Bricked droid and when I say bricked I mean it.

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    Ok so I picked up and OG droid that doesn't turn on for $40 bucks. doesnt get to the M, the screen backlight just turns on. I bought the phone and immediately tried booting into recovery by holding the x key. It booted into recovery since I was driving home at the time I just pulled the battery thinking id have no trouble getting back to it. When I got home I tried booting into recovery again with no luck. I tried flashing an sbf using linux, it ran with no errors but still showed no signs of life when I tried rebooting. Today I tried using rsd with another sbf, and it is giving the error "unable to retrieve initialization values from INI file (0x7029)"

    tlrd: sbf giving me "unable to retrieve initialization values from INI file (0x7029)"

    Any Ideas what I could try to do?
    Thanks and your opinions are GREATLY appreciated.

    I will have a "donation" if your solution works.

    EDIT: Nvm figured out the lcd is dead, or atleast I think.
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