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by DroidModderX at May 29, 2015
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This is kind of old news, and I figured that good ole Stormy or PC would have covered it by now, but since they have not I just couldn't resist. There exist a bug in iOS that actually causes the phone to crash when a certain text is received. When I found out about this a few days ago I sent the message to my coworker and watched as he mouthed "What the crap". He happened to be in the middle of a Clash Of Clans raid. I busted out laughing and got my phone number blocked. The truely funny part is that there is no retaliation since im Android all the way! Apple has already responded to this and will be releasing a fix soon.

To reboot your friends iphone simply text them this message.

لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ
by DroidModderX at May 29, 2015
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One of the first things I do when installing a fresh version of Android is to tap repeatedly on the Android version to bring up the easter egg. The easter egg in android Lollipop was a game which made me wonder what in the world could Google have up their sleeves for an Android M Lollipop. To my surprise the easter egg is actually just a guy shrugging¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

So it looks like they aren't going to show us this early in the game what we can expect as a final easter egg. Im thinking it will be gobs of milkshake pouring all over the screen. What do you guys think Google has in mind for the M easter egg?
by DroidModderX at May 29, 2015
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On first glance Android M doesn't look entirely new. It includes basically the same material design theme with a change to the stock wallpaper and a change to the app drawer (which actually looks cluttered and much less appealing than the LP app drawer if you ask me). The new update is actually feature rich with lots of new stuff coming to Android M. We discussed some of the top new features yesterday. Below you will find the full list.

  • Android Pay
  • Easy word selection
  • Floating clipboard toolbar
  • Work contacts in personal contexts
  • Hotspot 2.0 R1
  • VPN apps in settings
  • Flex storage
  • Duplex printing
  • App standby
  • Seamless certificate installation for enterprise
  • Undo/redo keyboard shortcuts
  • Do not disturb automatic rules
  • Data usage API for work profiles
  • Material Design support library
  • Bluetooth SAP
  • Voice interaction service
  • USB Type C charging
  • App link verification
  • Battery historian v2BT 4.2
  • Simplified volume controls
  • IMproved bluetooth low energy scanning
  • Doze
  • Text selection actions
  • Improved text hyphenation and justification
  • Improved diagnostics
  • IT admin acceptance of OTAs
  • Google Now on tap
  • Chrome custom tabs
  • Auto backup for apps
  • Unified app settings view
  • UI toolkit
  • Contextual assist framework
  • Enterprise factory reset protection
  • Direct Share
  • Corporate owned single use device support
  • Do not disturb quick setting and repeat caller prioritization...
by DroidModderX at May 29, 2015
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Here lately Google has made it a bit more tricky to root AOSP. Instead of just simply being able to flash to newer versions of Android we have to wait for the inner workings to be fixed. We have only had the Developer Preview of Android M for a few days, but Chainfire has already almost rooted it. He stated on twitter that root (with SELinux enforcing) is not ready, but there are some modified kernels that exist that will work. It was a few days wait for the Lollipop root, and I imagine it will be the same here. Keep it posted for updates on this!

via @ChainfireXDA
by DroidModderX at May 29, 2015
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We posted some simplified instructions for installing the Android M Developer preview to your Nexus device yesterday, but there is an even easier way to install the Android M Developer Preview! If you have ever rooted your Nexus device chances are you have heard of the Wugfresh Nexus Root Toolkit. This is a toolkit that makes it incredibly easy to do things like unlock the bootloader, root the device, and even flash stock images. The ability to flash stock images is what will make flashing Android M super easy!

Grab the appropriate file from Google at the link below. Grab the Wugfresh Nexus Root Toolkit. Chose the option to flash the stock image and unroot. When it ask which version you would like to flash chose your own. Also be sure to enable the force flash mode when it ask. This is currently available for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

Download M Image
Wugfresh NRT
by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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We're back with another episode of Android in the News - Week In Review. Our 24th episode features three intriguing stories for this week. We have Verizon changing policies (go figure), Charter and Time Warner Cable merging and an awesome new laser phone from Lenovo! Be sure to hit up the source links below for more discussion on these hot topics:
Thanks for tuning in to all of our weekly recaps! It's the highlight of our week to create this funny videos for you guys. Be sure to comment in the news each week. You perspective is what makes our videos awesome!
by pc747 at May 29, 2015
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If $300 was too much money for the G watch R then now is the time to head over to At&t and get one for $99. With Android Wear on 5.1.1 now is a good time to jump on the wear band wagon and what better way then to grab one of the best android wear smart watches on the market for under a 'hundy'.

Get it while the offer lasts:

LG G Watch R -- AT T

Looks like they are sold out.
by pc747 at May 29, 2015
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When I first read the name my first reaction was "NOOOO!!!". For one Google was first to the mobile payment scene, and by changing the name to Android Pay they sound like they are trying to play catch up versus leading the pack.

With that said, the reality is Google Wallet will still be around but will be used to purchase items on the web or for person to person pay. Android Pay will be used for tap-to-pay purchases at the registers. Like both Samsung and Apple's Pay software, Android Pay will work with fingerprint scanners, which will be one of the features in Android M.

Despite the name change I like the additions Google is making to their pay software. Look for the Google Pay app to hit the play store soon.

Source: Google introduces Android Pay a replacement for its wallet app on mobile The Verge
by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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The folks at PhoneArena posted a couple of videos online showing closeups of Google's new Jump platform. In case you missed it, Google Jump is their team-up with GoPro to create a specialized camera system to facilitate better VR experiences with Google Cardboard and YouTube.

We shared a tidbit about this yesterday in our Google I/O partial roundup. Here's a quote from the folks at PhoneArena with more of the details on this interesting product from Google and GoPro,

by dgstorm at May 29, 2015
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Could the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8 have a foldable YOUM display? If the latest rumors are true, then it is entirely possible. Even if the new device ends up being something outside of the Galaxy S series of products, Samsung is rumored to be working on a new device called Project Valley (or Project V for short).

Project V is supposedly a dual-screen (and probably foldable) display device. Here's a quote with a few more details,

Ultimately, this should probably not come as much of a shock. Since Samsung first teased bendable flex-display tech many years ago, you have to assume they have been working hard to make it mass market viable. Obviously it has taken them longer...
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