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by dgstorm at Apr 21, 2015
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It looks like the new Star Wars droid, BB-8 might actually show up as a retail product in the near future. In fact, Sphero CEO Paul Berberian confirmed rumors that his company is involved in a project that will bring the little droid to life and make it available as a toy we can purchase.

Berberian said, “What an incredible honor it is to work with the team at Disney on one of the most interesting new characters in the Star Wars franchise. Opportunities this significant are rare. If anyone can execute and deliver on an exceptional BB-8 experience, it’s our Sphero team in Boulder.”

No details have been revealed, but the above image showed up on Sphero's website along with a sign-up form for future info. There were also some hints from Gizmodo that a retail BB-8 droid was in development and could cost as little as $150 USD. The New York Times even posted an article which indicated the Sphero BB-8 will be about the size of a large apple.

Either way, it would be pretty incredible to have one of these toy droids to share playtime with your kids! :)

Source: AndroidAuthority
by dgstorm at Apr 21, 2015
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Okay... Samsung's PR team may have finally gone off the deep-end, but the result is pretty funny. The above video shows off wireless charging and several other features of the Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge) in a new commercial.

This commercial anthropomorphizes the phone by giving it a personality from a voice actor. It's actually pretty funny, although there are some moments that seem rather bizarre. Check it out and let us know what you think.
by dgstorm at Apr 21, 2015
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Above is a Nokia smartphone concept image found randomly on the web.

Here's an interesting tidbit of intel that is floating around the web right now. There are rumors that Nokia may be planning to return to the hardware world, and will specifically bring another smartphone to market. Supposedly, the Finnish company is already designing a new phone.

In fact, the company may be planning to re-enter the smartphone market as early as next year. The industry speculation is that Nokia has further developed their Z Launcher and may be evolving it into a full OS to compete with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Here's a quote which sums things up,

Source: Re/Code
by dgstorm at Apr 21, 2015
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Here's some great news for US consumers... it looks like things are bleak for the Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission are unlikely to approve the merger, and Comcast is making a last ditch effort to convince the government regulators that the merger should go through.

Supposedly, the two companies are willing to offer nearly any concessions which might convince these two governmental agencies to approve the merger. At this point it is unlikely that there is anything either company could offer which will change the government's position. Here's a quote with more of the details,
This was the same thing that happened as the final, last-ditch effort during the failed AT&T and T-Mobile merger back in 2011. It's reassuring to find that the DOJ and the FCC are level headed enough to see that letting...
by dgstorm at Apr 21, 2015
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LG's new marketing material is trying to make the argument that the new camera in their G4 flagship is almost equivalent to a professional grade DSLR. While that seems like a bit of a stretch, the results shown speak for themselves, and suggest smartphone cameras really are getting much closer to that ideal.

The factor which makes this closer to the truth than before is the f/1.8 aperture in the G4's camera, which allows for brighter, lower noise images in low light conditions. It's important to note that smaller numbers are better when it comes to the aperture of a camera lens. The smaller the aperture, the more light is let in, leading to better shots.

By way of comparison, the new Galaxy S6 from Samsung comes close with an aperture of f/1.9, yet that small .1 difference can be huge. Sadly, the HTC One M9 isn't even in the same ballpark with an aperture of f/2.2. The video above explains this further, and you can see several examples taken with the G4 in the thread below (and even more in the source link).

Sound off and let us now how important the quality of the camera on your smartphone is to you.

Source: LG
by Jeffrey at Apr 20, 2015
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Google has enabled a feature that will allow you to download your complete Google history. Any search, email,messaging everything you have done while logged into your Google account.

All this information has been archived by Google. All you need to do is request a download of your history and Google will prepare the file and notify you when it's available for download.

Here is an example of my search count for the first 15 days of April.

Hop over to GOS for more info and find out what sites you visited 5 years ago. Or perhaps you rather not know...
by DroidModderX at Apr 20, 2015
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In this video we continue the quick tip series for the Galaxy S6. Today's tip is accessing the Galaxy S6 camera. The quick camera launch feature is one of my favorite features. I have not missed a moment with the S6. Simply pull the phone out of your pocket and double tap the home button. This works from the homescreen, or the lockscreen. You can access the camera from the lockscreen using the double tap, but the rest of your phone will still be inaccessible until you enter your pin. Samsung has finally gotten it right with these features!
by DroidModderX at Apr 20, 2015
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Touchwiz happens to be lighter than its ever been, but it is even lighter when you use the first ever debloated Rom for the Galaxy S6! "XtreStoLite" is the lightest Touchwiz you will ever see. It weighs in at only 672MB. The rom is developed by developer "Sculk" and is based on the latest OCG Lollipop 5.0.2 firmware. This is the Pure Edition Odexed with 100% original un-modified files. This is described as an AOSP like rom with the touchwiz launcher and UI.

More than 1.5GB has been deleted from the stock rom freeing up some precious storage space. This rom does include the samsung keyboard, gallery, camera, dialer, messages, music, alarm, and calculator apps. Root is fully integrated. Knox is fully removed. Other features include native call recording, and optional CSC tweaks. Grab this Rom from the link below.

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Apr 20, 2015
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Other than all of the features that you will find yourself using everyday in the new and improved touchwiz there are also some other features that you may very well very useful, but are hidden within the CSC file. To enable these features you only need to be rooted, and need to be able to edit one file with a root explorer.

Hidden Features Includ:
-Wifi calling
-Native voice call recording
-Shutter Sound Switch
-Manual rotation option in gallery
-Scheduled messaging option in message app
-Exit buttons in default browser
-2nd symbol keys on stock keyboard
-VoLTE support
-VoLTE enable
-Remove NFC enabled icon in status bar

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Apr 20, 2015
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Touchwiz is full of awesome little features on the Galaxy S6. I can't remember feeling this happy about using Touchwiz ever. One great new feature of the Galaxy S6 is one that you would normally need to grab a custom launcher to apply. With the S6 TW launcher you can now change your app grid size which will allow for more apps on the homescreen.

To Change Grid Size:

-Pinch homescreen, or long press a blank space to launch the launcher settings.
-You will see options to change the grid size
-Choose one of the three options 4x4, 4x5, or 5x5
-Once size is selected widgets will pull to a corner which brings in more space for apps!
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