Is the X truly a "pocket" phone?

Fits in all my pockets, jeans, shorts etc. 5'11 165lbs so I am not that big either and it seems fine.
Before the phone came out I kept reading reviews of how big it is, but not awkward. When I received my X, the first thought that came to mind when I opened the box was "My God, this thing is massive!!" My old Dare was smaller than the screen is on the X!

BUT...just as everyone has said, it isn't awkward at all. It's fairly comfortable while holding it and it's fit nicely into every pocket of every pair of pants or shorts I've had it in so far...even my work khakis (my Dare would tend to just fall out of the pocket of any khakis).
Works fine in my pockets, both pants and shirt...YMMV
Remember when phones were this small: