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Aug 17, 2012
    1. Lilygoat
      Hey I bought a Samsung 10.1 P7510 for my daughter to fb video chat with her grandparents...Well I download both apps from playstore but it wont video chat...I realize its a piece of crap but dam no video chat either..Please help!!
    2. Crankintopwater69
      hookbill,N4 back in playstore
    3. otep1092
      xperia sola wrong paste su -/system/bin/ superuser denied

      xperia sola
      android developer can u help me
      i succesfuly root my xperia then when i paste the su to system/bin that will happen..

      i do a wrong pasting 'su' in /system/bin
      then my superuser denied all root apps. like root manager and etc . plz help me [IMG]
    4. ukyfan
      Like everyone else welcome back sir.
    5. ilikemoneygreen
      Wow hookbill is back! Glad to see that bird again. Its been a while. Welcome back. :) And welcome back to the top posters spot. Rofl, caught me off guard to see your name up there again. I did a double take.
    6. hookbill
      glam thank you for the welcome back. The people who were closes to catch me were never that close and some of them are gone. I was disappointed that I didn't hit 20,000 but hey I'm back now and I'm going to predict that will happen in about 5 weeks. Time providing.
    7. hookbill
      jrod1990 thanks, yes I agree it didn't seem right without me at the top. Heaven knows how many members I threw out to get there! j/k ;)
    8. gflam
      Welcome back i saw you as top poster again and was like wahhhh lol anyway welcome back
    9. jrod1990
      Good to have you back Hook! It's not the same without seeing you on top of the post count.
    10. hookbill
      CJM, thnk you very much for the welcome. Other then by pm you're the first mod to acknowledge my return. I also want to let everyone know that the reason I came back was simply because I wanted to come home. And I couldn't have done it without danDroid's asistance. He immediately brought my post back and gave me a password. I'm hoping to be a moderator again, I should hear soon about that.Thank you everyone for your kind remarks.
    11. CJM
      Welcome back hook!
    12. hookbill
      patmw123, it's nice to be back. I'll be posting again soon, thanks for the welcome.
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