Can't boot into Recovery....


Dec 6, 2009
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I have a Moto D1 running UD2.5 and RZ recovery. When I try to boot into recovery it just gets stuck on the M logo. I downloaded Rom Manager and tried to install SP with no luck "errors out". Flash Clockworkmod recovery says its successful however will not boot into recovery either. Any help would be appreciated. I'm am somewhat of a newb...
You lost recovery. You'll need to either force RM to flash either recovery image (can be a lost cause), SBF your choice of recovery (ask me for links if you don't know what you're looking for specifically as SPRecovery is available in two SBF flavors, one of which is BAD NEWS) since now all three are available in SBF format, or use Terminal Emulator to flash your choice of recovery.img file. My recommendation is to SBF recovery as it's the most effective method.
Thanks you for taking the time to reply:icon_ banana: I have done the sbf a few months back so I have a idea of how its done. I would really appriciate the right link to the sbf file for my phone thats somewhat current. I can't remember if its a 2.1 and then I accept the ota upgrade or I just use a newer Rom thats got 2.2 built in. I'm guessing the sbf is basically a stock Rom that verizon uses? When I did this before it fixed my problem but I didn't really know what I was doing. Last, do we have any idea as to why I might have lost my recovery? I did switch to RZ recovery and deleted RM and thats when I noticed I had a problem. Thanks again for your help:)
Click on the first link in Furbearingmammal's signature. He has the links there.
I did the SBF thing, Thanks for the help!!!
I started my mess by factory restoreing my rooted droid2 phone .I have no phone now .
is there another sbf any where for the droid 2 Im stuck .Ican only do the bootload screen and the restore screens other than that I've got nothing I did the rsdlite 4.7+drivers cause it recognised the phone did the 2.2.320 sbf recovery it failed .thats it in a nut shell
Is there any hope for my phone .Please Im lost and I have read,and read and readI would so appreciate some help Please
Well, first off you're using the wrong version of RSD Lite. 4.8 is the minimum version to do flashes. Secondly, you're using the wrong SBF. Thirdly, where have you been reading?
I guess Im all screwed up I have read through almost this whole thread but there is always just one thing missing Im sorry Im not well informed could you please tell me what to do I will search out what ever you tell me .I have spent the last few days searching Ill answer any questions you have .I would just like this phone up and running if I can .Thank you for your reply
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This thread should set you right up for the D2. If you were ROMed then you need to use the full SBF. If you were simply rooted, try the system-only SBF first. However, since you were trying a factory reset I'd suggest you save time and try the full SBF since you were trying to reset your phone anyway.
a factory restore is what started this mess I was only rooted nothing else So what do you suggest to do you have more knowledge than I
Which would you do .
And buy the way THANK YOU
As I said, since you were trying to reset the phone anyway, the full SBF is the way to go. :) If you run into any problems with the drivers from that page OR the latest drivers directly from Moto and RSD Lite 4.8/4.9, please let me know.
sorry to ask so many question I tryed this sbf file from here before could it be the rsd lite that I used was the issue .? I just get the failed notice
I didnt go too far on the link you sent me too before because it was telling me to put the phone in pc mode and since i could not I stop reading and looked elsewhere .
will do that in the AM
will let you know what happens
thank you so much I did what you said
install went smoothly now do I have anything else to do from hear any cleaning of anything or updateing of anything
your patience and help is and was greatly appreciated