Stuck in ClockworkMod Recovery

I'm sorry to be annoying with this but I just don't wanna mess anything up again.

What do I do with that file?


the videos above is the basic method of how to do it, follow the method except use the file from root wiki for 2.3.15
start at 4:37 of the first video, you can ignore the rest up to that point.
okay in rootwiki there is an "rsd lite 4.8" and an "rsd lite mirror"

which one do i download?
either one... ai am curious you do know how to restore a nandroid backup right.
Ok so I am going to assume you did not make a nandroid backup before rooting.
walk me into what you did and what happened. I want to make sure that there is no quick way to resolve your problem. Sbf is a tool used by motorola to wipe your phone back to factory out of the box. It is a good tool to use to fix devices, but if your battery is not charged and it dies during the process your phone becomes useless because it wipes the phone and reload it to the factory settings.
Okay well I rooted using 1 click z4. I downloaded downloaded wifi thether because thats the only thing I intially wanted but then I saw a rom that looked nince and it said something about a kernal that was needed for it some i downloaded it and rebooted the phone. After the reboot it would not leave recovery mode. At this point I am okay with loosing everything. I just want to get the phone working again.
ok I am glad I asked you dont need rsdlite
which recovery are you in is it stock or clockwork. Stock is blue and clockwork is green
Well it keeps going into clockwork but i figured out how to switch into stock as well.