Stuck in ClockworkMod Recovery

quick fix is take your battery out for a few seconds put it in and turn it on. but to navigate out of recovery mode, click the search button then scroll up to reboot by using your volume key and camera to select it.
Taking the battery out take me back to clockwork, and rebooting it from clockwork takes me back to clockwork as well..
use the volume keys and scroll to wipe data click camera key. After it wipes you data reboot.
Based on what you told me I highly doubt you installed that kernel so it did not mess your phone up.
that did not work either. It just takes me back to clockwork like everything else.
Interesting..... when was the last time you charged your battery and how long have you been in recovery mode.
Do you have spare battery or a charger. The droids will not charge in recovery mode. I think you battery is weak. I want to make sure your battery is not the culprit before I suggest you using sbf.
ok then use rsdlite sbf is an easy process the hard part is setting it up. download the rsdlite and install it on your windows computer (will not work on a mac). And if you do not already have the motoconnect drivers you need to install them

USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola, Inc. USA
no other way to do it on mac? myself and room mate only have macs...i'll try to find a windows computer somewhere.
I suspected you would say you had a mac so please pay attention:
Scroll down to mount and storage.

Then plug you device into your laptop.

in clockwork recovery click mount usb mass storage
- you now should have your sd card open up on your laptop

take this file and put it on the root of your sdcard (that means it dont go into any folders)

after it is on your sdcard unplug your phone.

click power button once to go to previous menu

scroll to install zip from sdcard

click choose zip from sdcard
-find that file and click install

After it installed wipe data and cache and then reboot.

If this do not work your last and only choice is to use rsdlite.
okay, so it's possible on a mac?

if not I might be able to visit my colleges library for a windows computer but i think there are time limits on them..
see post 190.............
my computer is not showing my sdcard after i mount it...I am going to attempt to put file on sd card through a card reader and continue with the process. ill let you know how it goes.
ok...........that should work