Contest: Titanium Back Up Pro Giveaway

Would be awesome to have this app, as I'm getting ready to take the plunge (again) an root my droid1. This time though I'm gonna put a rom (or roms) on it. So this app would lend a helping hand :D
WARNING!!! What I'm going to say next isn't meant to offend any one, I'm simply keeping it real. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

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You don't need to give me this app - I've gladly paid for it! It works wonderfully and is worth every penny. Keep up the good work!

While I prefer TBP to MyBackup Pro, the nice thing about the latter is you can back up to a server and that it will work without root (thinking about getting the GB OTA for the X and wanting to restore apps while waiting to reroot my phone....) Maybe an update in the future?
Winners Announced: Titanium Back Up Pro


Another day, another product giveaway finished. This time it’s the free copy of Titanium Backup Pro. This application is one heck of an application for those who live on ROMs and need a constant backup.
Here are the winners:
Give it to me cuz I'm FIRST!!!
Like Ricky Bobby said, If you’re not first, you’re last.

I could make up a wonderful story about how Titanium Backup Pro could change my life. Or save the world. Or end suffering. Or I could use flowery language to describe how wonderful it would be to get a free copy of it. I could even write something witty that would make the reviewers laugh, and therefore want to give me a copy. However, I've decided to fore go all that nonsense and just speak frankly. From the heart. Honestly. So here goes:

Good story.

I need it cause my grandma in africa keeps rooting her phone and bricking it, i'm tired of mailing her phones from america. She thinks in america money grows on trees smh.
To be honest, they all do, so I know how you feel.

Straight to the point. I am a father of three, recent college grad, and pion help desk worker who loves to change ROM's like some change clothes. TB Pro would be a god send to me for all my app restoring needs. With my current debt I am on a free app only program. This program would be amazing and save me a lot of time and headache!

I will even do the happy droid dance for you if you pick me. dancedroid
Well here you go, happy almost fathers day.

I need it so bad, I made a song for it.....(to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

Titanium, titanium back up pro
How I need u onmyphone so
Backing up my precious apps
Soidont ever feel like an a**
Titanium, titanium back up pro
How I need u onmyphone sooooooooooo


T/y. T/y

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How’d you know I liked songs.

My wife is so made at me, i flashed her fascinate to 2.2. Now it doesnt' work. I have to set up everything for her, and of course she doesnt' remember all the passwords and how she set up her device. It would be great to just use Titanium to back it all up before resetting to save the day. Would save me a weekend of crazy wife hate!!!!
Well I hope this helps you next time you think its okay to mess with your wife’s phone ;)

Thanks for playing everyone. This summer is going to be the summer for giveaways, so look out for all those. Winners, please PM me and I’ll get you your free app.
Hello droid, I'm a self taught mobile guru about go start a software programing course for microsoft. I desperatelly need titanium back up pro. I've rooted, modded and began fishing recently and have had a couple data wipe hick ups without proper back ups. I know how that goes, all bad lol. Bring a single dad money is tight. I would be much obliged.