Motorola Bionic Boot Menu(s)


Sep 14, 2011
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So I am writing this to show how to go into different "Boot Menus", they should be similar in most Android devices, but not all. I will update over time. Let me know how these work for you. I set these up by doing this as i write the How-To's.

Bionics Boot Menu(s)
**Power off phone (Power button is on top right hand side)**
1. Press and hold, up and down volume buttons simultaneously then power button for about five seconds.
a. To select one of the options press the volume down until option is selected. When you have your selection highlighted press the volume up and the selection will load.
2. Highlight “Recovery”, press the “Volume Up” to proceed.
a. When you see the “Exclamation “!” Point” appears press the “Volume up and down” simultaneously, the recovery menu will appear.
3. Select what you need.
a. If you need to clear “Cache” do the following.
i. Press “Volume down” twice and then press the “Power Button”. The process should take no longer than 15 seconds, depends on your device.
b. If you need to clear “Data / Factory Reset” do the following.
Press “Volume down” once and then press the “Power Button”. The process could take up to 10 minutes, depends on your device.