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For quite sometime Google has been turning ads off on youtube content they deem to be inappropriate. This is done automatically without contacting the youtube content creator, and there is no explanation of what exactly triggered youtube's algorithm in the video to have ads rejected based on family friendliness. The most command triggers are any type of foul language, and mentions of violence, or sex. Youtube has gone as far as cancelling the youtube red show, as well as removing ads from content of Felix Jones (aka PewDiePie) for inappropriate jokes.

Apparently the algorithm isn't doing a good enough job. Verizon and AT&T along with many other companies have decided to totally pull their ads from all non search Google platforms. This decision comes after Google found out their ads were being placed next to content that promoted hate speech and terrorism. Both companies will continue this stance until Google is able to guarantee that their products won't be placed beside questionable content. It looks like Google is going to get a bit more strict. Will Google eventually take away partnerships and just allow ads on a handful of curated content? It has been known for a while that Google gets 90% of revenue from the top 1% of creators. They could easily dismiss 99% of the channels on youtube and not really miss a beat.

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Several months ago Nintendo released Super Mario Run to iPhone. The game was an instant hit receiving Millions of downloads. The game was free to download and you could actually play a few levels for free. Nintendo quickly found out that even though they were able to create enough buzz to get everyone to download the game only a small percentage were willing to unlock the rest of the game with the hefty in app fee.

Now after all the noise has died down we are finally seeing the game release to Android. The game is still free with the in app purchase. Since yesterday the game has already received nearly 100,000 downloads. Time will tell though if anyone will be willing to pay to unlock the rest of the game. I was pretty pumped about the game when it was first announced. I even registered to be notified once it was released. The notification came in yesterday and I was not the least bit interested in downloading the game. Was Nintendo too late to the game with Android?

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Google released the developer preview of the latest version of Android yesterday. This build is meant to be used solely by developers so they can begin preparing their apps and games for the final build of Android O which will be rolled out to devices later in the year. Normally a Developer Preview is not ready for primetime and includes lots of broken things and bugs. This is great for secondary and backup devices if you want to just see what Android O is all about, however I would not suggest installing this on a device you actually rely on for day to day use.

If you still want to install Android O the method for installation isn't all that difficult. You will need to have your bootloader unlocked and need to be familiar with adb commands. You can find downloads and lengthy instructions at the link below.

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We are already seeing the Galaxy S8 on the Antutu Benchmark, and someone has actually uploaded an Antutu Benchmark video. The new device does indeed utilize the Snapdragon 835 and it performs better than all the other flagships even the iPhone 7 Plus. The video shows the S8 with a score of 205284 which is far better than the 181807 score that the iPhone 7 Plus is able to score. The OnePlus 3T is able to score 162423 and is the highest scoring Android device prior to the Galaxy S8. The big question here is while the S8 has plenty of processing power will it be able to better manage memory than past Galaxy devices. Samsung has purposefully been aggressive with Ram Management in an attempt to save battery life. Maybe this will be a device that can finally beat the iPhone in multitasking tests if Samsung gets Ram Management right.

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Samsung needs to do something major to gain back consumer trust after what happened with the Note 7 and even other Samsung products like Washers and Dryers that were recalled. Samsung will obviously spend lots of money on a marketing blitz. They may also offer an unconditional refund for Galaxy S8 users according to a report coming out of Korea. The offer would allow customers to use the Galaxy S8 for more than three months and still be able to get their money back if for any reason they don't want to keep the phone. Would an unconditional trial period with this kind of longevity make you more comfortable with buying the Galaxy S8?

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The Nintendo Switch is taking the world by storm quickly becoming one of Nintendo's most popular portable consoles ever. In one of the craziest moves ever Kirt McMaster the former CEO of Cyanogen Inc. told Nintendo to "Stick It" when they approached him about creating the OS for the Nintendo Switch. The proposition was brought to Kirt in the early days of the corporation. The reasoning behind the decision was based on the fact that the Nintendo Switch was mostly "custom kernel" and that it used bits of Android. Do you think the Switch would have performed as well if it would have turned out to be a Cyanogen OS powered Android device? Would it have compelled you any more to have made the purchase?

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We have little more than a week to wait before the official unveiling of the Galaxy S8 yet day after day more leaks emerge. Samsung may end up having to give us a roundup of all the leaks at their press event who knows if they will have anything new there. We have already heard that the Galaxy S8 will feature an upgraded screen with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. This new ratio means the display will be slightly higher resolution then last year's Galaxy S7.

Apparently Samsung will offer three different resolution modes that you will be able to change to conserve battery life or get better performance. The resolutions will be 720P, 1080P, and QHD. The default resolution out of the box will likely be 1080P. This may be in an attempt to conserve battery life on a phone that will feature a smaller battery. I found that the display on my S7 Edge also defaulted to 1080P after the Nougat update. I actually decided to keep my S7E display at 1080P even though the difference is a bit noticeable.

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In support of AID's day to raise money for AIDS in partnership with RED, Apple will be selling the red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. So if you was not quite liking black or pink (rose gold) then check out the red iPhone 7.

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At the Gear S3 launch event Samsung confirmed that they will include special headphones tuned by AKG with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. We got a press render of the headphones during that announcement. Now we have some new leaked images showing off these headphones in the flesh. We can see these headphones feature a braided cable that will allow them to last longer and help to keep them from tangling. Samsung headphones have been fine over the years, but these are expected to provide a more premium sound and experience.

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The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be unveiled at an "unpacked" event on March 29th. A report received by sources of The Investor mention a "Nationwide Hands On Event" immediately following the announcement of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. This is likely referring to the nation of South Korea the home of Samsung, however you may also see the devices in some retail stores quickly following the announcement. The report also suggest that Korea may see a ship date as early as April 18th which is a full 10 days prior to the expected ship date for the rest of the world which has been rumored to be April 28th. Samsung is expected to exceed the 400,000 pre-orders the received in the Note 7's 13-day preorder period.

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