Putting a Droid X in your pocket all day

Agree but disagree

I agree that you can't see of physically feel it in the pockets, but I do think it gets pretty hot. I keep it out of the pockets just for that reason.
I'm used to keeping phones on a belt clip but I couldn't bring myself to wear my X on my belt. The clips were just WAY too big, so I went with the pocket. I'm surprised that I don't even notice it in there. Suits/dress pants to work and jeans on my off days.
In 15 days I'll be buying either a Droid X or Incredible. I've done extensive research on everything they both have to offer. The Droid X has the nod from me in the screen and speed. The Inc has the SIZE advantage as I'm a guy who keeps their phone in their pocket all day! I'll never ever buy or wear a belt clip.

That being said I'm concerned that the X will just be too big for my everyday pockets. I wear Khaki pants to work daily. There is no option for "cargos" or anything like that. Just straight flat front khakis.

I'm coming from an LG DARE which I know is way smaller L and W, but in terms of thickness the X is a little slimmer.

So.........Let me know your thoughts on the droid X in your pocket. Please be honest. Please don't talk about how great the phone is, because I know that already. :)
I laugh at these size things about phones, unless it's like an 80's bag phone or something that weighted like 5 pounds. The fact weight is even brought up in reviews about phones cracks me up and makes me think of just one thing that is wrong with this wussy country we live in these days, lol "Oh god, that phone weights 8 ounces compared to 5 on the other one, that's like carrying around a dumbell all day"). Ha, but anyway. I know you aren't being a wussy about the weight, just checking the comfort. I have had the phone in several different pants and shorts, haven't had a single problem with it at all. If anything I feel it less than my old Sony phone just because the Droid X is so thin. It is wide and long but not wider or longer than most pockets. Even with a silicone protector on it's still not uncomfortable at all.