Rom Manager won't boot into ClockworkMod Recovery


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Mar 27, 2010
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I've downloaded Rom Manager premium and have attempted to flash Ultimate Droid 8.1.1. After I attempt to flash, however, the phone doesn't restart in ClockworkMod recovery. I just get the Droid phone icon with an exclamation point and have to manually switch into the root menu to restart my phone.

I've tried this several times and but just can't get it to flash.

Anyone know why it's not working properly?
Did you root yet and how did you root.
Ok I'm not familiar with clockwork yet so I'm getting someone in here to help you out. Be patient and we'll get you squared away.

And there he is....thanks pilotcharles
The explanation point is usually seen when you originally root and are about to install sprecovery.

step 1) make sure you are rooted and have sprecovery/nandroid backup. There are a couple ways to do this, I personally use droidmod but here is a list:
here are a few:

Complete How-To on How to Mod Your Phone (2.1 ROM, O/C, MM, Boot Animation, etc)

How-to: Install bugless beast for noobs!

2) Install astro file manager and titanium backup. And use both to backup all you apps. (if you reinstall your apps with astro then just restore data only with titanium you will have your apps stored on your sd card to free up internal memory, and the data from titanium keeps you from have to redo all your set ups. With handcent I have custom notifications and pics for my contacts, by restoring data I do not have to go through all that again.

3) install the home switcher app (not required but makes it quick to switch between the home screen and launcher just in case IMO)

4) follow steps in post 7
assuming you getting this

at the same time and you will come to this screen, dont worry!
I am running clockwork. But before I did. I used droidmod to install my nandroid back up and sprecovery for me. Then From their I installed rom manager. Flashed clockwork recovery, backed up current rom, downloaded rom clockwork 5.0.5.


original image is sized 480x854.
You should not see the explanation point ever. You will either see clockwork recovery or sprecovery. That is why I am asking you how did you root.
I have rooted and I flashed to the Clockworkmod recovery rom.

I rooted using the directions at this forum

1 - Download the file from: (md5sum cf653352967253e99d967498ffd9ce69).
Do not extract.
2 - Rename the file to "".
3 - Plug your Droid into your computer via USB. On the Droid go to the Notifications bar and select "USB Connected" then press "Mount".
4 - Once the device is mounted, the SD card will show as a removable device on your computer
5 - Put the "" file you just renamed into the Root (top) directory of your SD Card.
6 - Unmount the device from your computer, and turn the Droid off.
7 - Hold down the "X" key on the physical keyboard and while doing so press the power button. Hold both of them down until you see a Triangle with an !.
8 - Press the Vol+ and the Camera button together until you get a menu.
9 - Using the D-pad on the physical keyboard, select the option to update with the file.
10 - This should take a little bit. Once it's done select the option to reboot the phone.

How to Root your Droid<<<ONLY
I copied this from another thread. since i need help

Now i got it into clockwork once i updated to the latest RM and clockwork, but now when it reboots into clockwork it ends up aborting due to error in /sdcard/clockworkmod/download/

any ideas? should i remove this file from sd card and try to reinstall it within RM?

btw, when i reboot from clockwork it makes me do the google sign in to sync. but i find it weird some of my apps are still there after this whole mess.

the cyanogen file is 69.2 MB in size. does that look right?

i rooted via dmupdater. i dont have sprecovery. just clockwork.