[ROM] Eclipse JB for Droid 4

If I remember correctly I did that with one of my 2 phones and it worked just fine.

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If anyone is wondering I just rebooted to stock, updated to 3.53, and was able to reboot into Eclipse. So it works.

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How's the future development going for this ROM? I'm curious to see what kind of features we can look forward to.
Video Hangouts do not work for me... it creates a lot of graphical tearing and popping sounds. However, Skype works just fine. What could be the issue?

i seem to be having the same problem. Have you found a fix at all? mine doesnt work over wifi or 4g.
im not trying to hi-jack any conversation right now, but im trying to do the "finer volume adjustment" mod, and im having difficulty.

i have the framework.jar file opened, and i have the appropriate file inside that opened. i am having difficulties trying to find the proper line to edit. i am trying to follow this guide, but no avail yet.

any idea which exact line i have to edit, because i have been searching for a while, and cannot find remotely what he is talking about in the screenshot.

thank you for the ROM, it is wonderful!

EDIT: i did figure it out, the directions got a little bit confusing.

i highly recommend this mod to anybody though, it creates finer steps in the volume control...instead of 15 steps between min-max volume, i now have 40. (you can choose which profiles you wish to edit also, media, notifications, system, ringer, voice, etc.
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I'm not too sure if this is a problem with the ROM, but overclocking doesn't seem to function properly.

If you adjust a frequency stepping, it does not get used. ie: if I change the first 300mhz step to 450mhz, the cpu will idle at the second frequency step (600mhz). If I change the 1200mhz frequency step to 1300mhz - it will use the one below it at full load (1000mhz), so any sort of overclock will actually underclock the device. It doesn't seem to matter what I set the frequencies to. Keep them at their regular frequencies and only adjust voltage - no issues, it'll always use 1.2ghz. You can get an overclocked benchmark, but after a short period (once) it'll no longer use the adjusted frequency.

I'm using the interactivex govenor if that matters.
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