Winners Announced: Text and Walk


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Sep 21, 2010
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Another day, another contest ended. At this rate we might be able to giveaway the whole Android market by the end of the summer, okay we are just kidding. The winners of this app hopefully enjoy it, and don't get hurt while texting and walking, or may I dare say it, texting and DRIVING.

Winners, please PM me with your paypal address for your refund after you buy the app.

Thanks for playing

It would be perfect for me. I almost walked in to moving traffic texting last week and fell down 12 stairs today at school. I hit my face on the handrail but managed to not drop my phone and get that ever so important text sent.
Glad that very important text got sent ;)

[FONT=&quot]Well this post isn't for me its more for my sister who just got a TB. I am tired of listening to my parents complain about her getting into accidents (2 so far.) with her car. (Texting while driving and late braking resulting in her getting rear ended and being pushed into the truck in front of her by people doing none other then... Yup you guessed it the same thing, TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!! The other she hit a sewer grate. WHO DOES THAT...) For people like this they should have a program that locks the phone when GPS senses you are moving unless you are using Navi and that's all you can do. Hahaha (Throw me props if you write a program doing this! and a free subscription ) I know this is more for walking while texting but hey it could still help right… :rollseyes: That's my little blurb.[/FONT]


Well good luck buddy, I don't know how much this app will help, but I wave my hat to you for even trying.

Hi, I am a meter reader for a water company. On average I walk about 8 to 12 miles a day. In the past 3 years I have come close to death numerous times while txting and walking. The one time fell into a pool in the winter, thank god the cover held. Twice I've had a bleeding head from walking into air conditioners. I've also been bitten by two dogs that I didn't see, one of them involved a trip to the medical clinic. Thats not even to mention all the time I've walked into street signs and trees. A lot of people want this app, but I need it.

That's a lot of walking, Enjoy.
so my gf doesnt get mad at me for not looking at her if i have to text haha
Hahahaha. Well buddy, if you can manage to get your phone out your pocket without getting in trouble... you're one step ahead of me.

I want the app so I can try to ride a bike while texting...should be interesting to see how that goes, now it just need to record and then i could put it on youtube
Please do PM me with the result of this "experiment," while I don't recommend it... I do think it would be pretty darn funny.

Thanks for playing again guys, keep looking out for more giveaways.


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