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Dec 5, 2019
    1. SuperFreakMe
      Love tips and tricks for new android users and wanted to ask you if you could talk about phones that get super hot? ☺Non Rooted Galaxy S3 T-Mobile SGH-T999 4.3 2 yrs old.
    2. Liquid Fusion
      Liquid Fusion
      Hi. Just rooted FRK76 2.3.3 D1 -

      Updating su get:
      latest version 3.1.1
      checking installed version = 2.3.1-ef
      changing su file mode to 06755... - okay
      making sure new su works - fail!!

      Any ideas? Thank you.
    3. marylenerhyne
      How do you download pics from thunderbolt to your computer? Appreciate help.
    4. marylenerhyne
      I have the thunderbolt and it is awesome. How about that?30
    5. Fitter459
      Great. Thanks for the know how. You all sure make this alot more fun!
    6. Fitter459
      I was rooted with andysapppack.zip. I un-rooted with maderstock.zip. All went well with backups in between. I did not wipe cache or data. My intent was to update to GB OTA. The update downloaded smoothly and installed completely according to installer. When the phone rebooted after install I got a message of

      bootloader 30.04
      Err a5,69,35,00,27
      Batt OK
      OK to program
      Connect USB
      DATA Cable

      I could not boot into recovery, via Home and power or volume down camera power. Tried removing battery and powering off several times, just returned the above message.

      So I SBF'd via RSD lite 4.8 with current SBF from 1KDS.

      Phone rebooted fine after SBF'ing into Froyo. I would still like to get the OTA. What would you recommend doing as my next steps?

      Thanks in Advance
    7. Fitter459
      Can I run something by you?
    8. Nickchapa
      i got it figured out. it wouldnt mount system as r/w so i got the root tools app and they have a button to do that andd it worked. thanks for your help though.
    9. Nickchapa
      Ok so when I try and change anything it says services is read only. I have mounted as r/w but when I open permissions on services folder I am supposed to mark all checked right? Well I do and I hit ok and it doesnt apply the changes. So it keeps it read only... Any ideas?
    10. Nickchapa
      Hi im trying to install gummyjar2.5 watermarked with data throttling removed through root explorer cuz I couldnt do sdk for some reason. I try to change the current services.jar to delete them but it wont let me. Can you give me a walkthrough maybe? It would be so helpful...
    11. chained22
      I installed bb last night and now the email client( not gmail that works fine, I use the email client for imaping my school email so I can stay up to date) has completely stopped work and it seems like it has been uninstalled. I have use the rom toolkit for performance and that's it, i did notice a tab that let u delete current app, but did nothing with it. I went in to astro and found the original email client but when I tried to. Install it it would just fail. Do u know how to fix this?
    12. sn_ankit
      hi! I need your help.. I have motorola droid from verizon and going to india last week of this week and as its CDMA i am worried if i can use it in india or not with Indian CDMA network,...plz help me if i can unlock it on my own..
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