[Review] Titanium Backup

can TB make .APK back ups? and for the key file, do i just keep that in a safe place and put it back on my phone every time i do a wipe?

It makes apk.gz files, wich is just a packed APK, so i guess if you just unpack it, you will find the APK inside.

The keyfile is stored to the sd, but i also copied it to my pc for the badest situation :)

Thanks, i was wonderinf how the Key worked. just sent in my donation. also i was was messing with the preferences and found if you take of compression, it will make a apk file as well
I absolutely agree. Titanium (donated) is a must. I also found it works perfectly restoring my home run 3d items which many other ones fail to do. App and Data restore is the best IMHO, but system settings can mess things up if you jump around from Rom to Rom.
Does anyone know how to erase all the backup info, and start brand new?

I just did this this past weekend. on your scard you have a folder called Titanium delete that folder, reboot your phone and run titantium backup it will recreate the folder.

I've added a batch job that should do this from Titanium Backup now :)
this app is great, joel is proactive about it too. I caught an odd error after a rom flash few days ago about this batch delete and he sent some great advice to me within minutes.
well worth the money.
After reading this review, I got Ti and and used it during my upgrade from UD 9 to 9.8. It worked perfectly restoring all my applications with just a few clicks.

Highly recommend!
I never had issues with the free version. It restored apps and data just like it states. I even got the paid version for 1 touch restore, scheduled backups and to save multiple backups. Titanium Backup is a must have. Keep up the great work!

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I don't know what titaniumcheats is talking about. I have restored my entire setup on my X at least 5 times using the free version of Titanium Backup.

Sounds like a troll who doesn't want to take the time to learn how to use the app to me.

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Again folks, please do not listen to this troll. I have wiped my phone at least 5 times and reinstalled everything with the FREE version.

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I have used Titanium Backup for several months and its my favorite app. Its awesome and works great.

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