Contest: Titanium Back Up Pro Giveaway

Me Me Me

I'm in. Pick me. I have been switching ROMs so much lately reinstalling the apps and having ok each one of the 60+ apps takes forever. It sure would be nice to run the batch and not have to ok each one.
Titanium Backup is what allows me to flash ROMs and retain very valuable information like.... My Angry Birds levels... dang!
This app would help me a ton given the amount of times iv had many sleepless nights over messing up the Rom or just soft bricking my phone and having to restore everything one by one
A chinese fortune cookie told me a free giveaway would be forthcoming, and fate would prove to choose me as the winner. Fortune cookies are always true, right?
I love this app. I bought the pro version twice, one for my Droid and one for my wife's. I think it's important to support the developers, especially with a necessity like titanium backup. Great work.

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I change roms quite frequently and using the free version gets the job done but the pro version with hypershell is way faster and way cooler. I am still on the OG droid so it would be also nice to have a solid backup for a new phone if they ever come out with a device that have a 4G and dual-core. Anyway this app would be extremely nice to have and help my life out significantly ... :icon_eek:
The Gingerbread man tells me I need it!

The Gingerbread man keeps taunting me, saying I need to get rid of Froyo and install him. Only then can I play with the newest Zombiestomped, Apex, and Liberty. Gingerbread man doesn't understand that I takes me forever to say OK to restore all my goodies.
I would love to have a pro version of Titanium. I have had to spen a lot of time restoring programs after ROM upgrades and my microSD card went bad which caused alot of down time and restore time.
my african grandma

I need it cause my grandma in africa keeps rooting her phone and bricking it, i'm tired of mailing her phones from america. She thinks in america money grows on trees smh.
I need the Titanium Backup Pro copy because I desperately need to back up my titanium. Haven't had a problem with the plutonium, but the damn titanium just won't back up!! :icon_cool:
i've been a huge fan of this app, I NEED THIS PLEASE. dancedroid
Because sometimes when a Dev updates an app it doesn't work quite right. With the Pro version, I would be able to choose which version I can re-install to get everything working right. Been a *Huge* fan since I first found it, saves me lots of headaches trying to fins my apps after a new ROM install...

Plus the ability to run scheduled backups would help my paranoid backup OCD!!