to much to fast n problems


Feb 24, 2010
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Slow down let it develop

All this rom work going on is great!!! And i know that v8 blackdroid works the best of all but its a lot of changes and fast on all builds .just to mentionthings that are happing like some parts of roms that don't work!! camera, vdo , key at top power button doesn't shut screen off,,and a lot of diffrent forcecloses , n with the latest things come up clockwork,rommngstarts a new mess of bugs ,then all at once thigs missing n things showing up on there own like wallpapers that are not in my pics or in wallpapers. Pdanet not working easytether not working blue tooth not working Metamorph doesn't work with somebut others it does n if it trys it locks up the phone . All the roms so quick no one can ajust to 2.0.1 to 2.1 e53 to e27 like building mm for the roms just as u get done n want a new rom u can't mm for the rom is under a diffrent build ...o yeah n to mention the problem with the 3d music cube the art is in all kinds of diffrent song list nothing is correct .... if this keeps up what are we leading to ???? Is that why sholes/dmod said no more till the 2.1 ota comes out. Hmmm I think so:reddroid::icon_eek:
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