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by cereal killer at Nov 26, 2014
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Ladies and gentlemen we're doing this awesome giveaway a little....ok a lot.......well, drastically different! You must watch the video for all the rules and guidelines for entering. Good luck and have fun! We look forward to all the great entries!

by danDroid at Nov 25, 2014
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It's that time! Can you beleive the holidays are almost here....AGAIN!? Whut the...?!!

Ladies and gentlemen it's time to kick off the Official 2014 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Thread!! Find a good deal? Then let us know how to get it! Looking for a deal on something specific? Post it here and let the DF community help find you the hottest and best deals of 2014!

We will be hitting this thread with every bargain we run across so be sure to keep checking in!

by DroidModderX at Nov 26, 2014
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Lollipop has to be the fastest adopted major Google update ever! It seems like OEMs have finally gotten a handle on this whole update process. The Galaxy S5 for sprint is closer than ever to receiving the OTA update of Lollipop. The build has actually been leaked and you can install it now! The leaked build is flashable via ODIN. It appears that all of the major functions of this rom are working just fine such as SMS, calling, data, and pretty much anything you would need to work for your phone to be functional. This hasn't been extensively tested so it is uncertain as to whether or not you can rely on this as a daily driver, but it should be stable enough to play around with. It should be noted that this is a leak and is not the official build, as such this is more than likely not the final build and there are possibly some bugs. Grab the flashable Odin zip for you Sprint Galaxy S5 from the link below.

via XDA
by dgstorm at Nov 26, 2014
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Here's a happy holiday treat for everyone. I put together a video presentation showcasing several of Android 5.0 Lollipop's best features. Of course, we like to do things differently here at DroidForums, so I decided to give it a silly comedic theme.

Please don't hesitate to comment, and let me know if you liked my bizarre adventure, and please let me know which (if any) of my crazy characters you liked the most. Perhaps I will invite them back for future videos!

Thanks for watching and... may my little movie of madness and mayhem make your holiday merriment magnificent!

BTW... the language is slightly PG-13, in case that matters to you. (No swearing, just mild potty humor.)
by pc747 at Nov 26, 2014
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Tomorrow is a time to show we are thankful for what we have and the day after we will trample each other over a $50 TV. Please be safe out there and enjoy friends, family, football, and deals. For those of you following the Fitness Friday threads enjoy your time meal with family and friends and make sure to load up the plate with more vegetables and less desserts and you will be fine.

So from our family to yours:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING-Black Friday Weekend.
by dgstorm at Nov 26, 2014
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To say the Amazon Fire Phone was a big failure is an understatement, but now it looks like Amazon is playing it smart by trying to cut their losses on the device. They are now selling the Fire Phone for only $200 without a contract. This is a far cry from its previous price of $299 On Contract before.

At this price, this actually becomes a tempting phone with fairly decent specs. Of course, this is really just Amazon's attempt to get rid of product on their shelves. It makes you wonder what they will do with the next iteration of this device.

Source: Amazon
by dgstorm at Nov 26, 2014
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Motorola is being a bit "forward thinking" with their sales events. They just announced a very hot sale on the Moto X 2014 Edition, but this one will be Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday. The device will be available on Cyber Monday for a whopping $140 off of its regular price, which brings it down to just $359.00.

That's a crazy price for a fan-favorite phone. To be clear, this is a fully unlocked, off contract Moto X 2014 Edition (2nd generation). It will go on sale at this price on Monday December 1st between 11am and 5pm central time.

Source: Moto Blog
by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2014
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Video chatting seemed to be something out of the future 15 years ago, but now we video chat everyday. With apps like skype and Google Hangouts you can talk to people on the other side of the world. There is only one major drawback to doing so on a mobile phone is that this pretty much ties up your device while you are doing it. With the latest update to skype you can now use your phone while you chat. Skype now has built in picture in picture. You can use your device while a chat screen is hovering in the corner. This is a great addition for those of you who need your devices to stay productive. Head to the link below to grab the app from the Play Store.

Via Play Store
by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2014
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There may come a time when you need to boot your Nexus 6 into recovery. You may need to wipe data or factory reset your device. One quick and easy way to do this is to boot into recovery and then select the option from recovery.
by DroidModderX at Nov 25, 2014
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If you are a rom flashaholic like me then you have had your Nexus 6 rooted and have recovery installed and are waiting for the floodgate of new roms to release. A few days ago a the first ever rom was released for the Nexus 6. This is not per say a "custom rom" as it is simply AOSP compiled from source. It uses both the binaries and kernel from Google. This serves as a good base and starting point for custom rom development. To install this rom you will need both the Rom itself and the Gapps. Flash both files in recovery after wiping data. Grab the rom from the link below.

via XDA
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