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Sep 21, 2010
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[video=youtube;7LBClgC-Bcg]]YouTube - CoPilot Live GPS Navigation Feature Overview[/video]

The LTE network some of us are lucky to use is down, meaning Google Maps is working a little slow at the moment, so to make sure this doesn’t happen again for you guys, we are giving away 3 copies of CoPilot live on a 2GB SD card. This giveaway is for the popular Google Maps alternative that many might not know about. The software has great looking maps, good software, works great offline (even better online), with many features to keep you going in the right direction.

To win one of the three copies we have available simple reply and let us know why we should give it to you, remember, funny and or serious (or anything in-between) works just fine for us. Looking forward to the replies!
My request...

Actually, I don't want this for me. I have a 27 year old daughter that while very intelligent, has the world's worst sense of direction. If she has to change her route home from work(and she has worked there over 6 months!), she has to get out GPS or map on her Droid now that she has that.

The running joke in our family is that she could not find her way out of an empty 10' x 10' room with only one exit! She is quite aware of this and is careful about it, but it plagues her til this day! :icon_eek:
I would love to get this as i am horrible with directions & i travel a great deal to other stores to pick up product .....

I could get lost going straight sometimes lmao

if i get this it would be used very heavily !!!!!
I also would love this. Although I can't say that I have a terrible sense of direction becuase I could use a map if I needed to. Then again with all of the great technology why should I.
i would love to have this because where i live, i have very little service and sometimes NO service...and whenever i want to use my phone to go someplace i need to drive for about 10 minutes before it finally finds me...thing is the highway is less than 10 minutes so i have to drive away from the highway to get directions, which usually bring me back to the highway...

not only that but the places i travel most frequently luckily enough don't have great coverage either.

this would help me not waste my gas trying to get gps find my phone, and get me where i need to go faster!
I tend to travel to canada quite often and while i don't have an international plan google maps is not the best way for navigation. So this would be very helpful to not have to connect to the wifi in the area then download the maps area that im at and then try to get something accomplished. This is quite annoying when you don't know where you area. I was once lost in torronto for 3 hours looking for free wifi. So this would be a helpful fix. :icon_eek:
copilot gps giveaway

I live on a dead end dirt road - i need directions - i need a life
actually this would be for my wife.. She drives everywhere for her job and this would be an awesome addition...
I would love to have this for when really low ceilings force me to fly what we call REAL IFR - I Follow Roads. :)

Believe me, this can be accomplished quite easily and safely in the helicopter, just not to those looking up at us with that deer in headlight look. (And yes, I don't go under the bridges or wires hehehe)
I am an over the road tricker and use my DX as a nav system, as we all know Verizons coverage is not as good as the "map" shows. So this would ne very useful to me.

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I go to several places everyday that I have never been to before. I could and would really use a quality map app
Black Swan

I'm currently watching Black Swan so when it's over I could use the program to locate a good psychologist. Thanks.
because my ****-ass police department doesnt provide us with any equipment. ever. itd be nice to have a 'new' tool to use to find people.
While I am excited to give CoPilot a try, what I really need is a 2GB SD-Card. So while I am excited to get the app, I am even more excited to get the card! Pleae pick me!

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