Boot loop caused by 3rd-party battery?

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    I bought a third-party 1800mAh battery for my Rezound on eBay, and yesterday I tried using it for the first time after the OEM battery had almost gone dead.

    As soon as I booted up the phone after inserting the third-party battery, the phone went into a boot loop, more or less the same as the one shown here: .

    I tried taking the new battery out and inserting the OEM battery again, but the phone continued looping when I turned it on after this.

    I tried the fix described in the comments to the linked video (removing the battery and SIM card, switching the settings to "CDMA + LTE/EvDO Auto", etc.). This seems to have fixed the problem, at least for the time being, but I'd still like to understand why the boot loop started happening in the first place. Could the third-party battery have corrupted the phone software to cause the loop (maybe a naive question, but I'm not familiar enough with how these phones work to know the answer)?

    Also, I notice that when I boot up the Rezound now (after performing the fix), the phone screen flashes briefly after the initial HTC screen pops up, as if the phone is restarting itself, and then it takes ~40-50 sec. (about as long as in the linked video) to get through all the introductory screens before I can start using it. I don't remember if the boot-ups were like this before yesterday's looping problems, since I've had the phone for less than three weeks, but this caught my attention regardless. Is this normal booting behavior for the Rezound, or is this a sign that the looping (or problems related to the looping) hasn't fully gone away?

    Thanks for your help
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