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It's official now, Big Red is going to pay big bucks to purchase Yahoo. Verizon will announce its plans to acquire Yahoo Inc. for $5 Billion today. Verizon believes that adding Yahoo to its AOL asset will help them scale their internet presence along multiple verticals. The move will allow Verizon to combine data for their 100 million wireless customers which will help advertisers specifically target their users based on online behavior.

After the deal presses forward, it will need to receive shareholder and regulator approval, which is expected to go smoothly. Interestingly, not all of Yahoo's assets are included in the deal. Here's a quote with a few more details,

"The sale does not include Yahoo's cash, its shares in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N), shares in Yahoo Japan, Yahoo's convertible notes, certain minority investments or Yahoo's non-core patents.

The Alibaba and Yahoo Japan investments are worth about $40 billion in terms of their market capitalizations, while Yahoo had a market value of about $37.4 billion as of Friday's close."
~ Reuters

What do folks think? Is this a smart move from Verizon, or are they paying too much?
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Have you let Pokemon Go take over your life yet? Yea me neither. This game has seemingly taken the world by storm, and I can't go anywhere without seeing at least 2 or 3 people staring at their phones and bumping into things. Before you get too mad at them or make fun at them consider this. There are now a few elite players who have registered lots of accounts and they are actively farming those accounts. These players are making thousands of dollars just by selling these accounts on ebay.

You would think, but wait don't you have to spend weeks traveling the country to accumulate enough pokemon and skill level to make an account worth a couple hundred dollars. That way of thinking is pretty logical since the point of the game is to walk around collecting Pokemon as you go. Attacking the game this way I am able to round up 2-3 pokemon per hour in my neighborhood.

Alternatively someone who has hacked the game can add a joystick and location spoofing. Playing this way I can catch Pokemon at a rate of one per minute. I leveled up from 2 to 6 in about 20 minutes the other day. At this rate a really good hacked player could easily level up to a level 24 and sell their account...
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The Note 7 wont be officially announced until August 2nd, but by now we know just about everything there is to know about the device. Samsung may as well just start selling it! We know exactly what the phone will look like. We know that it has an iris scanner. We also know that it features a new and improved S-Pen, and we are even pretty certain as to which internal specs the phone will have.

Earlier today we got a pretty great overview of what we can expect from the new "Grace" UX Interface to be featured on the Note 7. In the leaked images we see a lengthy disclaimer that will show up during the setup of your iris scanner, we see the new options for the iris scanner in the settings menu, there are two more images showing the iris scanner setup process, new s-pen air features, new screen record options, and some new app drawer options. Overall this is looking pretty clean.

via AndroidAuthoriity
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One way that some of the smaller case manufacturers are able to make some revenue is to be the first to put out a case for a particular phone. While we are still a few weeks away from the official Note 7 release there are already thousands of cases listed for sale on amazon for the device. Some of the more well known case makers like Verus, Spigen, and Caseology already have their complete lineup for sale right now.

I tend to wait on the Urban Armor Gear cases, but have been known to rock some of these lesser known cases for the first few weeks while I wait on cases from UAG. You do have to be careful purchasing these early cases. While they are normally pretty accurate as they go by blueprints provided by the OEMs they can still be off when it comes to port and button placements. Schematics often change, and sometimes case companies can be confused and make mistakes when all they have is the blueprint.

We saw this with the Nexus 6P last year. Some of the first cases out covered the laser autofocus making the camera unusable. Still you may want to take a gamble on some of these cases even if only to protect your phone until you wait on other cases to come in.

Note 7 Spigen:
Note 7 Caseology:
Note 7 Verus: Galaxy Note 7 Case, VRS Design [Crystal Bumper][Shine Gold] - [Clear][Military Protection][Kickstand] For...
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Now that Prisma has finally been released for Android you probably have a complete portfolio of artwork. Unfortunately the app adds an annoying watermark to all of your images by default. Luckily the creators of Prisma were nice enough to include the option to turn wartermarks off.

To turn off watermarks:

-Choose Settings Button from the main photo taking screen
-Uncheck Add Watermark setting
-Press the back key

That's it! Easiest fix ever right?!
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Who needs Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, or Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simon (aka Michelangelo) when you can just create world class works of art yourself. What's that you say? You are no artist? Well you are now! The Prisma app for Android allows you to instantly make masterpiece artworks out of the pictures you take with your cell phones camera!

The app includes several modern art filters, stunning photo effects, and the ability to quickly share your new works of art! This app specifically converts your photos into pieces of art styled after famous artists like Munk and Picasso. If you are into art, heck even if you aren't into art this app is pretty cool.

via Play Store
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The key to having a successful world wide product is consistency. You should be able to get the same Big-Mac in New York City as you get in Dallas Texas. This was the McDonald's philosophy that set the franchise world on fire in the 1950's. Samsung has the same idea with their products. They sell just about everything under the sun that includes a chip. Samsung's name can be found on Cellphones, Tvs, Dishwashers, Dryers, and more.

Samsung wants you to consider all of their products as being part of the same family. One of the ways they intend on doing this is by unifying their fonts across all devices. SamsungOne is a family of scripts that cover 26 writing systems in more than 400 languages and more than 25,000 glyphs. Going forward if you are looking at a Samsung interface you will be looking at SamsungOne.
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The most annoying thing about the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Root is that it adds these obnoxious notification icons to your notification bar. After rooting your Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge you will see a huge "hurricane looking" icon in the notification bar, this is the RCS service icon. You will also see the VoLTE Service Icons. Both icons take up a ton of space up there and just look hideous.

The good news is that there is now a mod to remove both icons. All you have to do is download a specific file linked below, and then type a few commands in a command prompt. Head to the link below for the full instructions.

via XDA
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These days most of us use something like Chromecast or DLNA to get our content from our phone to our TV screen. Back in the day however it was very common for smartphones to have actual mini hdmi out ports. The desire for phones to become thinner and thinner meant hdmi out ports were a thing of the past. MHL quickly became pretty big. This allowed video signal to be output through your micro usb port through an adapter.

The HTC 10 does not have HML, but it does have display out. You can actually use an adapter to get HDMI out over USB Type C on this device. You can even charge your device while outputting HDMI. The only downside is this won't work with every Type-C to HDMI adapter as most adapters use MHL internally. You will have to find an adapter that specifically uses Display Out. Still this could come in handy if all you have is a dumb projector in the room and you need to make a presentation. Grab a compatible cable from the link below.

via Amazon
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It looks like OnePlus will also be releasing a gold version of the OnePlus 3 soon. When the phone was announced several months back Soft Gold was one of the original colors for the phone. At release we only saw Graphite. Today OnePlus teased an image of the Soft Gold version of the OnePlus 3 via Weibo. Apparently OnePlus will be releasing this soon!

via Gizmochina
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