Stuck in ClockworkMod Recovery

Ok thanks a lot I appreciate the help so much. By the way ultimate droid looks and runs sickkk! What about all of those app backups that I ran is there a way for me to restore that?
yeah you should be able to.which backup app did you use? titanium will reinstall with data and you will get updates from the market.if it's another backup app i would just redownload them so you will get updates.
Glad to hear it worked. Good job catstide.
Hey guys I am having this same problem with my droid, can someone help me out with how to fix it, I also accidently deleted a folder so can someone send me the folders needed to fix this? And now it wont turn on. great
Refer back to earlier in the post put the ultimate droid on ur root, then place the nandroid in ur nandroid, install the and do the nandroid as well. Problem solved, took me a day and a half and tons of help but we finally figued it out. Good luck
it was on the wall charger all night and was lighting up on it, and looping the boot screen. Whenever I take it off the charger and do battery pull it wont turn on at all.
Whatever stage you are in the battery does not charge. You have to do everything with your phone plugged into a wall charger. What I did was use the sd card with another device and connect it to your computer and do the necessary changes then insert it back into your droid and proceed to recovery. Do not worry as the same things were happening to me. Did you try out what I said earlier? That ultimately solved my problems.
I dont understand what needed to be in the Nandroid folder, I understand the update part. My phone wont even go into recovery while its on the charger, its looping but unresponsive when I press X and power
nevermind I got it into recovery, thats a start. Now I have to find those files
The files are referred to earlier in the post. I would link but I'm at work so trying to rush responses :)
The files are referred to earlier in the post. I would link but I'm at work so trying to rush responses :)

A week ago you were bout ready to break your phone. Now you are helping people. I told you then that when you get through it you would be an expert. Good job.