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September 26
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I am just trying to be the best that I can be for everyone around me that I consider my friends. Apr 25, 2015

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    1. chevycam94
      Hey. PM me with your address again. I, lost the box you sent me the D2G in. I'm ready to send it back to you. Thanks for the loaner!
      1. FoxKat likes this.
    2. FoxKat
      I am just trying to be the best that I can be for everyone around me that I consider my friends.
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    3. ethan_glaud
      Hey I need help, my Droid Razr M that is stuck in the restart mode, it's just staying there with the red droid light on the screen staying lit. It's not frozen just not starting up, I saw your post for some other phone and thought you may be able to help, do you have any advice?
      1. FoxKat
        Let's get you posting the issue on the forum. I may be somewhat knowledgeable but there's a wealth of knowledge out there with other members that I could only hope to learn some from. If it can be recovered, there are enough talented people on the forum to help you through it.
        Mar 17, 2015
    4. FoxKat
      Wow, I'm bummed... I have ONE negative strike against me... (red X) Guess it's only fair...I gave ONE out too! LOL!
    5. Droidxt912
      I really don't know what to do and I would really need your advice in getting my phone back up and running. The lat update my phone was 6.12. something and that's all I remember. What can I do?
      1. FoxKat
        OK, if you're stuck at the eye there are likely only two possibilities. Either we can flash the rom over again, or it's something more serious. I'll do some research and get back to you. It's been 3 phones ago when I had the RAZR, and 2 since the RAZR MAXX, so I'm a bit rusty. I'll summon some help as well.
        Jan 13, 2015
      2. Droidxt912
        Thank you I would really appreciate it.
        Jan 14, 2015
    6. Droidxt912
      Hello Fox I need your help badly. My phone has been stuck on the mechanical eye for 5 days now. I have a droid razr xt912. My birthday was a few days ago and I would really love to have access to my pic and vids. I've tried rebooting it, restarting it going to recovery and clearing the cache but still no luck.
    7. FoxKat
      Always ready for anything (though I might deny that after the fact!)
    8. JDeRose11
    9. JDeRose11
      I want to know why a .nomedia file shows up randomly on a Droid Razor m when no one put it there...?
    10. JDeRose11
      please help me
    11. FoxKat
      Troy028, aftermarket batteries can be a great purchase, or they can be a waste of money. There are lots of manufacturers out there who put out reputable products, but some are making "bootleg" batteries that are far from what they are claimed to be. Buy from reputable dealers and check with others to be sure you can feel confident in the battery. There is no "calibration" to be done for the battery. You only need to make sure you fully charge it the first time, before using it. It's the phone's battery meter that benefits from "calibration" since it needs to know what the battery's "full" charge looks like, as well as what its "empty" looks like. This happens during the first two full charge (100%) and discharge (10% to 15%) cycles, and during any two full charge/discharge cycles you perform in a future time as long as they're done back to back.
    12. troy028
      Hi foxcat my name is troy but I want to know what do you think about aftermarket battery's if they are anygood and if they are what's the best way to calibrate the battery?
    13. chesleyyoung
      i read that you the guy to talk to about charging a bricked razr. any help or links would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
    14. snowman
      Your the best thanks for all the info
    15. grgguy
      I can only hope I didn't cause you any grief and/or any problems. That was never my intention! I am ashamed that I may have affected your status or job here. You are the bigger man for standing your ground. My thanks again for your countless contributions to the Android community as a whole, you will be missed !
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