Oct 4, 2011
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Pretty simple question i guess. Why do you love your droid? Whether its an X2, Bionic, OG DROID, Razr etc. Why do u like it?

For me, i would say its definitely the coolest series in regards to Android phones in general, but thats personal preference i guess. Nothing beats hearing "DrooiiiiD" when booting my X2 or receiving a notification.

Why do you love your DROID?

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Open source dancedroid

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Customization and choices...
Welp... I was about to say unlocked bootloader then I read the OP again... ;) der... (Not in the Droid series... gah...)

I'd have to say the ability do do pretty near everything a computer can do. (That I need to in a mobile environment.) I.e. I can actually download a file. Such a revolutionary idea. I wish Apple would think of that! ;)
And of course customisation but that's pretty much been covered!

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My X2 allows me to make any picture on my facebook app into my profile pic. Have had three different droids and this ones the only one that seems to let you do it. Pretty cool, I thought Id share.

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