Contest: Titanium Back Up Pro Giveaway


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Sep 21, 2010
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Well like promised, here is a giveaway for those hackers that update their phones very often. Titanium backup is a great way to restore your phone to how you had it before it was updated.

The developer was excited to have us run a giveaway for them, and they will be reading the comments like the other developers did and would enjoy our usual rounds of funny and serious replies as to why we should give you one of 5 copies of this application.
PRO Features:
• Multiple backups per app
• 0-click batch restore
• Batch verification
• Hypershell speed
• Market Doctor
• Apps freezer
• Convert user app <=> system app
• Encryption
• Unlimited schedules
• Sync to/from Dropbox
• Brand the app with your name
• Bloatware Melter (experimental)
More Memory:
• Dalvik cache cleaner
• Merge system app updates
Reply and let us know why this app would help or why you should get a free copy.
Wen and The DF Team
With how freakishly constant I am changing my roms on my OGD (Original Gangster Droid) it would be nice to have a really good backup app like this one. I would tell you guys how many roms i have tried out but this text box is too small and I don't want to make my fingertips bleed. Thanks for offering up a great product!
Titanium Backup Pro is pretty much my only defense against causing horrific things to happen with my phone, and subsequently... the world.

May 21st MIGHT be our last day here on earth. I don't want this to be the case. I need TB Pro!

I could make up a wonderful story about how Titanium Backup Pro could change my life. Or save the world. Or end suffering. Or I could use flowery language to describe how wonderful it would be to get a free copy of it. I could even write something witty that would make the reviewers laugh, and therefore want to give me a copy. However, I've decided to fore go all that nonsense and just speak frankly. From the heart. Honestly. So here goes:

If you give me this I will have your imaginary babies. Only boys though because girls are just way to much of a hassle and I WILL NOT deal with all that back-sass.

What do you mean you still want a girl? Honestly, I don't know why we're even in this relationship...
I am the one that needs Ti Backup Pro. I have a R2D2 phone. which i dont think will get the official GB update and will be FORCEd ( ;-) ) to flash my own ROM onto the phone to get the update. I will need TBP to get my apps back on my phone with ease. PLEASE help me out here. dancedroid
I still haven't rooted my droid x. I would love to root it and i hear this is the app to have if your gonna root.
My talking dog told me that I should get this app. He says he uses it all the time on his dog phone.
If I screw up my wife's phone again she's going to leave me. I NEED this app to save my marriage. Please help prevent my wife from divorcing me!!!
I need it 'cause I have an original droid that is on hospice... I just try to keep it comfortable... Would be nice if I could be able to back-up it's soul for a future body!
Because I'm suppose to be getting my first Droid phone through the mail today (HTC Thunderbolt) and the odds are I will screw something up pretty bad! My girlfriend has a droid and if I have to rely on her to fix it I'm screwed even worse.
It would be real nice if I can finally update my droid x from the LEAKED froyo to gingerbread without losing all my hard work on Caligo Chaser, Zenonia, etc. Im tired of being teased by "stock" users >_< for having such an outdated OS.
Been using titanium backup since the first time i had to wipe my device (wish i had found it sooner...took soooo long to write down each app, then go redownload the app...and loose all my progress on games, etc). Since then...every person that gets an android device, this is the first app i recommend. Even put it on the wifes phone. Would be great though to have a pro key to use. I have not had time yet to start installing ROM's...but titanium will be invaluable for me.