Contest: PowerAMP Giveaway

This is hands down the greatest music player application available in the market. I mean come on, it has an EQUALIZER! On top of being rooted and having a full functional DSP Manager with the bass all the way turned up and thumpin', I now have the ability to add EVEN MORE BASS to the mix! I'm going to need to wire up some actual speakers to my headphones in order to listen to my music now! SWEET! Can't wait to haul that around while working out!

( I want this app BAD ).
gotta agree with the love for this app, probably my favorite music app, and I have quite a few!
This would make this angrymexican a very happymexican !!:)

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I downloaded the trial for Poweramp and quickly deduced that it is the the best music player I've tried. I've been having issues with my X and volume level in my headphones. Classical piano is the only thing that makes me not be the road rage lunatic I sometimes want to be. I drive 80 miles round trip everyday to work and back in the worst traffic Seattle has to offer. With the windows down, I could barely hear my music ... Poweramp has a "phone speaker" setting which cranks it up a bit louder ... plenty loud.

Ty for that!

If I receive a copy, it will be put to great use. If I don't receive a free one .. I'll be buying it in about 13 days lol.

I'm a software exec, former music industry person, willing to test-drive GUIs and give honest feedback. A close friend is actually a GUI consultant, so I think I might be able to provide decent feedback?

My agenda is for ALL of us to have better GUI experiences ...