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by dgstorm at Aug 3, 2015
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We have a special treat for you folks, thanks to @Jeffrey (for negotiating this) and the folks at Elephone (who graciously gave us the unit). DroidForums is giving away a brand new Elephone S2! This is the same phone that our very own @cereal killer reviewed last week.

The contest to win this device is fun and easy too. The topic of Micro SD Card slots missing from smartphones has been cropping up a great deal lately, and here at HQ this made us curious to see just how much the trends have changed on the subject. What better way is there to figure that out than with a poll?

To enter the contest, you simply need to vote in the poll. We will make your votes visible and then choose a winner from among them randomly. Since you can't enter more than once, there's no way to get duplicate entries, and it let's you continue discussing the subject in the thread if you want without messing up the contest.

The contest/poll will stop on Monday, August 10th at Midnight (CT), and the winner will be announced Tuesday.

Full Disclosure: the Elephone S2 DOES include a Micro SD Slot.

Here's the poll:

MicroSD Card Slots on smartphones...

A. ...are not important to me and never have been important to me.
B. ...are no...
by DroidModderX at Aug 4, 2015
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The invite system that OnePlus has deployed with the OnePlus 2 this year and the OnePlus last year is pretty much just a chaotic mess. With the invite system in play you have a slim and none chance of actually owning the device. Some people became so desperate last year they actually purchased OnePlus One invites from third parties. OnePlus has taken notice. For the next 5 days they will be auctioning off 100 OnePlus 2 invites.

These auctions will benefit the UNICEF Tap project. This project provides clean water to underprivileged children around the world. $1 can provide clean water for a child for 40 days! The auctions work like any other ebay auction. You will have one week to claim your invite, and one month to purchase your phone. Invites will be emailed to winners on August 10. This is not a bad way to actually have a chance at a OnePlus 2 invite! Of course the bids are getting ridiculously high so unless you just really want to donate to UNICEF it may not actually be worth it.

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by dgstorm at Aug 4, 2015
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It looks like it's official now. In nearly every metric that counts (and in the single most important metric) T-Mobile has now passed Sprint to become the number three mobile carrier in the US. T-Mobile has grown to a whopping 59 Million subscribers, compared to 56.8 Million for Sprint.

In fact, the growth has been quite astonishing. T-Mobile added almost a million customers every quarter for the last nine quarters, and they even added 2.1 million in just the last three months. Here's a breakdown of more of the numbers from T-Mo's latest financial call,
  • 2.1 million total net customer additions, up 41% year-over-year -- 9th consecutive quarter with over 1 million
  • More than 1 million branded postpaid net customer additions, up 11% year-over-year -- 4th consecutive quarter with over 1 million
  • 760,000 branded postpaid phone net customer additions, up 31% year-over-year -- demonstrating a continued focus on the most valuable customer segment of the market
  • 178,000 branded prepaid net customer additions, up 75% year-over-year -- growing the industry‚Äôs biggest and best prepaid brands
  • 1.3% branded postpaid phone churn -- continued record-low churn and a year-over-year reduction of 16 basis points
Perhaps it was only a matter of time. Now it looks like Sprint will need to get "the eye of the tiger" to regain their third place crown. Can they do it?

by dgstorm at Aug 4, 2015
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It's been a very dry Tuesday for mobile tech news, but we are not too happy we broke the drought with the following story. The folks at Droid-Life have a few leaked "in the wild" pics of the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and they pretty much eliminate any hope that the device has a MicroSD slot.

The images cover the entire outer shell of the phone and there is neither hide nor hair of a MicroSD slot. If it had a removable battery, then it could be inside the case, but it is also confirmed that the device will not have that either.

Of course, it's possible this is a fake, but that seems unlikely at this point. <sigh> :(

You can check the rest of the pics in the thread below, and here is a link to our dedicated Galaxy Note 5 section: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android Forum at
by dgstorm at Aug 4, 2015
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AnTuTu just published a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 benchmark score composite. The new device actually outscores the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge even though it utilizes the same Exynos 7420 CPU. The Galaxy Note 5 nailed a score of 69,702 points, while the Galaxy S6 hit 67,520. The upcoming new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was also tested, and it bested the Galaxy S6 Edge with a score of 67,520 versus 63,910.

The only real difference that is confirmed which might account for these improved scores could be the 4GB of RAM versus 3GB for the "older" devices. The other possibility is that the rumors of the Galaxy Note 5 (and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus) having an Exynos 7422 instead of an Exynos 7420 could be true. It's possible that the AnTuTu benchmark app simply couldn't properly ID the newer chip and defaulted to what it knew was closest to it.

We will know for sure in about 9 days. Here are links to our dedicated sections for these devices:
by dgstorm at Aug 4, 2015
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There's another hot deal alert on eBay right now. You can nab a factory unlocked, international version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB for just $479.99! That's a substantial savings off the original price of this device. US customers need to keep in mind that this version of the Galaxy S6 will NOT work on Verizon or Sprint (or any other network that uses CDMA).

If you are on AT&T, T-Mobile or any of the smaller carriers that use GSM, then you will be fine with this phone. The deal is for a limited time and they have already sold 76 units (at the time of this post), so you may want to head over to the link ASAP: Samsung Galaxy S6 SM G920I 32GB Factory Unlocked International Version New eBay

Here's our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S6 section for further discussion: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge General Discussions Android Forum at
by DroidModderX at Aug 4, 2015
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There are some of you that have become accustomed to wireless Qi charging. You may have bought a whole slew of Qi charging accessories. The fact that the new Moto X will not have wireless charging may be a big turn off for you. Today @P3Droid explained why Motorola decided to not include wireless charging. According to him the reason is that Motorola would have had to up the price of the device to change the design to include Qi charging. Instead of adding wireless charging they were able to increase charging speeds. Personally I would rather have faster charging and no wireless charging. Is the lack of wireless charging a deal breaker for you?

via @P3Droid
by DroidModderX at Aug 4, 2015
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Devices like the Galaxy S6 and the upcoming Note 5 are doing away with the old tried and true Sdcard slot. This means you either have to pay a couple hundred dollars for the high capacity versions of these phones, or pay to store all of your files in the cloud. The one saving grace to these devices not having an on board micro sdcard reader is the fact that they do have support for On The Go USB 2.0. These small flash drives are a quick and convenient way to add storage to your phone.

Right now the 64GB Micro USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drive from Sandisk is on for less than $19. That is a low price for 64GB of storage period. If you have had your eye on a USB OTG flash drive now is the time to grab one or even a few up. Head to the link below for the deal!

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by DroidModderX at Aug 4, 2015
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The Nexus lineup has to be one of my favorite series of devices. The reason for this is because I am a huge fan of the Root and Rom community. These phones also tend to set the standard for what is expected of OEMs that use Android as their operating system. While these phones are great where they generally lack in greatness is their cameras. Not only is the camera quality normally subpar when compared to other flagship phones, the camera software often leaves much to be desired.

The HTC camera software on the other hand is feature rich. If you are looking for a more feature rich camera experience on your Nexus or other smartphone you can actually install the HTC camera. Installation is pretty simple. The HTC camera comes in app form so you won't have to install it via recovery. Root is not required. Grab the app from the link below.

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by DroidModderX at Aug 4, 2015
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If there is one thing we can all agree on its that the OnePlus invitation system is annoying. Many of you missed out on the OnePlus One because of it. I gave up on the OnePlus One because of it and never even tried. There are over 1 million eager fans registered for a OnePlus 2 invite so far. It was discovered early on that the registration system rewards you for referring people to the registration system. The more referrals you get the further up the list you move.

This did not sit well with a OnePlus fan who was pretty upset after being about the 9,000th person on the registration list then waking up to find out that he had moved all the way down the list to be around the 70,000th person. He decided to use some python hackery to move back down to the 1,694th spot. He lays out the entire process in the link below. If you are interested you should check this out fast, as the poster has said he will remove it if OnePlus ask him to.

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