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Oct 13, 2010
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Kind of a weird question, but I was wondering for those who carry their Droid X's in their pockets, do you have the screen facing in (on your leg) or out? What do you think is safer?

I have the Platinum case from Bestbuy on mine as well as a VZW screen protector. I always carry mine in my pocket, just haven't figured out what the safest way to do so is.
depends on what im doing for work that day, if its heavy labor i will turn it face to leg just to be safe but otherwise i carry it face out just because its the way i tend to put it in my pocket...
Keys can't scratch it. The only way you can scratch it is if you have sand or diamond dust in your pocket. I've never had any diamond dust in my pocket. And I've only heard that sand can scratch it.
I have the VZW shell/holster combo so the screen its always protected. At my sales job, I wear it out with the phone external, ay my night job, UPS, I wear it with the phone inside my pocket.

I think screen-in is the way to go if you don't have a similar setup.

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Thanks for the replies!

I tend to think that face in is safer in case I lean on anything or something hits my leg. On the other hand it seems like there would be more contact with the screen over the course of the day if it was facing in.

I have a holster as well that I will use when I am more dressed up and have a tucked in shirt...otherwise it just feels and looks awekward.

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The only way you can scratch it is if you have sand or diamond dust in your pocket. I've never had any diamond dust in my pocket.
I keep some Diamond Dust in my pocket - just in case I want to sprinkle some on someone :D

As far as the O/P's question...if I were to carry my Droid in my pocket (which I don't) I would have the screen facing my leg so it contours my skin and is protected if something were to hit my leg
Face in. It's easier for me to grip that way with the camera facing out.
Face in. I carry my wallet in the same pocket as the phone, and the wallet is on the outside. The phone is "behind" it.

Yes, I carry my wallet in my hip pocket rather than my back pocket.
I just put the thing in my pocket and put no thought behind it.

It's just a phone. Finny how all these ppl are buying cases and treating it like it's a bottle of nitroglycerin in there pocket.

Yeah I've dropped my phone hard in the street picked it up seen it still works and put it in my pocket. It has a few battle scars. So what. I get a new one every 2 years.

Some of you seem like you should be living in bubble wrap wearing aluminum foil hats.
Nothing wrong with taking care of the things you have!

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Some of us like our phones kept in good condition. I keep my phone naked and in new condition because I like it.
Just in the pocket. Face in, up, upside down, whatever...

I have the skinomi skin. No worries.

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