Contest: Text And Walk Giveaway

Hopefully this will not work with front facing cameras. I can see some people looking at themselves ..aka using their phone as a mirror while texting and walking into walls...hence defeating the purpose of this app. Texting and riving is not even neccassary any more thanks to apps like vlingo. If are big into texting and you are texting and walking you can either look up every now and then or walk safely and continue texting, or you could just stop and text and when you are done put the phone down and continue walking.
i have tripped, walked into things and knocked into people while texting i could really use this because i am tired of not knowing where i am going and injuring my self or others.
I don't really know if I need this or not, but if you ask my wife it might save my marriage. According to her, "I text so much I might as well have my head up my A$$, because I never see what's going on around me"!! If I had this little do hicky, I could still text the same and keep my head up my A$$ and still see the world that surrounds me and keep her out of my A$$!!!
Wow do I need this. Currently to text and walk I've got to let go of the leash to Max my faithful seeing eye dog. At least with this Max won't bump into walls anymore!

What a lifesaver!
I could use this so I could be texting one girl while looking at another! Hehehe :)
I would use this to not walk into a water fountain by texting. Plus, I would use this becuase Two broken arms and an app that prevents persons from walking into things... Who needs it more?
I will...

I'll finally be able to text in a movie theater without missing anything. :icon_ banana: Now I need to find a Giveaway for an app to keep the people around me from getting pissed off!
this would definately help me out alot...i wouldnt have to stop and text every minute as i am a heavy texter lol...and i cant multitask haha