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Are you a regular at Dunkin Donuts? Eat at Panera often enough to have their app on your phone? Do you shop at Are you a frequent Google is offering you some discounts if you use Android Pay with some of these apps. $15 from Grubhub, Seamless and Newegg. Panera and DD are offering points on their apps. A $10 credit on offer from Postmates. For you frequent Uberers, $5.00 off 10 rides. That's $50 bucks folks!

*Certain Restrictions apply.
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As we continue our march toward the holiday season, we will continue to bring you reviews to help you decide which device may be right for you. Here I took a look at the Galaxy S7 Active which is arguably the best in the Active line of devices as well as being the most overlooked galaxy device.
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This was a well done review by one of our members @BenLand150 and deserved to get a front page look. We encourage our members to create their own reviews sharing their experience. So nice job and you can see the original thread created here: [Video] My quick first impressions on the Pixel XL
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Had the Pixel XL for the weekend and had to turn in my review unit a couple of hours ago. I actually did a standard review but I later decided to try something different. I am not the only one doing a review on this device as there are reviews all over the place and still to come. My goal was to try and bring it to you from the perspective of trying to help users who pick up the device be able to see how to navigate to different things as well as just keep them quick, simple, and to the point to help people decide if this is the phone for them. And if it is how to go about getting around the phone. In the coming weeks I will be picking up more devices to do similar type reviews as well as help those looking for a device over the holiday period determine which device is best for them.

To help me going forward what are some things I should incorporate to help people with their new device?
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It is now second nature for people to use some form of a swiping gesture on their keyboard. But before it was standard it started as a feature on the Samsung Omnia II.

Swype, developed by Swype Inc in 2002, is a keyboard that allows you to type on a virtual keyboard using a swiping gestures vs taps on the keys. The software was actually introduced to the public on a Windows mobile phone as a key feature before eventually making its way to Android.

In June of 2010 Swype was made available as a beta for Android and would eventually come pre-installed on a number of devices made by Samsung, Motorola, and HTC. By 2012 trace/gesture keyboards became standard for many android devices and is quickly becoming the standard preference for typing. Especially as the prediction get better and better.

So do you use Swype or some form of gesture/trace typing?

Source: Swype - Wikipedia
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Is it time to ditch the Nexus 6P and step up to a device with a better voice search?
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If the Pixel had front facing speakers ....... well we get to see if it mattered.
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Just a little Pixel talk.
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JCase and are the kings of HTC and Motorola bootloader unlock. Their revolutionary app "Sunshine" provides one click Bootloader Unlock and No Wipe S-Off for most HTC and Motorola devices including the Verizon HTC 10! Once you download the app it will check your device for compatibility. Once it is discovered that your device is comsunpatible you will be charged a small fee which covers further development (these guys brick hundreds of devices when developing new bootloader unlocks the fee pays for the flow of devices needed). Once the fee is paid the app begins a fully automated process. In the end you will have a device which is bootloader unlocked and ready to be rooted! Grab the app from the link below.

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Samsung took the high road earlier this month rolling out a global recall and refunding every customer that bought a Note 7. Samsung has urged all Note 7 users to turn off and return their Note 7s more than once. Not only will Samsung fully refund those who bought a Note 7 they are also offering a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new Samsung device. Aside from the incentives Samsung is giving out they have also sent out an update to limit the charge of the Note 7 to 60%.

All of this has not dissuaded some users from keeping and using their Note 7 devices. Apparently more than a million Note 7 devices are still out in the wild and being used daily. The statistic is what is being reported by South Korean publication Korea JoonAng Daily. Some who were interviewed explained that they are not even planning on exchanging their phone. One man said he would hold onto his Note 7 until the Galaxy S8 arrives.

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