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    Ok my eyes are bleeding from all the reading im doing to try and find a fix to this problem, it all started when i rooted my phone i could not add or edit contacts anymore so i reset the phone some 6 times or so. looked and looked and tried this and that. and now im at the point of where im trying to put a sbf on it witch took foever to find the defalt one for my phone. google FTF. well now rsd light is poping up with a error that i just cant find anything on,

    " phone[0000]: unable to retrieve initialization values from ini file

    and if i load a file and try to click start it says

    failed flashing process. failed flashing process. unable to retrieve initialization values from ini file. (0x7029); phone connected

    Im running windows 7 x64 and the steps i took is
    plz help

    thanks in advance
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