HELP what is the droid 2's code name?? (i.e. milestone, nexus, espresso)


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Feb 28, 2011
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Just as the title says. i cant figure out what the droid 2's code name is. wanted to know, because im searching roms for it right now.
thanks in advance.
theres a droid 2 forum, with subforums containing all its available roms. I suggest liberty 1.5
that is very helpful information, but do you know the codename for droid 2? its really killing me now...from the inside out
If it has one it would be sholes 2, same as the Droid 1 was code named Sholes. Other than that it is just called the Droid 2. The Milestone isn't a code name it the name used outside of Verizon branded Droids. Nexus is the same, it's not a code name, that's the name of the phone.