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Apr 5, 2020
    1. 7779311mm
      Hi BayouFlyFisher, I really hate to bother you. But I am having issues rooting my droid bionic, OS is ICS. Could you offer me some advice?

      I've download and installed at riquired files, installed drivers... It took me 2 days to figure out how to install the Mot ADB Interface; however. But even after finally getting that booger installed, the one click script still cannot access my phone to root it.
    2. sodaman
      thanks for the link. very helpful. i will "do my homework" b4 i take the dive.-D
    3. mrgarrison
      hey, thanks for the help with the tethering. i just got it to work after downloading the latest tether app and switching around kernels about 5 times lol. but just saying thanks! (didnt want to move the thread back up to the top) :)
    4. nybadboy11
      yes ive had it out a few times
    5. qtpie
      u there? Cant decide on droid x or g2
    6. BayouFlyFisher
      If I was buying a new phone today without a question it would be the Droid X. I think it's one of the greatest phones ever released. I drool over it every time I go to a Verizon store. But personal preferences are just that - personal. I would strongly suggest you go to a Verizon store and play with the phones. Get the one that you like best from a hands-on point of view.

      Good luck.
    7. qtpie
      I have a feeling u know something about verizon phones that I dont understand! LOL...I have 2 hours to decide which Verizon smartphone to go with. After 5 replacement Droid Incredibles...Yes 5!
      I did not care how much it cost to get out of Verizon. This time I called and talked to a supervisor from the "Last Resort Scaud" that knew I was serious about dropping all services. I have been a customer for 20 odd years.
    8. RoLa
      Hey Bayou, just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for this

      flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-0.99.2b.img

      reboot "or reboot recovery" I seen that CM for the droid was updated today so I wanted to try out 5.0.5 and the 1.7.5 recovery..(also supposed to be updated) after I tried it, I backed it up and wanted to return to my previous ROM (UDv8 at the time) and return to that at a later time when I have more time to set up my apps and data. Well in my journey to flash back to SPrecovery, (I usually just use DMupdater) the app wouldn't recognize the 99.3 recovery image, but recognized that I had DroidMod on my sd card, so I tried to flash the tar only and it kept forcing me to Clockwork...Finally I just searched the forum...I remember lurking on this thread the other day so I knew exactly what I was after...I typed in the commands and BAM..error? So I went to my sd card and noticed there is no 'b' with 99.3..PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks again!~!
    9. overthehill
      They closed this thread but I wanted to let you know I was looking at getting Nexus One when it hits Verizon: supposedly at the end of March.

      Thanks - Overthehill
    10. ibnetman
      Hey, i saw a post where you said you got 141 on setcpu benchmark, im running adamz smoked glass 4.5 rom @1100 and im only able to get around 331.. any idea on how you got such a better bench?
    11. bizfox
      Hi BayouFlyFisher,

      I'm a new owner of the Motorola Droid who would like your take on my current setCPU profile settings (running BB v1.0):

      Normal: 700/1100
      Charging: 250/550
      Sleep/Standby: 250/250
      Power < 40%: 250/550
      Failsafe: 250/550 at Battery > 45.0 C

      I use my Droid for my writing and editing job, as well as keeping up to date with my kids' appointments... so will this current set up allow me a day's worth of battery life?

      Thanks in advance,
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