Clearing your cache...

Thank you for this, it's been so long since I messed with the recovery screen. Kicked my phone in the pants just by clearing the cache.
I just tried getting to the recovery screen and the volume down buttom won't scroll for me to select it, volume up will select the top option to startup normally however. Does anyone know another way to get into recovery?
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You may also want to look in the Google Play Store for a free app called "appcachecleaner". I use it regularly and it is very easy to use.


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OK, back to topic; thanks guys for posting these tips! I come back to this one periodically, to clear the cache, and it solves the lagging problem bigtime. Thanks!
Just did mine again. Its amazing how much better my phone works. I waited way too long this time cleaning it, its been months. How often should we do this?
App Cache Cleaner

just tried App Cache Cleaner after clearing the system cache...really helps. Thanks for the tip! :yr1:
The phone shouldn't get worse.. However I would think that of clearing your cache isn't doing the trick.. You might need to think about doing a factory data reset.

(i'd let the phone do its thing for a few days before you do... Let it Settle in)
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Just did mine again. Its amazing how much better my phone works. I waited way too long this time cleaning it, its been months. How often should we do this?
Idk about should... But I do it once a month.. I like to keep things crisp..
Just throwing this out there for people who do this.. I just did this on my device.. And it hung up after I selected clear cache...

Now.. Should this happen to you, press and hold your power button for 10 seconds.. The device will reboot.. I have a feeling had I left it alone.. It would've cycled until it killed the battery.. This is the first time that this happened to me.. So.. I wanted to put it out there for any others who might run into this..
Is your device acting glitchy??

This is for a stock device.....

If so, try this...

Using the buttons before startup...

1. Power the device off.

2. press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and then press the power button on the right side of the device until a Boot Mode Selection Menu appears.

3. Press Volume Down to highlight Recovery, then press Volume Up.

4. From the repair screen, press Volume Up and Volume Down at the same time. A menu will appear. (You may have to try this several times before it works)

5. Use the volume buttons to toggle the selection to clear cache or you can select wipe data / factory reset, then press Power to select it.

6. Choose Yes.

7. The Droid RAZR will then start the factory reset process

thank you for these tips,they really help me.
i must be dumb. i got to the menu where u select recovery and press volume up. (but to get there, i held power and volume down for 30 seconds). a screen then appeared with the android with his belly open, red triangle and then under it is a message of "no command". i hit the volume up and down buttons and nothing. i tried holding volume up and down, still nothing. got it to boot up normally, powered down, and tried again. still nothing. what am i doing wrong? i just want to clear the cache, no factory reset.
When you see that screen.. You press the volume up button and hold it for a sec, while still pressing it.. Press power and release both buttons. It should now show you a list of prompts..
ok so i selected clear cache partition and it says erasing. does it typically take a moment or two? i hope i selected the right one