Contest: CoPilot GPS Giveaway

I never go anywhere so I would use this to get there quicker. :blink:

...BTW, does this include a year supply of gasoline? :laugh:
I need this because I'm a Nascar driver...when I get on those big oval tracks, I keep getting lost and can never find my way back to my pit. My crew chief keeps yelling at me "Just keep turning left, you'll find the damn pit road entrance"!!! I tell him "chill out, I'll be there in about 13 seconds", then I pass pit road again. Those circles can get confusing. Don't get me started on road courses, I never know where I'm at, all those left turns are fine (i'm used to those) but then you throw in all the right turns and the hills....woah, talking about brain overload!! This tool would definetly help me find my crew and pit road. The only way I find it now is to drive around until I run out of gas and have the Tow Truck come haul me back to my pit!!!! I could do without the embarassment. If this thing works really well, maybe it will help me find my pit and if I'm really lucky, the checkered flag one day. Thanks!!
I need this because you can never have too many apps on your Droid that do the same thing...

Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio

Evernote, Colornote, Note Everything

Fancy Widgets, Beautiful Widgets, Widget Locker

Handcent, Chomp, Go SMS

Google Maps, ummmmm (something's missing) :)
I tend to drive around 100 miles a day generally to different clients each week. Would be nice to have another option when it comes to driving.

Also, I figure I am feeling extremely lucky as my first child, a son, was born on the 26th of this month, 2 days ago, and super healthy and no problems. So I am feeling extremely lucky today.
I would use this to stalk random food resurants. I need food to Survive! plus i broke both my arms at once! who does that...
I do a lot of travel overseas for work, so this will help me out a lot. Thanks.
I am a private investigator and it would help me nail evil doers.
I'm going to be transferring to a new command soon (in the Navy) and I would love to have CoPilot help me get to where I need to go. Cheers!

My name is jersquare and I would like to tell you a story. It's about this wonderful, sleek, intuitive app that takes you wherever you wish to go. It's an app you might call... CoPilot! This app seems very interesting and a great way to get around. Judging by the real model of exit 67 on 295 in Lawrenceville in the video, it looks like a really great app. I would like to have this app to use for all my driving needs and tell all my Android savvy friends. Please take my request to own this app into consideration.
(moto d2)dancedroid
Going to a university that's 2 hours away and driving there 3 days a week, most of the time I need a GPS. I'm bad with directions, and while I've been going for a while now, I often have to find alternate routes because of traffic or construction on the way there. I drive through a lot of mountain areas that dont get good coverage, and google maps stops navigating me until it finds a signal, which can be pretty terrifying when you aren't sure where you are! So I've been looking for a good alternative. This looks like a great app and I can tell you it would be of great help.

i think i deserve a copy of this simply for the fact that i travel alot...i have been all over the states and im barely turning 20 lmao...

I really need this CoPilot system. If you value your life on our streets. My daughter is learning to drive by herself and she gets lost a lot. When this happens, she tends to take her eyes off the road and begin starring at signs. I cant begin to tell you how nervous this makes me. I really need this!!!
I need a new GPS app because my 'Mayhem' app is costing me too much money. Allstate won't even insure me anymore.

"Recalculating, TURN RIGHT NOW!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!"
I would really like this for my wife. So I don't have to

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