Rerun: MyBackup Pro Giveaway


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Sep 21, 2010
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The last giveaway for this incredible little application, MyBackup Pro, went over well. With over 50 entries, we thought we should put out 5 more copies for a fun giveaway. This application has become one of my favorites. The features are very useful and I wrote the developer to say, "good job!" I even wrangled up 5 more copies for some lucky DroidForums users that want a feature packed Android backup solution.

Here is my short review of the application:

Finding the perfect backup solution that's reliable and will keep your information safe is always a hard task, but I think MyBackup Pro does it very well. I have used it many times before, when upgrading my phone's ROMs. I can say from experience that it's a great application, and was worth the money.

If you want a copy of this exciting application, reply below and tell us why we should give you one of the 5 copies we have. Winners will be announced Friday night.

Enjoy, hope you didn't miss this too much. More coming next week.
I think I should get a copy because I was the first post.

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I think I should get a copy because I'm always forgetting to back up my phone and then spending two days locked in a dark room trying to put it all back together again and finding a new rom that I just have to I never get out and I will lose my job and haven't eaten for a really long time.....HELP ME GET OUT OF MY DARK ROOM!!!
I so want this app. I have tried MyBackUp and loved it during the 30 day trial. Please, I need this app.
my wife wont let me play with her og droid to run roms since its a hazel to restore everything back and that app will end the back up problems
You need to give it to me so I can back up my wifes games, this way I can play with other roms on my og droid and not get any bruises as a result of it.
I think I should because I want this app like a zombie wants brains. that and I've rom'd my phone 3 times before remember to back up...thus losing my data
Would love to win this app!

I would love to win this app as I am having ongoing issues with my Charge and am now waiting for a replacement (2nd one) to see if the problems will be resolved. I would love to have it all backed up when this stuff happens instead of having to start from scratch each time! Can't really afford to buy apps right now so stuck with what is free...
I think I should get this app because I invited over 250 people to Google+ !!!!!! I also love this app and have been using the "Root" version ever since I rooted my OG almost a year ago!
Because im constantly flashing roms left and right on my thunderbolt. I beta test roms for some developers and it would be nice to keep all my data like call logs and such when i switch over and upgrade to better versions :)
Because I'm having to wipe/install new ROMs more and more often on my OGD, cause I just can't wait any more for the BIONIC!
I would like this app I have just started using roms and i lost all app data and had to start over this would be very helpful. dancedroid