Contest: CoPilot GPS Giveaway

I just upgraded to a thunderbolt. I was going to eBay my DX but my girlfriend plays wordfued/words with friends/angry birds on it, as well as uses it as a pda and syncs everything over WiFi. She is currently on t-mobile and does not have a smart phone, nor does she want one.

Anyway, I had to go to Chicago for work just a bit ago and she tagged along to do some sight seeing while I was working. She took my phone during the day so she could have GPS. This resulted in me missing some important work calls and emails, and was all around a horrible experience.

If this would increase the functionality of the offline X she could start finding things on her own without stealing my beloved Thunderbolt.
I could really use it. I live in rural Tennessee and besides no internet (DSL, or Cable), and spotty coverage ( have to go to my front porch to get decent signal). I have to deal with the hillbillie directions....

The closest thing to good directions is go to the 4 way stop and make a left or right and if you see a red barn or the open field (where there is many) then you are there or almost there...

Please I really need this when my coverage goes out and I have no GPS.

Thank you.
please give generously to the directionally impaired

I need this because I am a sales rep who drives thousands of miles in a month. I am also a direct descendant of Moses who wandered in the desert for 40 years and Amelia Airhart. You don't want that on your hands do you? DO YOU!?!?
Why could I use it? I think I'll let my girlfriend answer that....

"Cause he's a stupid ass boyfriend that doesn't ever stop for directions"

I could really use this copilot to help me while in the cemetary. It could direct me to the right plot to dig. Instead of an ole map that had me dig up the wrong plot!!! again...
Please give me a copy of CoPilot so I can drive into a lake like Michael Scott!
"In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake."
I too live in the hills of Tennessee and When the phone drops signal its extremely hard to find where I need to go, I am horrible with directions and if it wasn't for Google maps in the city I would probably still be lost. This would be great! the places you find yourself when you phone looses signal its almost scary to ask for directions
Because even with Google Maps I still get lost, which results in constant complaining from my lovely girlfriend who thankfully never reads this forum or I would need this to find myself a new place.. But yeah, I'd still like it :)
I am about to drive From Wa State to Las Vegas with the family to visit for a week. If you have ever driven through Salt lake City, Utah, you can imagine how extremely tedious it can really be. CoPilot would be great as it would give me something else to play with while through the long drive, that way I won't have to sit there and text my wife who will be sitting next to me. :p Words are better read, not spoken. haha

No but all seriousness aside, err, but to be serious, the CoPilot would be a great addition, and I will be sure to bring back a slide show of my trip. :)
I gave my copy to my sister and I don't have the heart to ask for it back. I do a lot of driving in the boonies and google maps cache feature helps, but it's no substitute for downloaded maps.
I would love to get this for my wife. She is directionally challenged. If she is out on the road, and loses data (as she has in the past) she calls me, and i have to pull up mapquest and direct her, this can get quite tedious on a long trip! Save my sanity!