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by dgstorm at Feb 12, 2016
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We have received several reports that Verizon started rolling out the latest Android Marshmallow update to the Motorola Droid Turbo 2, but then suddenly stopped it. The build was 24.14.9, but we suspect they found a hiccup that caused them to yank it. When they start it up again it will likely have a different number.

Stay tuned for more details, or if you see something before we post anything, be sure to share it here!
by dgstorm at Feb 12, 2016
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Prepare for a splash of exuberant hyperbole. The Amazon Echo just had it's cool factor go up by a factor of 10! The newest feature added to the Amazon Echo takes it several steps forward to being a "must have" household tech item. They just added a set of voice commands to control the thermostat in your home!

Specifically, the company named ecobee has a smart, WiFi enabled thermostat called the ecobee3 and it is now compatible with voice commands through your Amazon Echo. The ecobee3 is already an impressive device by itself and is very similar in capabilities to the Nest thermostat that Google owns. Being able to sync with your Amazon Echo wirelessly is a great feather to add to its hat, on top of its programability and enhanced smart-sensing technologies.

With the two of these device paired up, you simply have to ask Alexa to raise/lower the temperature, or even set a specific temperature. Along with all the great music options, the ability to order you an Uber ride, and the lighting/power socket controlling capabilities, Alexa keeps evolving to new heights every month!

Here's a link to check...
by dgstorm at Feb 12, 2016
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We have some newly leaked tidbits to share with you folks on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. A Dutch site supposedly has insider info on pricing and internal specs for their country's version of these two upcoming flagship devices. Above is the spec-list, and below we have a price structure.


As you can see, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will be a bit cheaper than the Galaxy S6 Edge was last year when it first launched (by $50). While these prices are not in USD, the pricing structure should be about the same, so this is an accurate guess.

It's also cool to see that the rumored 3,000 mAh and 3,600 mAh batteries which were rumored for these devices get some second-hand confirmation. It looks like the water and dust resistance is returning as well. Let's cross our fingers that the rumored microSD slot somehow makes it into the device too!


Here's our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge section for further discussion: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Plus, S7 Edge & S7 Edge Plus
by dgstorm at Feb 12, 2016
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Here's another hot Nexus 5X deal alert for you folks. You can grab a 16GB unlocked Nexus 5X on eBay for just $279.99. This is a brand new device, and is not refurbished.

Here's the link to grab this offer: LG Google Nexus 5X Unlocked 16GB Smartphone (H790)

Here's our dedicated Nexus 5X section for further discussion: Nexus 5X (2015)
by dgstorm at Feb 12, 2016
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It looks like AT&T is working toward a higher speed 5G LTE network even though an actual 5G standard has not been settled by the 3GPP. We already know that both Verizon and Sprint are already testing 1Gbps Advanced LTE wireless internet capabilities, so it's no surprise that AT&T is joining the party. Here's a quick quote from their press release,

"Customers will see speeds measured in gigabits per second, not megabits. For reference, at one gigabit per second, you can download a TV show in less than 3 seconds. Customers will also see much lower latency with 5G. Latency, for example, is how long it takes after you press play on a video app for the video to start streaming on your device. We expect 5G latency in the range of 1 to 5 milliseconds."

A fully fleshed out roadmap is still in the works, but estimates predict it will take at least until 2020 for AT&T's 5G network to see a widespread rollout.

Source: AT&T
by dgstorm at Feb 11, 2016
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DroidForums own @smalltowngirl13 is back with a new video! As many of our members know, @smalltowngirl13 is a huge fan of Android mobile smartphone tech. She owns more Android smartphones than just about anyone we have ever met, as she purchases almost every new flagship that comes out. Seriously, if she wanted to start her own smartphone business/museum with previous generation smartphones, she already has the inventory.

At any rate, this time, she decided to try out the other side of mobile tech by giving the Apple iPhone 6s Plus a shot. Even if you are a die-hard Android fan, you shouldn't scoff at her open-mindedness. No person could ever accurately accuse her of not being one of the biggest Android fans on the planet.

We appreciate that she wanted to try out how things are done in Apple-land. This is because she created this excellent demo video of how she transitioned her apps and capabilities from Android to iOS. She even figured out creative ways to create similar functionality to mimic what she loses from Android when migrating to iOS. This includes various Android specific functions and apps.

Here at DroidForums we respect that some folks use the iPhone instead of an Android. We even have a sister-site The cool thing about this video is that you could just as easily reverse much of what is...
by dgstorm at Feb 11, 2016
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The future of LTE is paved with a much wider road. Qualcomm just unveiled a 1Gbps X16 LTE radio modem. Right now, only South Korean, Australian or Swedish networks are capable of these "LTE Advanced Pro" speeds, but eventually the standard will reach other countries too. In fact, both Sprint and Verizon already have pilot programs in testing fro these higher 1Gbps wireless speeds.

Despite the work being done, this X16 LTE modem is unlikely to show up in a Qualcomm Snapdragon product until we see the 830 chipset showing up in devices next year. We will be sure to share it with you guys when it shows up in US bound devices.
by dgstorm at Feb 11, 2016
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The most striking thing about the headline isn't that Microsoft Apps are now showing up in more Android devices, it's that there are 74 different companies making Android devices! Regardless, It's obvious that Microsoft has worked out deals with even more Android OEMs to include Microsoft apps pre-installed from the factory.

Last year Microsoft could account for 31 different Android development companies which include apps like Skype, OneDrive and/or Office with their devices. This year that number rises to 74, and includes newcomers like Acer, along with other notable big names like LG, Sony and Samsung.

It's worth noting that the Android OEMs aren't all including these apps out of "kindness," nor is it simply because Microsoft negotiated good deals with them to make it happen. Many of these OEMs (especially the smaller ones) are basically forced to include these apps so that they can avoid patent litigation from Microsoft, since Microsoft happens to own several Android-related patents.

At least you can't fault Microsoft for finding a solution other than suing the crap out of everyone...

Source: Engadget
by dgstorm at Feb 11, 2016
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The latest HTC One M10 rumor is at odds with our previous one from yesterday. According to the latest intel, HTC might be bringing the One M10 (or whatever it will be called) to the US market in May. This suggests that the previous rumor could be the unveiling date instead of the retail launch date. Specifically, @evleaks shared that the HTC One M10 will hit US stores the week of May 9th.

Another source shared a few rumored internal details regarding the device:
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or unspecified Mediatek CPU (depending on the region)
  • 5.1” QHD AMOLED screen
  • 4GB RAM
  • 12MP UltraPixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and laser-assisted AF
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with HTC Sense 8
The one thing that is easy to say is that it is going to be a tough year for Android OEMs to catch customers' attention. The devices have become so much alike that it is hard to distinguish them...

Here's our dedicated HTC One M10 section for more discussions: HTC One M10

Source: GSMArena
by DroidModderX at Feb 10, 2016
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Samsung and LG have done a pretty good job at delivering some pretty awesome accessories to go along with the launch of their phones. LG has just made a pretty bid deal about the official Quick Phone Cover for the LG G5. The case is touch enabled.

You will be able to take calls, control alarms, and more all without uncovering your device's screen. The case itself looks pretty sweet. It features a metallic looking finish and a window so you can see the always on screen!

via AndroidCentral
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