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by dgstorm at May 31, 2016
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This summer will be the year of Sony mobile in the US. The Japanese tech titan has shared their plans to bring the entire Xperia X Series of smartphones here. This means all the devices they announced at MWC this year will hit U.S. retail stores, including the: Xperia XA, Xperia X, and Xperia X Performance.

Supposedly the devices will launch by July, with different launch dates for the various devices. Here's a breakdown of the details with dates,
  • Xperia X = prices start at $549.99 and shipping on June 26.
  • Xperia XA = prices start at $279.99 and shipping on July 17.
  • Xperia X Performance = prices start at $699.99 and shipping on July 17.
  • Xperia XA Ultra = prices start at $369.99 and shipping July 24th.
It looks like Sony is focusing primarily on selling the devices unlocked through retailers (although we wouldn't be surprised if they sold through carriers too). The units will be available unlocked through Sony’s own stores, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo Video. Below is a PR video for the Xperia X line.

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by dgstorm at May 31, 2016
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It's confirmed. The Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be receiving its Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update sometime today. As always, the update will push out OTA in batches, so YMMV as far as when the update will hit your device.

The new update will be version number MMB29M.G900VVRU2DPD1, and it also adds WiFi calling, updated app icons, Ultra High Quality Audio (Hi-Fi Audio), and Android for Work. Sadly, it will also come with a ton of new bloatware... <sigh>. :rolleyes:

Here's our dedicated section for further discussion of the Samsung Galaxy S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 Discussions

Source: Verizon
by DroidModderX at May 30, 2016
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Xposed Framework is getting more and more stable for both Lollipop and Marshmallow. Xposed is the app for root users that allows you to fully customize every aspect of your Android device. There was apparently a huge issue with Xposed Framework that was causing random reboots. This has been fixed in the latest update. Many other fixes are also include mostly concerning all kinds of issues causing reboots and freezing. Head to the link below for the download links.

via Xposed
by DroidModderX at May 30, 2016
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Right now is the perfect time to stock up on icon packs. Many of the Vertumus series icon packs are on sale for 50% off. This means you can pick up 19 new icon packs for only $.99 each! Each of these icon packs includes thousands of hand themed icons and countless custom wallpapers.

The icon packs are compatible with most 3rd party launchers. Of course Nova is the preferred launcher. Head to the link below to grab one of the many icon packs on sale.

via Play Store
by DroidModderX at May 30, 2016
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Mpow is back at it again with another exclusive DroidForums offer. Today's deal is for their Armor Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker features an Outdoor design featuring impact resistance and water resistance. The Bluetooth Speaker also includes a 1000mah Power Bank.

You can grab this speaker which is normally $35.99 for only $25.99 with coupon code "67GQN74L". This deal also includes a free 18W USB AC Wall Charger. Grab this incredible deal from the link below.

via Amazon
by DroidModderX at May 30, 2016
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Lenovo has just released the new Moto G4 and G4 Pus. There isn't too much of a difference between these devices. They both feature 5.5" 1080p screens, Octacore Snapdragon 617 processors, 2GB of RAM, and Android 6.0.1. The Plus version includes a slightly better camera and finger print scanner. Both devices are bootloader unlockable which means you will be able to root and Rom them.

To Bootloader Unlock:
-First Backup any important information
-Head to the Motorola Dev Website (Sign In or Register a New Account)
-Open Settings, Head To About Phone, Tap Build Number 7xs to Enable Developer Options
-Open Developer Options, Check both Allow OEM Unlock, and Android Debugging
-Connect your device to your PC (ADB and Fastboot should be installed on your PC)
-Shift+Right Click within your Fastboot folder and select Open command prompt here
-In Command Prompt Type "adb reboot bootloader"
-In Command Prompt Type "fastboot oem get_unlock_data"
-This will output a code
-Paste the code as one solid line into the box on Motorola's website "can my device be unlocked?" Then Request the unlock key
-The Email will be sent to you via email...
by DroidModderX at May 30, 2016
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Everyone gets those pesky telemarketing calls from time to time. Who knows how they get your number. They may have acquired it from a contest you entered online, from a craigslist posting, or some online service that secretly sold your info to a 3rd party. There are also those people who continue to call after you have made it clear you no longer wish to hear from them.

Android now has the ability to block calls natively. The process for blocking numbers is similar but different depending on the brand of phone.

-Open Contacts App
-Select contact to block
-tap menu
-select "all calls and voicemail"

-Open Phone App
-Select More
-Go To Settings then Call Blocking
-Add Numbers to Block

-Open Phone App
-Tap Menu
-Settings, Call Reject, Reject calls from
-Tap the plus icon and add numbers

-Open Phone App
-Go to call log
-Select Number to block
-Tap menu
-Select add to reject list

-Open Phone App
-Go To Call History
-Long-press a number from the list
-Select Block contact or Block Caller

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by DroidModderX at May 30, 2016
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Verizon HTC 10 users have been screaming for an update! The camera on the phone was a bit buggy out of the gate. There were some pretty major focus issues. The camera issues along with some other bugs have finally been patched on this phone making for a much better experience.

Normally exploits allowing for root are patched with updates. It appears that the exploits used by Jcase and team to bootloader unlock and S-off the Verizon variant of the HTC 10 have not been patched. For now this still requires you to mail in your phone, but it is nice to know that you can still experience the new update with all the fixes and enjoy a dev friendly device.

Via TheRoot.Ninja
by Jeffrey at May 30, 2016
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At Computex, Asus,the Taiwanese giant announced three new Android M smartphones: ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe and ZenFone 3 Ultra. At $249 the base model that has the best appearance due to the 2.5D Gorilla Glass on both sides, as well as the spun-metal finish on the back (underneath the glass). The Z3 has four color options: "Shimmer Gold," "Aqua Blue," "Sapphire Black" and "Moonlight White." The sandblasted metallic frame around it adds a nice touch, too.

The Z3 comes with a 5.5" 1080p IPS display and a Snapdragon 625 capped at 2 GHz, so its 3,000 mAh battery should last quite some time. You also get Cat 6 LTE (300 Mbps downlink, 50Mbps uplink), dual-SIM support (one Micro SIM and one Nano SIM), 802.11ac MU-MIMO WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 and a mid-range Adreno 506 GPU as part of the package. The price point $249., offers 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, and you can add more storage with a microSD card via the second SIM slot.

The ZenFone 3 Deluxe is powered by a Snapdragon 820, 5.7-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display and also does Cat 13 LTE with tri-band carrier aggregation (150 Mbps uplink), USB 3.0 connectivity and Quick Charge 3.0. It also has a sharper camera; in fact, it's the first smartphone to use Sony's 23-megapixel IMX 318 sensor, and apart from the added 4K video recording support plus the fact that the super resolution mode has been bumped up to 92 megapixels, the feature set is otherwise identical to that on the ZenFone 3. Starting at...
by DroidModderX at May 28, 2016
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If you own a Samsung flagship from the past couple of years you more than likely have wireless charging capabilities. Both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge have FAST Wirless Charging capabilities. The Fast Wireless Charging Stand was announced alongside the Galaxy S7.

The reason it is so great is because it allows you to use your phone while it is wireless charging when on a desk, and allows you to see your always on display while on your nightstand. I paid full price for mine a few months ago and have no regrets. It is my favorite Samsung accessory. The charge stand is now on sale for 50% off while supplies last! Grab yours from the link below.

via Amazon
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