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Apr 23, 2010
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DF Smod

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May 31, 2014
    1. c_hale22
      Question for you. I have some Galaxy Nexus Mods that I want to post here, should I just start a post under "galaxy nexus Themes" or under my "Themer Area"? Want to get your opinion before I post.
    2. c_hale22
      Finally replied to your message, sorry it took so long
    3. DrivetheGreen66
      Whats up Travis. Hope all is well.
    4. netsec
    5. Brennan_Huber
    6. dimmer_is_a_DJ
    7. mountaineerndixie
      Hey tp....how goes it? Got a question for ya....

      I have a replacement D1 from Asurion that I haven't even taken out of the box yet. I'm thinking about selling it but I don't want someone to turn it on, go through automatic activation and it bump me off of my line. Is that possible, and what do you think I should do to it before getting rid of it as far as keeping it as far away from my account as possible?

      I've never had a replacement and wasn't sure if they preprogram your number in to activate or what....make sense?

    8. nordy420
      Can't you put something in the terms and conditions of Droidforums.net pertaining to people attacking others for comments. Obviously you were following the twitter news thread and saw this happen even after I had stated the obvious. Mobile did not deserve that treatment and neither did anyone else, myself included, deserves to be attacked like that. Sorry but just showing concern.
    9. mountaineerndixie
      tp....can you point me in the right direction here please

      Rooted, CM 6.10
      Tried to flash clockwork in RM and it gave that long delay, the one that tells you it's not gonna take but it never gave a response.

      I had to do a standard reboot to get out of it and now it gets the M logo and just when it should start bootanim it just gives a blank screen. The backlight on screen is on you can tell but there is nothing.

      Tried several battery pulls and tried to get clockwork holding the X down and powering up but no change at all. First ever problem with my phone in almost 1 year.

      Gonna keep searching here but help would be appreciated
    10. oleksza18
      sorry about the language I've just been having problems with the phone alot and its frustrating
    11. fallofshadows
      Hey, thanks for closing up that thread I posted about the swype beta. I don't spend much time around the forums, so I hadn't seen the "don't ask about it" thread.
    12. Quicksilver7714
      Like the MTB video. very cool.
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