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Aug 13, 2010
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Hey guys, a member at another forum directed me here for some help

IF the bootloader is locked on the Cell South Droid/Milestone, what danger am I in if I try to install a custom rom? Will it simply not install? Or could it brick.
I am not sure if it is locked or not, and am not sure how to find out.

I know that our model number is A854
my kernal version is 2.6.29-omap1
build number is _MILER_X1_01.22.0

I did root it using a version of Easy Root that a member on another forum recommended.

Any other info that would be helpful to you guys in answering my question, just let me know.

My main thing is I want to overclock it. I tried Milestone Overclock from the marketplace, but the Model (A854 is not supported). I emailed the developer on that issue.

Someone mentioned something about flashing a different kernel. Thoughts and advice on doing that?
*while sobbing uncontrolably*

I'm also interested in this info.. Vz's promised service in my area is TERRIBLE. So.. I've ordered a milestone and have to send my droid X back :(

*cries more*
cellularsouth milestone

i rooted it and installed rom manager and flashed bugless beast 2.2 successfully.i have been using it for the past day or so with no problems.this version of the milestone does not have a locked bootloader
cellularsouth milestone

this phone seems to be the droid with the milestone label on it. i everthing seems to work like voicemail ,internet,etc
cellularsouth milestone

yes i was a little afraid it was not going to work but it seem to be working fine ang i am enjoying 2.2
Did you have to wipe cache? Someone mentioned going from 2.1 to 2.2 that was needed in some cases.
cellularsouth milestone

yes.i did a nandroid backup of the stock rom and wiped the second time the first time i did not wipe and i could not get past the bootanimation so i did a restore and wiped and every thing worked out
cellularsouth milestone

it was'nt easy root.it is called universalAndroot that i used and it installed superuser
it was'nt easy root.it is called universalAndroot that i used and it installed superuser

Ok, that is the same one I used.

So do that, install ROM manager, back up what you need to, and use ROM manager to flash the rom you used?
cellularsouth milestone

yes.just put it on root of sdcard or use premium and it will wipe it for you