Droid 3 - Pocket or case or holster?


Aug 7, 2011
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Have a Droid 3 arriving tomorrow morning and I already have the Wrapsol screen protector here waiting for it.
I'm feeling reluctant in just throwing my shiny new D3 in my pocket with little bits of lint that could get into the device or screen.
Would it really be that bad to keep it in my pocket or should I get a case or holster for it?
I'm in college and not a business-type of person so a holster would seem weird, and a case adds bulk and heft to the device which would weigh me down while it's in my pocket.
is there another alternative or should I just hold my D3 bareback in pocket?

I was thinking.. maybe getting some kind of ... sack.. or something that fits into my pocket, and then putting my D3 in that? lol.... just a random thought off the top of my head >.>
Depends on what you want on the phone. I rock mine naked with a leather pouch from VZ. The magnetic clips don't activate the car dock like in previous version so thats a plus. Some people use the shell holster combo. I used that for a few days but it mde the phone to bulky for my tastes.