Question for those who carry Droid in their pocket

Well, coming from an iPhone 3G, even though the specs are similar... because the iPhone has a rounded back it feels smaller in the pocket. It's not a huge thing, but I definitely can tell the difference. The iPhone is more comfortable.
I do keep my DROID in my jeans pocket.. and it's ultimately the most pocketable phone I've had in awhile.

My old Treo 700p went there too, but while the main body was a bit smaller in outline, it was more than twice as thick, which is worse. And with the antenna occasionally jabbing me, not good.

After the Treo died, I got a cheap generic LG flip-phone ($2.00 at a yard sale). With the upgrade battery I got for it, it was even thicker than the Treo.. also much less comfortable than the DROID.

I do keep the screen turned in, and put keys in the other pocket.
1st off what pocket are you talking about? If youre talking about your pants pocket, make sure you do not plan on having kids. Its been documented by medical field not to put a cell by your groin. They do not like the radiation these things carry and put out next to ones reproductive area.

On standby... not likely. The phone has to ping the cell tower every so often, but the duty cycle is very low.

The study I read about is here:
Keep Your Cell Phone In Your Pants Pocket?
Cell Phone Use Linked to Male Infertility - Mens Health: Health and Medical Information About Mens Health Issues on

They're basically claiming that ANY prolonged cell phone use could possibly affect sperm quality. And that using the phone on "talk" in the pocket (via Bluetooth or whatever) is the worse case situation.

Normally, UHF radio is not dangerous to humans at all. The theory here is that there might be some heating due to the RF energy. Some guys have the same problem due to tight underwear.

Any real problem would be 100% reversible... you make new sperm all the time. The same way a fertility doctor might correct this by recommending boxers rather than the banana hammock.
They're basically claiming that ANY prolonged cell phone use could possibly affect sperm quality.

Front right pocket....No worries...
4 Kids here already....Been shooting blanks for over a decade.....
The one aspect of the body glove I dont care for is mentioned here several times as definite do nots, with the belt clip on the body glove case, it leaves your screen facing outward to bump and scratch into everything, was at a sporting event lastnight and had to throw it into my wifes purse as it was going to rub screen first all over the side of the seats. :icon_eek:
I also have been keeping mine in my pocket, waiting for a good verticle case to be released. The only complaint I have is "LINT". The Droid will collect dust, lint, or whatever is in your pocket and get in between the screen/gap. So far no scratches, but I am anticipating some.:greendroid:
i've designated my front right pocket to keys/loose change, my front left pocket to cell phone only, and i tend to wear cargo pants so i can put my wallet on the side pocket of one of my legs, and anything else in the other leg pocket.

been doing it for years with every cell phone i've had. works great. this phone is definitely not uncomfortable in my pocket. then again, i don't wear those super-tight pants that seems to be hip now-a-days. if you wear those i'm pretty sure everything you put in pockets is uncomfortable anyways.
I got the Verizon holster in which the phone faces in. This holster is very well made. I am impressed. I ordered a Zagg screen protector because the zagg is less of a fingerprint magnet than the tempered glass screen which I don't think really needs protection and I don't think tempered glass can be scratched with keys etc. I love this phone.
I've always kept my Treo in my pocket, front and/or back. The Droid's footprint and corners are just not as comfortable up front to me.

Back pocket isn't that big of a deal, but I'm scared that I'll forget it's there one day and crack! The shape of the phone just seems like to would be more breakable than a slightly rounded phone. I have nothing to base that on, I'm just saying...
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I put it in whatever pocket I didnt put my keys in. No case or protector though i plan on getting a screen protector soon. I always had a habit of putting the phone in my pocket screen inwards becasue my iPhone was more comfortable that way. Only problem is I had to put a lock code on it because the movement against the thin pocket material and my leg was unlocking the phone and killin my battery.
Do I really need the protective cover. I saw a YouTube video where a guy took a key to the Droid and it wouldnt scratch. I am using a stylus and it works better ON the bare Droid screen. Comments?
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