Contest: Titanium Back Up Pro Giveaway

I would like to have a copy. Please, please choose me, thanks
I need Titanium Backup Pro so I could play Angry Birds a lot quicker than waiting after I install my productive apps :)
Straight to the point. I am a father of three, recent college grad, and pion help desk worker who loves to change ROM's like some change clothes. TB Pro would be a god send to me for all my app restoring needs. With my current debt I am on a free app only program. This program would be amazing and save me a lot of time and headache!

I will even do the happy droid dance for you if you pick me. dancedroid
I need a copy so that I can stay ahead of the curve with those iPhone co workers and to keep all my other Droid workers in the loop.
I need it so bad, I made a song for it.....(to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

Titanium, titanium back up pro
How I need u onmyphone so
Backing up my precious apps
Soidont ever feel like an a**
Titanium, titanium back up pro
How I need u onmyphone sooooooooooo


T/y. T/y

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I try out a ton of ROMs whenever I can, and this would make the backup + restore a lot easier.
Cuz I'm Black. Nuff said.

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I sure could use a copy cause I change roms like my underwear....bout once a week. :)

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My wife is so made at me, i flashed her fascinate to 2.2. Now it doesnt' work. I have to set up everything for her, and of course she doesnt' remember all the passwords and how she set up her device. It would be great to just use Titanium to back it all up before resetting to save the day. Would save me a weekend of crazy wife hate!!!!
Please can I get this free copy. I am still rocking an OG Droid and I have a difficult decision of GB roms with CM7 or Pete's GPA15. Help me make my switches faster.
i would love a copy because well it sucks going thru every app..loading every time i load a new rom :( and i love trying new roms. its a pain in the A$$ :/

Help me please :icon_ banana: