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Aug 5, 2010
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Hey guys, I've tried searching around both on here and on Google and I have not found anyone who personally, first hand, used this product on the Droid X touch screen.

Bottom line, I got the Droid X about a month or so ago. I used a plastic phone case from Verizon for the first several weeks (which didn't protect the screen at all, but did save the body of the phone from a couple accidental drops!). A couple weeks ago I decided to take the plastic case off my phone since it made the phone much bigger and retained a lot of dirt/lint under the clear plastic making the phone uglier lol.

Bottom line, everything has been going fine... except I just recently noticed that my touch screen has a few very small scratches on it from being in my pocket I assume. The scratches cannot be seen when the screen is on. The screen needs to be black and if you tilt it in the light a bit the scratches are visible. They don't affect touchscreen performance at all... but I really want to keep this phone as MINT as possible. Thought the Gorilla Glass was supposed to help avoid small scratches like this from being in my pocket... but apparently it didn't work.

So... I ordered what is supposed to be the best screen protector out there (Skinomi or something like that). Only problem is this doesn't help me get rid of the current scratches! So I started looking around for something that could remove the current, very small scratches. Ran across a product called DISPLEX Scratch Remover & Lens Polish. Seems like exactly what I'm looking for and even said it can be used with the Motorola Droid X. But then again on the same website, it says that it should NOT be used with touchscreen phones. So my question is.. how is it able to be used with the Droid X but not touch screen phones (when the Droid X is a touchscreen lol)?!

I called the people and I got someone that could hardly speak English that basically just repeated the website to me "No, it is not compatible with touchscreen phones". "So why does it say it can be used with the Droid and Droid X?". No real answer other than him repeating himself.

I've tried researching if anyone has tried this product with the Droid X... or any other methods they may have used to remove small scratches on the Droid screen without damaging the touchscreen at all. Unfortunately, I haven't found any real valuable input.

If ANYONE has used this DISPLEX product on a Droid phone PLEASE let me know what your results were like ASAP. The product has already been shipped, so I have the choice of either keeping it for $11 (after shipping) or sending it back and only getting $5-6 back (shipping cost as much as the product itself lol). So I am thinking I will likely keep the product for future use not only on phones but any plastic screens or lenses.

I just don't want to try it on my Droid X if it is going to mess up the screen... even though the phone IS warrantied... I'd rather not risk getting screwed if Motorola refused to cover it.

ALL input is much appreciated... even if you haven't used DISPLEX before but have used other methods to get rid of small scratches on the Droid screen.
I take it this means that no one has any experience with this specific product?

How about removing minor scratches in general... any "home remedies" that work really well? I've heard about using toothpaste (not the gel, but the white paste)... but then again the same person that recommended that also ended up saying in the next post not to do it because it could cause a bunch of fine scratches on the screen. Definitely not looking to scratch the screen up even more.

My main concern is whether or not this DISPLEX product could potentially cause a bunch of fine scratches to appear on my screen (since that is essentially what polishing is... making a bunch of finer scratches and then filling them in and/or buffing them out). According to the product description, though, that isn't how the product works. So I might go ahead and risk it... simply because if the touchscreen simply stops working (as long as there aren't a bunch of fine scratches all over it) then I could get it replaced under the warranty.

It is only if the DISPLEX scratches the crap out of the screen that I will be totally screwed lol. ALL INPUT is incredibly appreciated!
you can use gasoline to remove scratches from glass, that's what they use sometimes to remove the scratches from the cars window
Hmmm... not a bad idea, as long as it is used in very careful amounts of course lol. I'll have to give it a try I suppose. Thanks a lot! I'm thinking I might just try the DISPLEX scratch remover since the website DOES say that it is compatible with the Droid X. It does say that it shouldn't be used with touchscreen phones... but I think that mostly just applies to phones where the touch sensor is on the top layer of the screen. I could be very wrong about this, but I found a discussion somewhere online about this and they said that it can be used with the Droid X because its top layer is the gorilla glass with the touch sensors underneath... rather than the touch sensors on top I guess.

Not really sure, but I'm thinking I might take the risk and try to fix it... maybe not though haha cause I am getting a screen protector in the mail as well so maybe I'll just put the protector on and try to forget that any scratches exist in the first place. I guess we will see... I've got about a week while it is in the mail to debate back and forth with myself. Worst case scenario.. if I do ruin the phone I am always covered by insurance (though I'd rather not have to deal with that... or pay for it either) if the warranty won't cover it. Guess we shall see. Either way I'll be sure to post back here if I do decide to use it and it works out well.
I'm the guy that recommended Tooth Paste..I quickly rescinded my comment because I only used it on my reading glasses and my watch face crystal.

Any scratch "remover" is gaoing to be pretty much the same thing...a mild abrasive. What it pretty much does is wear down the surrounding area so that it is at the same level at the scratch. That's why toothpaste works on, as I said, Minor scratches (and contrary to what the Internet says, I find it works great on my glasses and watch).

I am hesitant to use it on the phone because of the Black background on the phone. I think it amplifies any marks on the glass..I think any abrasive is going to leave some "swirly" marks on the phone..Sure, if you run your fingernail over the glass, you may not feel it, but you will most likely see it when you angle the phone into that "magic spot"

Sorry to be a bit of a Debbie downer, but the scratch marks may be something you have to get used to. Same goes for a new car...You try your best to keep it mint, but some butt head always leaves the cart loose in the supermarket parking lot. At least its not so bad when the screen is on. If you are anything like me, and you just love to stare at your phone, even when it's off, but, (and its a BIG BUT) it breaks your heart.

If you have insurance, and you decide to "Play" please let us know what happens.
Maybe this will make you feel a little better....

I have a ZAGG/Shield Zone protector on my Droid...In fact I have one on all of my devices. I love them, but I have 2 small scratches on the side of the screen. Same as you, I can't see them when the screen is on.

Good thing: They replace the protectors..no questions asked. You just have to send the old one in and pay like $3 for shipping on the new one.

Bad thing: The impenetrable protector got a scratch(s).

So, keep that in mind.
lens starch

I also have a few surfacesearches on my dx sc screen. Honestly unless they were deep enough to affect screen viewing, I'm not that worried.

My biggest question is about the camera lens. I have 2 dx's (don't ask me how I pulled that one off...)

Both phones have very faint surface scratched. Neither phone has ever been dropped, and judging from urge scratch pattern, I likely cleaned them with a dirty cloth.

As far as I can tell they're not causing any pic problems. Only time I notice them is outdoors with the sun at a perfect angle.

I would though like to repair the damage, so I'm wondering if anyone else haas run into this problem.
Dx camera lens

I honestly don't care if my screen is a bit scratched. As a previous post mentioned, the scratches are invisible when the phone is on. As an example, if you use a screen protector, you'll notice quickly how scratched up it looks. But, when the display is on, those scratches are completely un noticeable. Not that you would ever let your screen get that bad, but even if it did, how big of a problem would that really be...

My main concern is the camera lens. I noticed a couple superficial scratches on it. This worries me, as I'm not sure how its affecting the autofocus.

I've thought about trying displex, but neither vzw or motorola know what material the lens is. Without knowing that, I'm hesitent to use anything.

Any comments would be great.