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If the Pixel had front facing speakers ....... well we get to see if it mattered.
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Just a little Pixel talk.
by DroidModderX at Oct 22, 2016
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JCase and are the kings of HTC and Motorola bootloader unlock. Their revolutionary app "Sunshine" provides one click Bootloader Unlock and No Wipe S-Off for most HTC and Motorola devices including the Verizon HTC 10! Once you download the app it will check your device for compatibility. Once it is discovered that your device is comsunpatible you will be charged a small fee which covers further development (these guys brick hundreds of devices when developing new bootloader unlocks the fee pays for the flow of devices needed). Once the fee is paid the app begins a fully automated process. In the end you will have a device which is bootloader unlocked and ready to be rooted! Grab the app from the link below.

by DroidModderX at Oct 22, 2016
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Samsung took the high road earlier this month rolling out a global recall and refunding every customer that bought a Note 7. Samsung has urged all Note 7 users to turn off and return their Note 7s more than once. Not only will Samsung fully refund those who bought a Note 7 they are also offering a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new Samsung device. Aside from the incentives Samsung is giving out they have also sent out an update to limit the charge of the Note 7 to 60%.

All of this has not dissuaded some users from keeping and using their Note 7 devices. Apparently more than a million Note 7 devices are still out in the wild and being used daily. The statistic is what is being reported by South Korean publication Korea JoonAng Daily. Some who were interviewed explained that they are not even planning on exchanging their phone. One man said he would hold onto his Note 7 until the Galaxy S8 arrives.

via SamMobile
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Its the little things that make life better. When a huge company takes the time to focus on the minor details it can really make the overall experience great of the customer. This is one of the reasons I love Disney World you could spend a day in the parks just checking out all the intricate details and hidden jokes. Google has fixed a nagging issue in the Google camera.

When your Android is in auto rotate and you rotate your camera the entire screen flips causing a lag and freeze. In the latest camera Google has changed this the controls flip but the screen itself does not. This eliminates the minor lag issue.
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Rootjunky has done it again! Every time Google comes out with a new version of Android Tom gets to work on fixing the stock images. The stock images from Google are meant to be flashed by simply double clicking the flashall.bat, but they never actually work.

Not only does Tom fix the flashall.bat files he also removes the command line which causes your device to be wiped. This is probably the easiest way to update to the latest version of Android no matter what firmware you happen to be running. Head to the link below to grab the modified stock image for both the 6P and 5X.

Nexus 6P Andorid 7.1 Preview
Nexus 5X Android 7.1 Preview
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One of the major concerns about buying a modular device like the G5 was the concern that the manufacturer may ditch the idea and the customer would be stuck with a bunch of worthless friends (referring to the LG modules). Here we are a year later and LG may be looking to ditch their friends and looking to ditch module phones altogether.

So now may be a good time to kick your friends (modules) to the curve and try and grab a few bucks before they become completely worthless.

Are you surprised LG dropped module devices this soon?

Source: Report: LG will get rid of its Friends modules for the G6

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Despite the note 7 having issues with catching fire, we all agreed that Samsung deserved to be commended on the way they handled the situation.

It looks like Samsung may not be handling the situation with the class we praised them for. I'm all for giving them the benefit of the doubt to sift through the real from the fraud. But take care of the victims. They did not ask for this and it was Samsung's product that caused the problem.

At this point Samsung do not need anymore negative PR, so if these reports are true I suggest people in charge for Samsung Mobile get this under control. Let's be honest, replacing a carpet and a lamp is pennies for the mega corporation. Now if they are denying fraudulent claims then understood. But if they are stiffing actual victims then shame on them.

Source: Galaxy Note 7 owners are angry Samsung is refusing to pay compensation

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No one will ever forget the Note 7 fiasco. It will go down in history just like the Firestone tires and Toyota Camry Brakes recalls. This unfortunate event will forever change the consumer's perception of Samsung. I still think Samsung can make a comeback in the smartphone world and continue to be a power house if they can get things right with the S8.

Now it appears Apple may have some investigating of their own to do. An iPhone 7 user has posted some images that he says show his scorched iPhone 7 and the car which it burned down. According to Mat Jones he left his iPhone 7 under a pile of clothes in the car where the phone presumably overheated and caught the clothing on fire in turn burning down the car.

The initial reaction is the same reaction as with the Note 7. "Was the fire caused by a third party charger?" According to Jones the phone wasn't even plugged into a charger. The phone had not been dropped which could cause damage to the battery. He was also sure that the fire was not caused by an outside source such as a cigarette. This is not the first report of an exploding iPhone, but for now this issue doesn't seem to be as wide spread as...
by DroidModderX at Oct 20, 2016
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One reason you would want to buy a Pixel device is developer friendliness. The unlocked version from the Google Playstore is bootloader unlockable which means you will be able to install a custom recovery and flash roms. We normally have to wait a few days for developers to get a custom recovery ready for us. It looks like Dees_Troy already has TWRP booting on the Pixel. It isn't quite ready for public release, but it should be soon!

via @jcase
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