[THEME] LithMod-EvoDroid

Problem here with the Facebook app.
Widget was displaying feeds correctly, but when I open the app istelf, I kept getting errors stating that there it could not connect with servers to update newsfeed (null). Errors used to be sporadic, but now they are constant.

I uninstalled through the allinone script in terminal; installed the FB app from the market, and everything works...but...it is U G L Y and i want the EVODroid version of FB (Black Glass / Green F Logo). I dont see an option to install it from the allinone script.

Anyone have the .apk I can use? Or do I need to install it through ADB or something?
i made a beautiful widgets skin to go with this theme.

Since the last update to Beautiful Widgets, the background on your EVO skin seems off, part of the current temperature and the current condition are below the background. Was hoping you could update your skin. Thanks and great job.