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It's that time of year where we crown the best of the best. We will open the poll and announce the winner at the end of the month (of December).
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Yesterday we heard that Huawei would be releasing a concept device under the Honor sub-brand today. Instead we got a landing page with a short teaser gif. There will be a press event on December 16th where we expect to see the Honor Magic release. This device will likely include a dual edge samsungesque display. We also expect to see new fast charging technology.

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The app that automagically unlocks your phone's bootloader has just been updated. The Sunshine Bootloader Unlock and S-Off App has been updated to version 3.4.20. The main changes here are some major fixes for HTC A9 and HTC M9 devices along with some bug fixes for several other devices. The tool also includes Temp root for the Verizon HTC 10 and no wipe S-Off! The benefits of having an unlocked bootloader on your device are endless especially if you love to tinker around with your phone's software. Grab the latest version of Sunshine for HTC and Motorola devices from the link below.

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If you can't have a Pebble you might as well give full fledged Android Wear a try. One of the best Android Wear devices has to be the Moto 360. The Sport version of the device is currently on sale for just $103.99. The main differences here are a silicone band, transflective LCD screen for better outdoors viewing, and GPS. Other than that this is essentially a Moto 360 2nd Gen. Head to the link below to grab this on Amazon.

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There have been a handful of iPhone units reported to catch fire over the past few weeks. On the surface it would appear that Apple is about to experience the same sort of issue Samsung experienced with the Note 7 months ago. According to Apple the fault does not lie with their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s units, but rather outside causes. Their have only been eight reports of this happening so far and as far as Apple is concerned this is not a safety issue.

The phones are likely exploding due to a phone being dropped causing internal problems, or a third party charger causing the phones to overheat and then eventually catch fire. These were also thought to be the issues of the Note 7 at first. While Apple may not think this is an issue the Shanghai Consumer Council is getting involved. It should be noted that the majority of these issues are coming from the iPhone 6 which is now a two year old device. As cell phone batteries age they tend to expand. I have had several older batteries expand to the point of no longer being able to use my phone. Maybe this is just an age issue.

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Arguably the best Android smartphone of the year is getting a pretty big refresh. Friday Samsung will be releasing the Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge and it will come equipped with 128GB of on board storage. The Galaxy S7 Edge is still the smartphone that I recommend to most people looking for a new flagship device. It looks like this new variant of the device will be available in select markets as early as December 9th, just in time for Christmas!

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Earlier today Pebble confirmed that it has been bought out by Fitbit. They have also stopped manufacturing new Pebble devices. If you were an early backer of any of the new lineup this unfortunately means you won't be receiving your new Pebble device. You will however be receiving your money back in the form of a full refund. If you currently own a Pebble watch it will continue to work as it does today. There will no longer be warranty support and the software on those devices will no longer be updated. According to Pebble you can return your Pebble at the retailer you purchased it from as long as your return fits the retailer's return policy. If you purchased your Pebble a while back it may be outside of the return and exchange period which is a bummer.

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We continue our look back on the stories that caught our attention in 2016.

What better way to kick off the third quarter than to share the official unveiling of Nougat (

Another look at the Nokia P1 android phone (Nokia P1 Android Smartphone Press Image Leaked [Rumor]). got a redesigned look (Check Out DroidForums' New Look! Site-Style Redesigned!). Hmmm, I forgot what it looked like before.

Rumors about Google developing their own Nexus smartwatch (Google May Develop Their Own 'Nexus' Android Wear Smartwatches), which looks like that may not be the case anymore as the nexus line has been buried.

We got our first true (unofficial) look of the Note 7 posted by @DroidModderX, my was that a beast of a phone (Official Galaxy Note 7 Press Images Leak Revealing Black, Silver, and Blue Colors!).

Pokemon Go swept the nation and people lost their minds....oh and those...
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In studying the design and layout of the Note 7 internals some engineers are saying Samsung sacrificed safety to make the Note 7 thinner. The group of engineers from Instrumental noticed that the margin for the battery bay of the Note 7 was dangerously thin. The device actually needs a bit of space to expand and contract over the life cycle of the battery. Without the bit of extra space the battery had no room to swell which may have caused positive and negative electrodes to touch as the battery was squeezed. If the chemicals touched it would cause the battery to catch fire. This is one theory which actually seems to make since. Hopefully Samsung has a firm grasp of the cause of the exploding batteries before the S8 is released.

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