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    I currently unlocked my phone. I installed gnome rom and everything went fine, phone was rooted great. The phone after about a day turned off. I tried to reboot it and went into a boot loop at the HTC white screen, every five or so times it would load up and say factory rom and some crazy colors would appear on the screen then would go back to htc white screen and do it again. Sometimes after about 20 or so minutes the phone would boot up and be normal with the gnome v2 working. I went into recovery and wiped data and restored it back to my first backup i did which is the normal droid rom. Same thing happing s with boot loop but after a few times or ten(lol) the droid would boot up normal. Is this normal with the rooted droid or is it something i did when unlocking bootloader, or in the cmd, causing this issue? It is so frustrating. All i'm trying to do is have a rooted rom that boots up and does not go into a boot loop.

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