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by cereal killer at Jan 29, 2015
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The time is here and now! The winner of the Code Black Drone is.................................. @hunter9604 !!!!

Congratulations hunter9604!!! Hopefully you'll share some video when you get the Drone up and flying, should be a blast! Enjoy!!
by dgstorm at Jan 30, 2015
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The above ad shows Sprint offering to apologize to Verizon and AT&T for previous ads in which Sprint compared the two companies to a sheep while advertising Sprint's Half-Rate Plan. This new ad also teases that Sprint plans to show off a new commercial during the Superbowl 3rd Quarter and that Verizon and AT&T should watch it for the apology.

It seems obvious that Sprint is trolling Big Red and The Empire, so we can't wait to see the final Superbowl ad.
by dgstorm at Jan 30, 2015
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The above photograph is supposedly of one of the early prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S6. If this is accurate (and if Sammy hasn't changed the design during the process), then this matches up with the previous rumors we have heard.

Here at DF HQ, we aren't too sure what to think of this design. On the one hand, it's not too bad overall. On the other, it's a very "safe" choice in design. Samsung has been talking up how they planned to start over with the design process on their Galaxy S series, but this seems like more of the same. What do you think?

Source: Early Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype leaked
by dgstorm at Jan 30, 2015
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A leaked User Agent Profile seems to suggest that the LG G4 (or some other near-future LG flagship device) will come with an even higher resolution than we have been seeing with the 2K/QHD displays. A device with the model name LG-VS999 showed up in a leaked UAP, and it definitely shows a display with a 3K resolution, specifically, 1620 x 2880 pixels.

The VS in the name suggests this device is likely coming to Verizon since that's the way LG traditionally categorizes their device model names. If this device is the G4 and comes with the same 5.5-inch display, then the pixel density will be an insane 600ppi. Of course, at that size, you would need a magnifying glass to actually tell a difference between this display and any other flagship.

Of course, it would give LG marketing bragging rights... for whatever that's worth to consumers. :rolleyes:

In case this is the LG G4... here's a link to our dedicated section for that device: LG G4 Android Forum at

Source: LG 8217 s upcoming G4 could have a 3K display
by dgstorm at Jan 30, 2015
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Here's some strange news from late last night. Both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft was planning to invest in Cyanogen. Here's a quote from the WSJ on the issue,

Apparently, this is Microsoft's play to get their fingers deeper into the Android pie. This way, Microsoft can create a version of Android that is more friendly to their app ecosystem than Google has been.

As for Cyanogen, this is their way of dominating the Android landscape. In fact, the Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster, boldly claimed, “We’re going to take Android away...
by Jeffrey at Jan 30, 2015
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The first week of January, DMX reported the launch of this beast at CES 2015. The Beast is now available for pre-order.


I just signed up for the February 2 pre-order price $549. Jump over to the Saygus Site to pre-order yours
by dgstorm at Jan 29, 2015
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For those folks out there who find the time to be productive on their Android tablets, today's news from Microsoft will be welcome. The final versions of their Office Suite for Android Tablets is now available.

You can download Android Tablet only versions of Word, Excel & Powerpoint from the links provided below. The programs require your device to have at least 1GB of RAM and an ARM processor. Office for Android is only officially supported on Android 4.4, but Lollipop shouldn't be a problem.

Once you download the apps, you will only need to sign in with your Microsoft account to create files, perform basic editing and print. Most of the necessary stuff you will need to do can be performed with these free versions, although more premium and advanced features might require an Office 365 subscription.

Here are those links:
by dgstorm at Jan 29, 2015
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The FTC recently ruled in a case against prepaid mobile carrier TracFone. This case will likely have wide-sweeping ramifications throughout the entire mobile landscape in the US. It will impact consumers positively, while likely frustrating big carrier's like AT&T and others.

TracFone was ordered to pay $40 million in damages for throttling customers’ data connections. The reason for this ruling was because the customers signed up for “unlimited” data plans, yet TracFone chose to "throttle" customers who were heavy users. The FTC's director of Consumer Protection, Jessica Rich, had this to say,
Rich elaborated that the FTC doesn't have a problem with carriers using throttling if customers exceed certain limits or when the company needs to manage traffic during peak hours. The issue at hand was in how TracFone presented and marketed their plans. Basically, the FTC wants to enforce greater truth in advertising in this instance. If a customer believed they were signing up for "unlimited" service, then there shouldn't be any "limitations."

The reason why this could affect companies like AT&T is the way in which the FTC is phrasing their ruling in the case. Recently, AT&T thumbed their noses at the FTC, arguing they have no authority or jurisdiction over AT&T's network management practices. AT&T contends that the FCC handles that jurisdiction....
by dgstorm at Jan 29, 2015
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Here's a fun off topic story for you guys to marvel at on this fine Thursday.

If the video above is any indication, the future of video games looks amazing. What you see above is a real-time demo which was created by level designer and 3D artist Benoît Dereau. He is famous for his work on the game Dishonored. The title of the tech demo above is called “Unreal Paris,” and Dereau used the new Unreal Engine 4 to create the demo.

To be clear, the tech demo above runs in 720P resolution at 24fps, which is not what gamers typically are interested in; however, in the thread below we included a second version he did which runs at 1080P at 60fps. Either version shows off the incredible possibilities of what games will look like in the near-future. The realism is off the charts compared to anything else out there. We can't wait to see the games come out which will take full advantage of Unreal Engine 4.
by dgstorm at Jan 29, 2015
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We have a new rendering which is supposedly the actual design of the Samsung Galaxy S6. We are dubious that this is the real deal, but felt it was worth reporting just in case. We have three images from the folks at PhoneArena. One is shown above and all three are available for your gaze in the thread below.

While we are skeptical of the veracity of this "leaked image" we suspect it won't be too far from the final design, as Samsung has said repeatedly they plan to use metallic materials for the Galaxy S6, and this render reflects that. The other thing worth noting about this design is how much it looks like a cross between the current iPhone 6 and the previous generation iPhone 5S, with a hint of the Galaxy S5 thrown in for good measure.

If this is the final design of the Galaxy S6 it certainly won't win any awards for originality...
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