[ROM] Eclipse ICS for droid 4

Is there any way to get long pressing the back button to kill the foreground app - like aokp/cm?

Thanks for the awesome ROM!
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Flashed system following instructions, now I'm finding that many apps are crashing right off the bat. As soon as the system booted to the Welcome screen, Messaging crashed. Settings crashes when I go into the Mobile Networks area. About Phone lists the baseband as "Unknown".

It seems that 1.6.2 is broken on the Droid 4, at least for me. I have no clue how to fix what's going on. :(

EDIT: Fixed it. Seems that putting Eclipse in ROM Slot 2 was breaking something. As soon as I installed it in Slot 1, everything worked.
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if ya need a mirror..........................


love these ROMs, man... needs to have thems! \m/

that was quick and you, sir, are a badass!

thank you thank you!!!!!!!
Any way to install this over the stock system via safestrap 3.11?​

I have a question about the psm app. If I were to say (by no means I will discuss) get a play station iso on my phone, would this be able to use It? Or is the psm app just psm Games?

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Is anyone else having an issue with the volume keys adjusting two notches at a time? I know that Android has 16 different volume "levels", but mine is adjusting up and down two at a time.

Also, I saw that the Droid 4's built-in tether was patched, does that mean I can use it instead of the Wifi Tether app?

myfishbear, if you need a mirror, let me know. the rom's already on my server (for my use) but I will gladly give you the mirror link if you need it. unlimited transfer, 100Mbit.
Hopefully someone can help. Im trying to replace the signal icons and its not working. Im replacing stat_sys_signal_X, stat_sys_signal_X_fully, zz_moto_stat_sys_signal_X, and zz_moto_stat_sys_signal_X_fully in res/drawable-hdpi. Ive tried changing the icons through metamorph and pushing systemui.apk through ADB. Neither of these work, but the rest of the icons in the package (battery and wifi) are getting replaced. Anyone have any ideas on this? After the restart, the signal icons are replaced with the stock ICS ones.
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