Rerun: MyBackup Pro Giveaway

::holding sign:: "need money for kung fu lessons...ninjas killed my family......and also a copy of this app...go yankees"
I would like to have this app because I will start rooting my Thundefbolt & my new Thrive tablet & all of the necessary apps to make this process easier would be appreciated.
I should get a copy because I'm constantly altering my phone and don't want to lose anything. I'll be getting a new phone soon and want to transfer as much information as I can!
This will make my new bionic complete. I couldn't think of a better first app down load
Well... I would love to have this app for the sheer fact that I'm old..49 going on the big 50 and all you teckies keep me feeling young and up to date with technology. I have never backed up but feel its something I really should do. With all the help here I am constantly flashing roms and currently on cyanmod. This would be a great 50th birthday present!!! Stay young all.

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Why? Well, I bit the bullet and ordered a D3, now Titanium doesn't do me any good. That and it would make me happy. Don't you want to make me happy? dancedroid
I absolutely need my backup pro! i've had to do multiple factory resets and none of the backup apps ive used work right. most of the time i can never restore my apps from my sd card. i always end up re installing them all manually. that takes time when you have about 400 apps. please please please! :)
I don't think my normal response of " But I have boobs" will get this for me, so I think it will help me have a usable back up of all my data. Titanium backup just isn't cutting it for me anymore.
My wife almost killed me when I got my phone a few weeks ago..

"But honey, Verizon was getting RID of their unlimited plans, I HAD to get one!!"

That said, I can not afford any apps now, which is even harder since I had like $30 on my itunes card with my recent gift of an iPod.

I need something of worth!!!!

Or, I need something to backup my stuff in case my phone "disappears" from the house. dancedroid
Because the Bionic is coming out! My GF cant see any skip in my Droid Life! Lets go Bionic!
I will need one because my kids like to play on my phone and sometimes push buttons and then they have no idea what happened to your phone daddy?!?

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