Necessary to clear the phones memory cache


May 17, 2010
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I have read that clearing the phones memory cache every few days is a good idea. Is this true?

Here are the directions I found by zoxxo:

"On a side note, I like to clear my memory cache every couple of days. It involves restarting the phone and booting into the recovery menu.

If your interested:

- Hold the power button until you get the "phone options" menu and then choose "power off."
- With the phone powered off, while pressing and holding the voume up and down buttons at the same time, press and hold the power button until the phone starts and then release all three buttons.

You're now in the "Boot Mode Selection Menu"
- Press the volume "down" button once to move the selection to "recovery"
- Press the volume up button once to select "recovery"

The phone will now boot into recovery mode. You should first see the Moto logo followed by a picture of a droid.

- Press and hold the voume up and down buttons at the same time.

Your now in the recovery menu. The volume up/down buttons move the selection and the power button makes the selection.

- Move the selection to "Wipe cache partition" and then press the "power button." Your phone will now clear the memory cache.
- When the menu pops back up, it should already be on "reboot system now." Press the "power" button to reboot the phone."
I don't have the Maxx but I do it on my phone because every now and thing, the phone may act up, and a reboot usually clears it. Just like my PC.

All I have to do is press the power button until the options come up then select restart, hit yes when it gives me the warning and that's it.

as another poster below says, I do the browers cache when I get low on storage. That usually will clear a nice chunk
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Sounds like an ordel to do every few days. I was simply going into "More" (when on my Google page) then "settings" and "Clear Cache"
Speeds things up considerably if I have been doing lots of internet surfing.
Not sure if the phone cache and app cache are the same, but I use an app called App Cache Cleaner.
It takes less than 10 seconds to clear the cache of apps installed on my device.
Phone usually runs a little faster after running the app.
I also use an app callled Fast Reboot in place of having to reboot the phone when some apps need to be reset.

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Well technically all you need to do is a reboot as Android clears cache on startup. But you can go the extra mile to make sure with clearing it in recovery.

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like jstafford1 points out all I do is reboot once a day or every couple of days and let the OS do the work cleaning the cache and the phone has been running great imo