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Nov 16, 2009
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Provo, UT
Design Student (architecture but not limited to lo


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Jan 10, 2012
    1. cmaldonado
      Do u know how to get gde apps fro the droid
    2. brian772014
      do u no code to poilcestream
    3. RoLa
      What's up JonKyu? Just Noticed you were from 801....Whoop!!! I'm Doing the Plumbing on the Winco just off of 8th North in Orem! Should be Open soon!!!
    4. novacane
      Man, I installed Bugless Beast 1.1 and it works perfect. Then I tried installing 3 different kernels (chevy's 1.2, chevy's 1.25, and tehsteve's 1ghz) and none of them worked. Any idea?
    5. seang
      i submitted it. it should be available for download soon.
    6. seang
    7. KZIWarrior
      Hey, well I haven't used the Dolphin browser but as for xScope I like:
      -The tabbed browsing (especially how just holding a link opens it in another tab)
      -The 'pin and zoom' (though it offers pinch and zoom also I find the pin and zoom more convenient)
      -How it auto-hides the menu/navigation window
      -The file-manager included (so after I d/l something I can find it and open it w/o having to open another program like Astro)

      I don't know about Dolphin but xScope is just smoother and faster than the default. And the developer seems VERY supportive and concerned about user opinion (he's answered are concerns and suggestions very quickly).

      Are you using any Home Screen again or did you go back to default? I saw SweeterHome released an update but I haven't messed with it (I really didn't care for the Slider Home)
    8. KZIWarrior
      Cool, thanks for the update. I heard the newest GDE is really good (fast and stable). I'll give slider a quick run through until 2.1 starts to push, but I'll probably go back to stock then so as to get a good, clean update.
    9. KZIWarrior
      How are you liking that new home-screen app after playing with it a bit? Is is more stable than SweeterHome was? I'm back to stock but am up for a change if it's worth it.
    10. KZIWarrior
      :clap: lol, thanks for the work in SweeterHome, I started playing around with the theme generator... they REALLY need to spend some time with that aspect, it's a mess.
    11. abbyt
      If you're still trying to invite one more person to dropbox to get your remaining .5GB...then send me an invite, and I'll join. Thanks!
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    Provo, UT
    Design Student (architecture but not limited to lo