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by pc747 at Jul 7, 2015
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July is here and manufacturers are preparing to catch their second wind to get through the year. Before we look into what to expect going forward let's review where we are at thus far.

1) Samsung did it again with the S6 and S6 edge leading other android devices in sells, proving the Samsung brand is still going strong despite having a non-removable battery or expandable storage.

2) Unfortunately for HTC, mailing it in gained them the grade they deserved as the M9 was a financial failure.

3) Snapdragon 810 is known for overheating despite what Qualcomm says, proving Samsung made the right decision ditching Qualcomm's chip for their own.

4) The story of Marvel teaming up with Samsung ended up panning out as Samsung released an Iron Man S6 edge.

by DroidModderX at Jul 7, 2015
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If you have an unlimited data plan then count yourself lucky. There are not many unlimited data plans around these days, and the ones that are left are too often not truely unlimited imposing throttling after you reach a certain amount of data used. If you have an HTC One M9 on a Sprint unlimited data plan you will be happy to know that there is a method for sharing that data with other devices via free wifi tethering. You will need to be rooted.

1. Install the SQLite Editor App
2. Open the app and grant root access, tap Open Database
3. head to /data/data/ and select Cdmaapn.db
4. Edit the Entry LTE-SPCS INTERNET, add ",dun" to the end
5. Edit the Entry eHRPD-SPCS INTERNET, add ",dun" to the end
6. Download the 55tether file to your phone
7. Open up a root file browser
8. copy the 55tether file to the system » etc » init.d directory of your device
9. change permissions to of the file to match the others in the folder
10. finally reboot your device and enjoy!

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by DroidModderX at Jul 7, 2015
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There are a few issues with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge that prohibit it from being the best smartphone ever. A few omissions in the Galaxy S6 has made a few of you pretty upset with Samsung. We had come to rely on Samsung for removable batteries and expandable storage. These were the features that were taken away from us. If you were thinking that all that extra space in the Galaxy Note 5 would mean that maybe possibly you might get an Sdcard slot you will be disappointed once more.

The reason given by SamMobile is the fact that the Galaxy S6 features UFS 2.0 which is the fastest internal storage tech in smartphones available. It is even faster than the fastest SDcard you can buy, and adding an SDcard slot would actually slow down your memory speeds overall. This is surely the strategy Samsung will use with the Note 5. Maybe you should start considering buying a Note 5 with larger internal memory instead of spending your money on a high quality sdcard.

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by DroidModderX at Jul 7, 2015
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If you would like to upgrade to Android 5.1 without losing root or the ability to downgrade back to Kit Kat then Frankenpop is probably for you. Before you go any further you should know that Frankenpop is currently in the testing phase and may not be complete. There are no real directions either here so you kind of need to know what you are doing. Also know that the creator of Frankenpop "mattlgroff" is not responsible for what you do to your device. Head to the link below for more info.

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by DroidModderX at Jul 7, 2015
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There have been a few slight updates in the UI of the Google Play Store app which are rolling out now. These features are not game changing in any way, but just add to the overall aesthetics of the app. The first change is in the Kids Character Section. There is now a new sliding animation when you click on a character keeping in line with the rest of the Play Store. There is also a new theme for the Changelog text of an app. The color of the box has changed to a lighter green, the text is a more easy on the eyes green which replaces the black text, and a new icon has been added. If you don't want to wait on the update to rollout to your device grab the latest version of the Play Store from the link below.

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by DroidModderX at Jul 7, 2015
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The Lenovo K3 Note has become quite the popular budget device as of late. This device actually has some killer specs for the price. Its rocking a 5.5" 1080p full HD Display, a 1.7GHZ ocat-core processor, 2GB of Ram, and 16GB of internal memory. It boast a pretty decent 13mp camera and expandable storage which allows you to use a 32GB sdcard. The only thing really holding back this device is the included VIBE UI. The software while fast and snappy is filled with bloat and obnoxious ads.

The good news is that this device is bootloader unlockable, easily rootable, and already has TWRP recovery available. A few days ago a really good build of CyanogenMod 12.1 was released for the Lenovo K3 Note! This brings a stock AOSP experience without any of the bloat to the K3 Note! So far it seems that this build is mostly bug free. Head to the XDA link below for the download.

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by Jeffrey at Jul 7, 2015
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Check out our video review of the new Ulefone Be Touch 2 smartphone from China and available online @

The Ulefone Be 2 Touch is a solid device and is offered at $230.USD in either a 5.2 of 5.5" display.

Here's the breakdown:
  • MTK6752 SoC
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16GB of storage (SD-card expandable)
  • 5.2 or 5.5" FHD 1080p display
  • Sony 3050 mAh battery
  • Sony 13 MP rear camera with flash, Omnivision 5 MP front camera with flash
  • Gorilla Glass 3
  • Quick Charge
  • SD Card & Dual SIM Cards
  • Lollipop 5.1 [clean version]
  • LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, etc.
Be sure to check out our review above, and let us know what you think of this remarkably affordable flagship-level device.
Our thanks to for providing the Be 2 Touch.
by dgstorm at Jul 7, 2015
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If you happen to own the AT&T version of the first generation Moto X and have been antsy to try out Android 5.1 Lollipop, then you may be in luck soon. We have word that folks in the Motorola Testers network have started getting a soak test for Lollipop on this particular device. Usually, the full release is soon to follow, so keep your fingers crossed!
by dgstorm at Jul 7, 2015
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It turns out that the market analyst reports predicting weak sales of Samsung's Galaxy S6 flagship were true. Sammy just released their second quarter financials and things aren't as rosy as they would have hoped. According to Samsung's info, their profits were down by 4% compared to this time last year, and they attribute that to lower than expected Galaxy S6 sales.

Ironically, the problem isn't what you would expect. It seems that Samsung underestimated the exceptional demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge, which ended up cannibalizing some of the momentum for the "vanilla" version of the S6. In fact, they have since adjusted their previously predicted manufacturing schedule from a 4:1 ratio of Galaxy S6 to S6 Edge units, to nearly 1:1. Basically, the problem was that they made too many regular Galaxy S6 devices, and didn't make enough Galaxy S6 Edge devices.

To be clear, this isn't news that Samsung is doing poorly. It simply means they didn't do nearly as well as they predicted. Such is the nature of the fickle consumer industry. Perhaps they should have simply released the S6 as only the Edge model to begin with? (Assuming they could produce enough of the fancy display.)

Here's our dedicated Galaxy S6 section: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge General...
by wicked at Jul 7, 2015
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Need a multi port USB wall charger? Well, you're in luck. Right now you can get a Roker 4 port USB wall charger on Amazon for under 12 bucks!

  • Latest Chipset for Rapid Intelligent Charging Technology, intelligently identify each connected device and speak its language - guaranteeing the fastest charge time for EVERY device (up to 6.2 Amps among 4 ports).
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  • Portable Low footprint size and weight (3.2 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches ; 4.2 ounces),Best for trip or home/office usage
  • AC 110-220V input voltage ideal for international travel.
  • Retail package contents: Roker® 4-Port Wall Charger, user manual.

Grab one today from the following link: Roker® 4-Port Wall Charger - $11.99
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