Dec 23, 2009
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Staff Member Rescue Squad
    1. FoxKat
      Congratulations on breaking the message posting record long held by Hookbill, you are now NUMBER ONE in the total posts! That is a record that will stand for a long time!
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    2. tduke68
      Cannot access the default ringtones and notifications! When I try all that shows up are my custom ringtones and my music. How can I access the default ringtones and where would they have gone? Also, my custom ringtones are in with my music. How do I desperate these? Thanks in advance! I have a Droid 855.
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    3. JohnnyDepth
      I PMed you days ago. ASAP isn't how I would classify your response time.
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    4. pc747
      my apologies to all who sent me a visitor message. I must admit I do not check it as much. If you PM me I will get back to you asap. Thanks
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    5. cwciwatch
      I need some help and I am not even sure where to ask. My Moto Droid is stuck in a boot loop after installing Caos froyo rom. I cannot get into recovery nor can I flash SBF with rsd lite. boots to droid eye when left to boot normally and then keeps looping from "droid" to "eye" Any direction would be Wonderful. I am sorry if I am not in the right place to ask this.
    6. Phxphenom
      OK Dumb idiot here accidentally downloaded one of P3s 2.1 kernels and now the phone acts as if battery is dead. I downloaded the correct kernel but I can't boot up long enough to mount so I can move the correct file over to my SD card to redo the upload in recovery.....

      Any ideas guys? This is the last thing I need to do to get this phone the way I wanted.


      Original Post:
      OK so I downloaded BB and got everything working very well. I got flash working, maps going, Chrome to phone and I was ok but wanted to improve my speed. MFLOPS were 12.3 and quadrant score was 1,058.

      I downloaded the P3 1.25 kernal per P3s instructions but when I went to do the system boot, the red low battery light went on....Very strange as I had 60% prior toi the d/l.....then she Fcd. Ok I plugged her into the charger and she again fc'd with a note that said "Process System is not responding"

      Any ideas what to do next? FYI, I had setcpu loaded and she was set to automatically set....

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    7. X_TAC23
      Ok I installed 2.2 day before yesterday everything is good. Just downloaded the most recent one released to day i believe but when i tried to get into recovery it wouldnt go. tried a couple different ways but cant get into recovery i am using clockwork. please help my name is jakeb
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    8. fisher_i_am
      you are my last try, can you help me recovery my droid
    9. total7kaos
      HELP!!!! I used rom manager free( to test) installed Cyanogen and it is stuck in a lop where I see the DROID aninmation follwed by the RED DROID EYE and it is in a loop...I can Take the batter out and get to recovery but what next??? I went to nandroid to put mu backup on it and it says files not found!!! HELP!
    10. hepbone
      Hi! I'm new to this site but have seen that you post a TON of helpful information! I was wondering if you would know the answer for me. I'm stuck and can't seem to find any help from anyone. I installed Cyanogen 5.0.5 but can't log into my Google Account to sync the phone or use the Market. Also, I do not have a Nandroid backup on my phone to go back to. Who knows how, but it looks like I didn't create one or it's just gone through magic. I would just like to know the easiest way to get to Stock 2.0.1 using Clockwork Recovery because DMUpdater says my SD card is not mounted to the phone (even though it is). Would you be able to offer advice? I'm so frustrated and nervous at this point. I'd buy you a beer if you were close to WA. Thanks for any help you can provide.
    11. IxMissxN'xLovexMyxDroid
      Charles. Idk if you read butttt......I GOT IT mainly becuz of you.....I had to go through a lotta hate comments though. I was trying to respond more often, but I'm really 11 so I had HW. Once again thank you.......Do you know any customizing tips for cyanogen
    12. pc747
      Once you flash 2.01 and wipe data you are unrooted and back to stock
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