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Jan 16, 2013
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This Rom is an update for Stock Rom for all GSM non Verizon users with more new locales and relative languages.
The Rom is available for ICS and for JB. The Rom is odexed.

The Mentor's Rom updates the Droid 4 Stock Rom optimizing the GSM, removing all the settings of the Global Network (cdma and lte) unnecessary for the use of this terminal outsite the US, fully enabling functionality blocked by Verizon, removing all unnecessary Verizon components and installing the support for a lot of languages and localizations.

The rom is an update for the official rom and must be installed with Safestrap on the stock rom.

Surely the best gsm rom for Motorola Droid 4 xt894.

Available Versions:
- JB

- Languages and locales: ar da de el en_GB en_US es es_US fi fr_FR fr_CA it iw nb nl pl pt pt_PT ru sv tr zh-rCN zh-rTW
- Free space on /system: approximately 200 MB
- Free RAM at clean system: approximately 450 MB
- Increased battery life: up to three days at clean system
- Improved quality of GSM signal
- Debloated
- Unlocked the hidden menu Testing for managing the baseband accessible by dialing the code * # * # 4636 # * # *

- Optimized and improved GSM\UMTS support
- Removed all Verizon and preinstalled app [63 on ICS | 60 on JB]
- Removed all Verizon libraries [19 on ICS | 19 on JB]
- Removed all Verizon services [16 on ICS | 23 on JB]
- Removed Verizon locked bookmarks
- Removed Backup Assistant Plus for non Verizon users
- Removed Spyware Motorola bugtogo.sh
- Removed Global Network popup
- Added all localizations
- Completely translated MOTOBLUR interface for new locales
- Translated all application for new locales
- Added all languages for new locales
- Added all APN for new locales
- Addedd all voices for TTS for new locales
- Added all languages for external keyboard for new locales
- Enabled Call Forwarding outside Verizon network
- Enabled USSD codes
- Added the Fast Dormancy [JB only from version 01/01/2015]
- Enabled send/receive MMS for non Verizon users
- Enabled HotSpot in GSM for non Verizon users
- Enabled aGPS for non Verizon users
- Enabled led in charging
- Added Wizard Setup working for non Verizon users
- Added percentace on battery
- Enabled OBEX bluetooth profile
- Enabled SIM sync
- Enabled SIM Toolkit
- Added all languages for Swype keyboard for new locales [JB only]

What's working:
- Everything, including:
- - HDMI
- - Webtop
- - Lapdock

How to install:
- Install Safestrap 3.75
- Copy the Mentor's Rom.zip file to the external memory or memory card
- Reboot your phone and enter on your recovery
- From the Install menu select the Mentor's Rom.zip file and instal withotut signature verification on Stock Rom

Risk of briking:
no one: during installation the installer checks everything is ok and stop installation in case of problem

Advice post-installation:
- ATTENTION: the version for JB automatically performs a factory reset at first install
- After installing the ROM to optimize the GSM go into the hidden menu Testing typing the code *#*#4636#*#* and you have to make sure that the rom has set and otherwise you have to set: Phone info -> Set prefered network type -> GSM auto (PRL)
- After installing the Rom you can uninstall Safestrap and have a full working stock rom for GSM/UMTS in your locale. To remove SafeStrap you have to reinstall the app, then you have to uninstall the recovery and finally you can remove SafeStrap

Mentor's Rom Download

JB Stock Rom Purifier Download -> Patch to remove every Gapps

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Available a first Mentor's Rom Release for JB.

Would be appreciated a feedback from those who have downloaded the rom.
Download page full translated in english.
R: [ROM] Mentor's Rom

You must click on the Download button at buttom of the page.
JB version

Available a first Mentor's Rom Release for JB.
Mentor's Rom for JB

Released a stable and full working Mentor's Rom 2.1 for JB

The Rom has been updated.
I want this rom odexed so for now I can not add %1 and i can not add toggles in JB version.
The rom has been updated and it is now compatible with OTA 9.8.2O-72_VZW-18-8.
In the last version I added in testing these new locales: ar iw ru tr zh-rCN zh-rTW.