Question for those who carry Droid in their pocket

i keep mine in my right side front pocket by itself all the time. it's nekid, no screen protector or case.
I keep mine in my front pocket but that's the only thing in my pocket
I keep mine in my pocket (front right) and only have a screen cover on it. I have been thinking of getting a body cover for it, but holding out hope that Otterbox makes one for it down the road. I know it will add some bulk to the phone, but it looks like it would survive a good fall. My friend at works uses one on his iPhone and he takes his Mt. Biking with him.
i have screen protectors... but i have not put them on yet. and i keep my phone in my pocket. and i also have a body glove lol but i dont use it. and i have literally like no scratches or anything. i make sure i put nothing. literally nothing in my pocket with my droid. no change. no pencils. no keys. nothin. and i got 0 scratched (except when it has the occasional drop *soothes droid*)
I also put my m-droid in my pocket, havent had any trouble, don't use any protectors either. However I would like to find an arm strap for when I'm at the gym. The other day I was on the treadmill with my droid in one of the treadmill's holders ( I don't like having my phone bounce around in my pocket while i run). I accidentally clipped the headphone wire and sent my droid flying, bouncing off the conveyor belt and onto the floor. :icon_eek: I was absolutely stunned that my droid didn't receive ANY damage, none. Even after falling on the floor which was made of concrete. Though I fully respect the ruggedness of my phone I'd rather not let that happen again. :)
Do I really need the protective cover. I saw a YouTube video where a guy took a key to the Droid and it wouldnt scratch. I am using a stylus and it works better ON the bare Droid screen. Comments?

Yes I saw that You Tube video as well. 'nuff said.:)

Everybody acts like glass will scratch. It won't. Now the phone itself may get a ding in the paint job from the keys but the glass? No way.

This video has somehow become the authority. But keys are usually made from softer metal. Just because his keys didn't scratch it doesn't mean it's scratch-proof. Concrete will scratch it, sand will scratch it. Heck, I read of a guy saying his screen was scratched by a foil gum wrapper on his pocket.

For me, an $11 protector is cheap insurance.

To the OP: I carry mine in my front pocket with Seidio case all the time. Shirt pocket is preferred on the days when I wear a flannel shirt with a button flap to prevent it from sliding out if I lean over.
I carry mine in my front right pocket, which I think is less cumbersome than a holster would be. I place it screen out without anything else in that pocket. No screen protector.