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One of the major concerns about buying a modular device like the G5 was the concern that the manufacturer may ditch the idea and the customer would be stuck with a bunch of worthless friends (referring to the LG modules). Here we are a year later and LG may be looking to ditch their friends and looking to ditch module phones altogether.

So now may be a good time to kick your friends (modules) to the curve and try and grab a few bucks before they become completely worthless.

Are you surprised LG dropped module devices this soon?

Source: Report: LG will get rid of its Friends modules for the G6

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by pc747 at Oct 22, 2016
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Despite the note 7 having issues with catching fire, we all agreed that Samsung deserved to be commended on the way they handled the situation.

It looks like Samsung may not be handling the situation with the class we praised them for. I'm all for giving them the benefit of the doubt to sift through the real from the fraud. But take care of the victims. They did not ask for this and it was Samsung's product that caused the problem.

At this point Samsung do not need anymore negative PR, so if these reports are true I suggest people in charge for Samsung Mobile get this under control. Let's be honest, replacing a carpet and a lamp is pennies for the mega corporation. Now if they are denying fraudulent claims then understood. But if they are stiffing actual victims then shame on them.

Source: Galaxy Note 7 owners are angry Samsung is refusing to pay compensation

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by DroidModderX at Oct 21, 2016
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No one will ever forget the Note 7 fiasco. It will go down in history just like the Firestone tires and Toyota Camry Brakes recalls. This unfortunate event will forever change the consumer's perception of Samsung. I still think Samsung can make a comeback in the smartphone world and continue to be a power house if they can get things right with the S8.

Now it appears Apple may have some investigating of their own to do. An iPhone 7 user has posted some images that he says show his scorched iPhone 7 and the car which it burned down. According to Mat Jones he left his iPhone 7 under a pile of clothes in the car where the phone presumably overheated and caught the clothing on fire in turn burning down the car.

The initial reaction is the same reaction as with the Note 7. "Was the fire caused by a third party charger?" According to Jones the phone wasn't even plugged into a charger. The phone had not been dropped which could cause damage to the battery. He was also sure that the fire was not caused by an outside source such as a cigarette. This is not the first report of an exploding iPhone, but for now this issue doesn't seem to be as wide spread as...
by DroidModderX at Oct 20, 2016
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One reason you would want to buy a Pixel device is developer friendliness. The unlocked version from the Google Playstore is bootloader unlockable which means you will be able to install a custom recovery and flash roms. We normally have to wait a few days for developers to get a custom recovery ready for us. It looks like Dees_Troy already has TWRP booting on the Pixel. It isn't quite ready for public release, but it should be soon!

via @jcase
by DroidModderX at Oct 20, 2016
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One of the more exciting things to come out of Google's latest press conference was the announcement of the updated Google Chromecast. The Chromecast Ultra is like the traditional Chromecast, but it supports 4K! It also supports HDR. You can stream UHD content from Netflix, Youtube, and the Google Play Store. The Ultra gives a boost in quality even if you don't own a 4K TV. The device features an updated internal processor, and better WiFi technology. You can order the Google Chromecast Ultra right now! Head to the link below to order yours now.

via Google Store
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The Note 7 has become the punchline to jokes everywhere. Of course everytime a friend or coworker asks if my LG V20 is "that exploding samsung" I just roll my eyes and sigh. What is even worse is they think they are being soooo original which makes their comments all the more annoying. Earlier in the week we saw Samsung force youtube to remove a video showcasing a GTA 5 mod which turned everyday hand grenades into Note 7 devices. President Obama even made fun of the device. I can't imagine that Samsung would be very happy with the latest GAG gift by Uniqfind.

Their new "Explo-Sung" skin adds the burned/exploded look to any iPhone.

I can't wait to have this beauty rubbed in my face by coworkers!

via UniqFind
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If you pre-ordered your Pixel or Pixel XL from the Google Store you will be receiving a voucher for the Google VR Headset. If you want to check out the Daydream experience on your current device you can now pre-order the headset via Verizon. This will currently work with the Pixel devices and also the Nexus 6P. Google has the headset shipping within 2-3 weeks while Verizon says they will be shipping it by November 16th. Head to the link below to get your order in before these sell out.

via Verizon
by PereDroid at Oct 20, 2016
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Raise your "hand" if you remember a company called Kodak? Some of you millennials can be forgiven if you haven't heard of them. They probably haven't been too prominent in your lifetime. They used to be one of the largest photography companies in the world. Based out of Rochester, New York, they sold cameras and film to millions around the world. (LINK if you aren't sure what film is).

I saw this announcement, and at first, I thought it surely must be an old article from 2010. Nope. It's legit. The Kodak Ektra is a leatherette covered, Android 6.0 phone sporting a Helio X-20 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32 GB of micro-SD expandable storage and a 3,000 mAh (non removable) battery. It looks to be a pretty vanilla Android install with Kodak's own camera app that actually seems pretty nice. Sadly, the specs on the camera look to be pretty middle of the road by today's standards. Currently only announced for European release at a pricey €450. I will update this post if/when US pricing is released.

Source: Ars Technica
by DroidModderX at Oct 19, 2016
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LeEco is one of China's top OEMs, but is not very well known in the US since getting your hands on one of the devices in the US can be a painful process. Today LeEco is changing that. They are launching two new phones and some TVs in the US via their e-commerce store LeMall. The Le Pro3 and LeS3 are heavy hitters at their price range of $399 and $249 respectively.

The Le Pro3 comes with an all metal build, 5.5" 1080p display, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and includes the EUI software. The Le S3 is very similar except it includes the Snapdragon 652, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. Both of these devices look like pretty great options. The only real question is how good is the EUI software?

via AndroidCentral
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The V10 from last year must have been one of the most durable Android handsets ever. The V series from LG, both the V10 and V20, have been advertised as having Military-Grade impact resistance. The V10 from last year had those beefy steel bars which took much of the brunt of a drop absorbing most of the impact. The V20 is said to have the same durability rating even without the steel bars.The LG V20 seems to do well with drops being able to withstand most drops from 4ft according to the Military Standard spec.

The question is how well will this phone hold up under extreme torture tests? By now you are probably well familiar with Zack of JerryRigEverything. His channel focuses on the durability testing of cell phone by implementing a series of tests (bend, scratch, burn). The V20 with its plastic and metal build did not fair so well in the scratch department. In fact even keys did some pretty severe damage to the metal back of the device. The phone actually fared quite well in both burn and bend tests however. You likely won't be bending your phone just by sitting on it.
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