof that this device is on the way. The Droid Turbo 2 will be rocking a 5.5" QHD display, Snapdragon 810, 3GB of Ram, 20MP rear facing camera, 5mp front camera, Turbo Charging, and Android 5.1.1.

Some of the build.prop files have leaked out clearly showing that this is indeed the Droid Turbo 2.

We have a flagship device, but with those specs this may be too little too late from Motorola. Maybe we are seeing Motorola make good on some sort of exclusivity deal they had with Verizon. Turbo sales last year were meek so who knows why Motorola has decided to go with a second version.

We should see this phone along side the new Droid MAXX 2 releasing later this month just in time for the Christmas season! The...
by DroidModderX at Oct 12, 2015
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The Humble Mobile Bundle is a monthly program that gives developers a platform to display their best development to a large audience. The humble mobile bundle is the best way to grab some games at a low cost. You get to choose what you would like to pay. You can also choose who gets your money. You can split the cost of the bundle between the developer, humble, or the charity that is being supported.

This month's mobile bundle "eye candy" is full of graphically beautiful games. For $1 or more you get Deep Under The Sky, Botanicula, and Haunt the House: Terrortown. If you pay more than the current average which is $3.99 you get Jelly Defense, Dark Echo, Fearless Fantasy, Odd Bot Out, and Doggins. Head to the link below to grab your Mobile Bundle today!

via HumbleBundle
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