[ROM] Droid4HD For JB

Thats why I asked if its possible to use SS2.11, but please click links and read posts before you ask questions.. yes you will need to re-root but there is an droid4 utility app available that does it for you, see the link in the link i posted! I'm currently running stock JB and just rooted, it works.

I'm going to try and see if S2.11 works, if not i'll semi-brick the phone and will have to repeat the steps I just did again, but then everyone will know if it is possible to use SS2.11 (the no-romslot version!)
I looked over the post since the jb release, nothing helped my question until the update the stock rom to jb. You're post didn't help either. But thanks anyways. No usefull links in first post and i'll go google the D4 utility.
If I update stock to JB do I need to re-root? And also is there a way to maybe shrink stock's size, but atleast bump up how much space my ROM slot gets? I'm starting to get low on storage and this is my daily driver, only one I use.

There is a long good tutorial in the rom threads that will explain this to you, fully. Going from ics to jb it's just easier to wipe everything and start fresh. Ss 2.11 to 3.x will render your backups obsolete, anyway. If you need more than 1gb of storage room for apps, specify 2gb storage space and you'll actually be using 3gb, altogether (because of system storage). Use the razr-blade app to reroot, rather than rootkeeper to save your old root. That thing has never worked. Be sure you have the ICS fast boot files on hand. Updating ota will save you a few steps if you let stock handle it. Remember, you only have 8 gigs total space for your partitions.
So my software update keeps failing, is there a flashboot availabe? I can't find one on Google, unless Razr / D4 is pretty much the same.
How did you get installing over stock to take?

Not sure how it eventually picked it up, I had my (rooted) stock rom in the stock slot (VRZ_XT894_6.7.2-180_DR4-16_M2-37_1FF.xml) installed via RSDLite, not sure if that matters?
I just installed SS3.11 and tried to install this rom over the stock slot and it worked like a charm! I see that my previous msg is a bit scrambled, weird was send from my phone.

Added an GSM patch for JB2.0 btw, it adjusts the build.prop and apns-conf, should work for everyone, the adjustments are below in the build.prop.
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@TechTinker: the link I gave you with the utility application did not help? because it should be a flash boot mechanism.
sorry I'm on 2.0 now. Myfishbear is there a fix coming for the home key? Seems like my virtual keyboard isn't working either, neither the notification bar. Also how can I quiet or get rid of the boot up sound? I hate having to try to make it as quiet as possible by holding the speaker when I'm in a quiet place.
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Oc script patches

Hello everyone,
i'm new to the forums.
Just installed this ROM and so far it's pure awesomeness.
However i can't find the OC scripts. checked Myfishbear's site and Nadaaa.

Thx in advance